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Crashed hard last night once we got back - comfy weekend, sort of like this found shot of Newt from Friday.


This morning BHK and I lazed in bed for a good chunk, spending a little time reading or fooling on the laptop, before getting up and heading off to points non-bedlike. We played a bit here and there in yucata, superdupergames, tribal wars, and bella sara - I've discovered that I do better sitting cross-legged over laying back with the lappie.

Post-laziness, we headed out for a random road trip, and ended up going to Dream Wizards which was exactly like what we were hoping for (but didn't get) when we hit the Strategist a couple of weekends back. A large gaming area, very well-stocked collection of games of every stripe, and attentive personnel. Of course there was the standard "teen-boy scent" - BHK noticed the was one half of the female population (the male population was maybe 25 or so) - the other a young kid, probably 12-13, playing Pokemon happily amongst the sea of boys. BHK also got to see a low-grade temper tantrum from one of the other players in a tournament... complaining that his purchased booster pack was useless... stomped and slapped the pack down amongst the poor counter-folk. I suspect that he was maybe about a half-hour to an hour to being ejected from the premesis.

I couldn't resist picking up a copy of Polarity (thanks again for the hint, Keethrax!) and Cosmic Wimpout ... a Yahtzee-like dice game I used to enjoy back in high school. I think the last time I played it was about 20 years ago in Mr. Eck's Marine biology class, fourth period. Not sure of the exact day, but it was near the end of the school year in 1987.

Still no leads on the Pirates "Glittery" boosters, like Amy's. BHK must have a giant crab covered in glitter to destroy ships with!

After that, we hit the Home goods store, shopped the Halloween goodies and got a few little household treats.. Some green cups, sugar free blueberry syrup, and Halloween sprinkles for cupcakes later in the season.

We consulted our good friend Zagat, and found an entry marked Lighthouse Tofu - a total wildcard as there weren't enough reviews to give it any scores for service, menu or whatnot. (The link goes to the yelp page, which would've been more helpful, had we thought to look it up first). I think we stumbled upon a local Korean fave... The place was packed and we were the only non-asian couple in sight.

We ordered more than we thought, as everything was served home-style - even though we didn't ask for it, we got an appetiser of Miso soup, followed by a broad assortment of dishes with a little sampling of this and that - Bok Choy in some Oyster sauce that was tasty but quite spicy, some minced garlic in clam sauce, some manner of peppers in a cool/spicy soup, cucumbers (my fave of that lot... sweet and spicy), and some sprouts in sesame oil. - all came before what we had ordered. BHK had the tofu vegetable soup that came to the table still at a rolling boil and served with a raw egg on the side - to be added to the soup manually. I got an assortment of sushi, of which I think the Tofu sushi was the winner. The "prima vera" one of mixed veggies was tasty, but the weakest of the lot - Tofu, tempura lobster, and cucumber all were just amazing.

They serve water with a little green tea added, which is disconcerting at first, because it has an off-yellow/green color that I have seen come out of the pipes in some well water communities - suffice to say that it was clean and delicious. No worries there.

As a palate cleanser, they also serve a little rice cooked in green tea at the end of the meal - I liked it!

Our host was friendly, and I think that he assumed we had never been out to eat at a place like theirs. He was kind enough to move us to another table when we realised our little 2-up location wasn't going to hold all the food we had coming. - and then explained the difference between light and regular soy sauce.. also warned us against wasabe (he seemed pleased when I was enjoying a healthy dollop dipped from same mixed with the soy on my cucumber roll)

Oddly, he didn't give any food consumption tips regarding the egg in the soup, which I think was the most culturally mysterious of the lot.

On the way out, he took me aside, and passed me a pair of strange little bottles covered in text that I couldn't read, and a small oval with larger text inside (picture to follow - maybe I can get talonvaki or pilarcruz to translate it for me).... said it was dessert, and to enjoy.

It looked like milk, and smelled faintly of vanilla, so I shrugged and took a swig. I was not expecting the lemon flavor at all, but it was pretty dang tasty. I don't think BHK was as impressed, but she liked it fine.

Also on the way up and back, we got to see the Mormon Temple which is amazing to watch rise up over the horizon as you approach. The place is huge and beautiful - while lovely, the pictures don't do it justice at all.

We had one last stop before heading home... the in-laws. Chris and Larry did a great job of pickling our cucumbers - about 30 mason jars worth. We won't be needing any store-bought pickle-type product anytime soon. BHK is planning on using the remaining 3 or 4 jars to do some pickled peppers ala Peter Piper, although we don't quite have a peck.

I'm just wondering where we're going to store 30-odd jars of preserved veggie. I guess the garage is a reasonably cool, dry, dark place for 'em. They have to steep in the brine for a brief period before eating. I wonder how long they'll stay good? If you don't break the vacuum seal, I imagine we can store them fairly indefinitely - not sure how long they stay good once that seal is broken, though. I imagine that won't be an issue, as this family loves 'em.

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Neighborhood shakeup tonight at about 7pm - A minivan chasing another - apparently the second vehicle had 2-4 people inside with the side doors open and guns showing. The vehicle being chased was honking and swerving all over the place to avoid being shot.

BHK called 911, and the response time was *terrible*, and she was never questioned by the police for a report on the matter. I'll be investigating that situation more tomorrow after work.

I'm just glad that she's ok.
Random factoids and semi-specific things about people I know (or knew):

My brother is *really good* at shucking oysters. At least 4-5 times faster than me, or 2-ish times faster than anyone else I've ever met in the service industry.

My wife is a superb analyst, and can get to the core of a matter quite swiftly. She's going to be an awesome lawyer. (and dangerous gamer)

Steve Jacoby has some beautiful children, and has the makings for a pretty cool dad.

Tina keeps a lovely home... everything is crisp and neat, even with a pair of kitties, a bunch of birds, and living the software company lifestyle.

Bruce can make me misty with just a bowl of cheerios .

Ray has a very real skill at blending words and experience into story.

Kathleen has a great memory, to the point of us calling her queen index when we were gaming. If she doesn't have knowledge, she can find it fast.

Cyn has a fantastic skill at illustration, both on paper and skin.

Doug Wu has a near encyclopedic knowledge of comics from the silver age. Knows more than anyone else I've ever met.

Danny is a mill that grinds slowly, but exceedingly fine. He's a living example of "the devil is in the details."

Father-in-law is loved by everyone he meets. *Nobody*, and I mean *nobody* has anything sideways to say about him. That's amazing.. and due to him.

Mother-in-law is a superb cook. Some wicked good queso, for example.

Mother is a master multitasker. I've never seen her with too much on her plate.

Wilton is an excellent carpenter - can put all manner of stuff together with quality and speed.

Got a calendar? Circle this date: Sunday, August 12th. Next to the circle write "all night" and "Meteors!" Attach the above to your refrigerator in plain view so you won't miss the 2007 Perseid meteor shower.

LONDON (Reuters) - Lawyers and judges are to break with centuries-old tradition and cease wearing horse-hair wigs of white fake curls in non-criminal cases, the head of the country's judiciary announced on Thursday.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, said new dress rules would mean the requirement for the wigs, which legal professionals have worn since the 17th century, would not be needed in civil or family court cases.
Wing collars and bands can also be dispensed with in such cases according to the reforms, while judges will need just one gown in future instead of a variety of colourful outfits currently required.
The wigs will still be worn in criminal courts.

"At present High Court judges have no less than five different sets of working dress, depending on the jurisdiction in which they are sitting and the season of the year," Phillips said in a statement.
"After widespread consultation it has been decided to simplify this."

A review carried out in 2003 found that more than two thirds of respondents wanted to eliminate the wigs in civil cases, although most said criminal court judges should still wear them.

Opponents of wigs thought they were anachronistic, as well as uncomfortable and expensive.

A shoulder-length ceremonial wig costs more than 1,500 pounds while the shorter ones worn by lawyers cost about 400 pounds each.

However, the idea of abolishing them has been met with disapproval from some lawyers who feel the wigs give them an air of authority as well as anonymity.

"While there will never be unanimity of view about court dress, the desirability of these changes has a broad measure of agreement," Phillips said.

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Met C, and I’d bet the farm that he gets the gig. He’s familiar with the crew and the equipment. I suspect strongly that’s why I didn’t even get to apply.

RD will probably slide into the other help desk position, and then once SC gets back from disability, my temp life here will be over. I’ve got to hustle and get a fresh gig before the coin from this one dries up.

BHK picked me up some chips after seeing me ogle them about a week ago. Fiery Habanera is a dance of pleasure and fire in the mouth. I didn’t think that an American product for general consumption would have that much heat.. I suspect they put must’ve put more pyro-dust than usual in the bag.

Jeez. 130 calories an ounce? Just as well, I suppose… if you ate more (at least from our bag), you’d just immolate.

Best cure for spicy food? Ice cream sammich, baby. Or an ice cream cone. Or both.

Diet Cream soda will not fight the fire.

Time dilation issues today. I can’t believe that 1907 was a hundred years ago. It seems too recent, even if I was born pretty much two or three generations later. Heck, I it was 1907 that Einstein first thought about time dilation in areas of different elevations - since there’s more or less gravity in lower / higher regions (albeit very minute ones), that means that time passes at a different rate at the top of Mount Everest than at sea level. It seems impossible to me that WWI and automobiles are reaching a centennial soon.

Since I’m about a foot give or take taller than the average joe, does time pass just a smidgen more swiftly for me, rather than a dwarf? Do I think faster? Does the dwarf age more slowly? will sleeping on the floor help keep me picoseconds younger?

Doodled while waiting for bhk to come pick me up from work...


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Work is interviewing for the network position today. I wonder when or if they’ll be asking me to sit with them today? I’m curious about the number of applicants.

When playing punch buggy my eyes tend to detect color first, then shape. I’m much less likely to see a white, black, gray/silver or navy blue bug than standouts like yellow, red or the brighter variants of blue and green. However, The “toaster” look of the Honda element is a good standout for me over colors. I can lock onto one of those much more easily than the bug. The dual-color ones seem to be easier for me to spot than the one-tones.

I have to dig up my birth certificate in order to get my driver’s license. It seems that my Florida state id isn’t enough. Bah.

Didn’t mow the lawn, and didn’t roto-till the garden, as it was too wet from the lovely rainy weekend. That’ll probably happen next Saturday.

Tomorrow, I’ll have been working for the county a month. That seems odd to me, somehow. I guess Friday will be a true work-month due to days off, etc.

Tina’s back from points elsewhere today, so we’ll probably have her over for an early dinner of falafel tonight. After that, I’m going to have to get one the stick, regarding the quest for more continuous employment.

Limited News source says that there are 21 dead at Virginia tech [edit- 32 dead, 28 wounded] – I don’t get how this happens. How broken in the head does a person have to be to run around a campus and start killing people with twin 9mm pistols? Sadly, my first mental image was that of the Shadow, with twin .45s barking out hot metal justice, but he’s a pulp fiction vigilante, not an actual insane non-fictional type being.

Found out that bro is breaking his probation already – Mom and WV went down to where they’d set his apartment up, and discovered that the place was empty. His probation officer called her looking for him, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s back in the clink. Turns out neither his rent, cell phone bill, nor his car insurance have been paid, so he’ll be driving with a suspended license in an uninsured vehicle. I’ll be checking the net periodically to let me know if he’s back in the pokey. [edit - he was evicted on 4/11]

I think I like stones and jewelry made from organic substances more than inorganic.

Pearls, amber, mastodon ivory, bone in general all had some sort of life-aspect about them before they were put into settings or whatnot.

Could the ghost of an oyster / tree haunt pearls / amber?

JD offered me some deer meat that he got while hunting. He bagged 13 last season, gave 10 to the hungry, and kept 3 in his freezer. The county electrician is apparently a great butcher.

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Mar. 28th, 2007 10:14 pm
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Nice crew here at the County – working in the courthouse annex for the last week or so has been nothing but pleasant. Broad variety of issues and concerns, from migrating systems from 2000 to XP to major server concerns. Calvert is blessed to have so many skilled employees in the tech department. There are some politics, but those follow in any place with more than 5 workers. The department as a whole seems quite cohesive, and able to run as a pack. Additionally, it’s a pleasant surprise to see it pretty balanced gender-wise. Most of the tech-rooms I’ve been in have been either heavily male-centric locker rooms, or a mostly female-type library environment. The more balanced, the better it seems to me.

Since I’m temping, I don’t have a lot of security access or the like – my primary duties are getting the phone and setting up service tickets, since I’m still not totally in the loop regarding policy and can’t change many things from my end. I have, however managed to be useful, in addition to doing the standard help desk stuff like talking people through navigation on the file server, power user stuff like outlook or excel questions, and imaging drives for new machines. I would really like to see this gig change to a more permanent position, but that may or may not be happening, depending on what the county wants or needs.

One of the people over in GIS made a comment about snatching me up, too, so there is a possibility of a paradigm shift, I suppose. Mapping software is something I have a knack at, so I figure I could be of utility there.

This gig came at a good time… my savings were getting close to the depletion point, and it’s nice to have the ability to pay the basics off every month, and even maybe recover some a bit.

I have Good Friday off, and maybe that weekend will be a good time to go with BHK to Washington , DC for the cherry blossom festival. ( ) I’m way overdue to donate blood, too. Maybe a trip to the Red Cross can happen then, as well. I’d prefer to give platelets, but if I can only do whole blood, that’s fine. I missed the blood drive last weekend due to my cough and my back, and it’d been nagging at me for a while.

St Marys College Campus, originally uploaded by garyfgarcia.

Spring has really Sprung here… I’m used to evergreen Florida , but the shock of things coming back to life really drives the contrast here after a season of winter. There are all sorts of things flowering already – white popcorn-type trees, pink and yellows dotting here and there amongst the yellow-green of fresh shoots and leaves beginning to show. There are still a ton of bare branches out and about, but the blooms are just making things look so awake and alive.

BHK has gotten a real fascination with reality TV in recent months – America ’s top model, American idol, my sweet 16 and that pussycat club thing (I enjoy watching American idol with a group, primarily due to the social factor – I’m not as concerned about the outcome as I am the comparisons and discussion about it). My preferences are more in line with House and The Riches, though the 2nd episode wasn’t as good as the first. Dresden Files is surprisingly entertaining to me too, so far. I’m looking forward to new episodes of Venture Brothers and Hyperdrive – I’m hoping the next season of Dr. Who is better than the last. Heroes, I’m waiting to watch a season at a time, and I tried 24 again, but it wasn’t my thing. Polished off Police Squad on my PSP at lunchtime at work, so my next series in hand will be Red Dwarf and Invader Zim. (I still have the Incredibles on the memory card to fill the little Zefrank synch void left behind. I’m getting better at PSP’s Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories, too.

My time on the Emergency preparedness committee hasn’t been as fruitful as I’d hoped. I fear that for it to be effective, I may have to take charge of it. I really just wanted to be on a team, but if I have to take the bull by the horns, I will. I’d like to plan out an evacuation strategy for North Beach, including how to contact as many people as possible – I’m going to try to push CodeRED notifications through for that, in addition to emails. It’ll cost the city about $5000 a year, but it’d be well worth it. I wonder how much it costs the city to put up a Stop sign, for usefulness comparison.

Newton and Pye are getting along pretty darn good these days… my only complaint is that Pye picks on Newt while he’s trying to eat or use the little box… both of which should be safe zones. Newt is still a bit hissy with Pye, too… it can be hard to tell when he’s playing and when he’s really POed.

Adam’s now on the Tennis team. From what I’ve seen, he’s a great athlete, but really needs to practice in the Tennis Department. Jimmy’s playing too, but I missed seeing his stuff. On the romance front, it seems that Adam and Kendall are going to prom together as ‘more than just friends’.

In-laws are going to Salem next week to work on the house… I wonder if BHK is going to want to visit them there at all for Easter? Tina is planning an Easter dinner with BHK and me, but that’s all I know so far on that front. I’d like to check out the dawn services just to see what North Beach ’s congregation looks like compared to Fort Lauderdale … plus, I do enjoy seeing the sun come up over the bay.

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Off the top of my head -

I had a fantastic time. More detail will follow over the days ahead.

Nose-buttering is a lovely tradition, and I heartily suggest you try it, if you have the means.

Safeway maple cookies are really dang yummy.

I want to go back to MD, very, very soon. I missed seeing quite a few people, and I'd surely like to see the folks I got together with most recently again.

I've seen wagers on eternal happiness for $20 and a meal.

Notes in my sack lunch make me happy.

Bunny Suicides.

I saw an Italian burro, a bunch of sheepies and cowies and horsies and corn, headstones, churches and very little traffic, advertisement signage for folks running for office (what is a county executive?), a bunch of really swell people, a beautiful family, a cd that looks like a saw blade, a ton of strawberries, how a house with no tv positions chairs .

I had absolutely no urge to touch the internet this weekend. It just didn't enter my head. (the closest I came to computer desire is the statement "I don't know, we should google it later" came up a few times.) The only time it came up at all was while I was sitting in the airport with nothing to do except window-shop, read my e-book (The Time Traders, by Andre Norton - a book seemingly endless.. somehow I'm going through it at an impossibly slow pace)

I had amazing coach-class airline seat-luck. One free upgrade to 1st class. the other three times had either nobody in the seat next to me (saving them from my wall-like vastness), or an 11-year old kid who was small enough not to mind and able to talk about James Bond villains. (My movie knowledge and his interest in Rogue Agent)

here's why I picked up liberty stories

Got corrected lyrics for Jojo the Cannibal kid - mp3

thanks firpo, for the tune, and jpse for the clarification!

Listen to me you explorers, Buck and Admiral Byrd,
Here's a story, one you never heard
there's a fellow in the jungle
one you never knew
you won't get him, but he might get you

Who's the talk at every table from Chicago to Madrid?
Who's the African Clark Gable?
Jojo, the Cannibal kid!

All the tribes eat roots and berries.
He's the one that never did.
He prefers his missionaries.
Jojo, the cannibal kid

He could always pass on his manner and his savoir faire
Mix with every class - eat the finest people everywhere!

Circuses send offers daily
{Bertram Mills made him a bid}
but he's holding out for Barnum Bailey,
Jojo the cannibal kid

Don't you know? He eats them alive...
{gets the bibbity bobbidy myeow}
eating out, from nine to five.

boom jigga boom jigga boom jigga boom boom
That is the Jojo way
boom jigga boom jigga boom jigga boom boom
that means he's on the {trail}

{Everybody run and get in the closet, pull all the windows down
everybody find a safe place to pause it } Or could be "...find a safety deposit."
Jojo is now in town

Who's the talk at every table from Chicago to Madrid?
Who's the African Clark Gable?
Jojo, the Cannibal kid!

All the tribes eat roots and berries.
He's the one that never did.
He prefers his missionaries.
Jojo, the cannibal kid

He could always pass on his manner and his savoir faire,
Mix with every class - eat the finest people everywhere!

Circuses send offers daily.
{Bertram Mills* made him a bid},
but he's holding out for Barnum Bailey.
Jojo the cannibal kid!

Bertram Mills' Circus was the most famous traveling circus in England.

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Jul. 21st, 2006 06:00 am
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Lets see how today goes. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I imagine it'll fall somewhere in between.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. - Mark Twain, Following the Equator, Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar

If Vox is good for nothing else, it's a decent resource for hosting pictures that everyone can see (Flickr and Saudi don't seem to mix)

Also hosted here at flickr

From Left to Right - Original Newt pic, Black and white makes him look like a kitten, and two "Bleached" Newts, by playing with filter settings.

More Newt lounging in the water closet... plus his vandalistic shenanigans against the end of the TP roll.

Went on a surprise trip to outback with GG. It was nice to vent, and just commiserate for a bit.. and better, to talk about other stuff entirely over tasty pasta w/ cheese.

Some think toes are ugly
Some think toes are sweet
I think toes
Are little rows
Of fingers for your feet.

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GeotargetI sometimes look at roads, and wonder where they came from. Before they were paved... were they cobblestone? Before that, a dirt road? Before that, a Indian path in the woods? Before that, some animal tracks?

Is the patch of Federal Highway that I ride down, curving a little inland and a little closer to the coast now and then every day the result of some deer running through high grasses to avoid a panther?


Gamera's Travel Journal - (Knowing Japanese will help here) Aww... I want a plush Gamera!

Of course! Why didn't I think to get my grappling hook on Amazon? Good thinking, [ profile] oneeyedcat!

The Mighty Boosh, Series 1, Episode 7 - Electro - via google video

Not my fave episode, but the spirit of jazz makes me happy.

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GeotargetDeerfield is a sort of buffer zone between Boca Raton (home of the golden girls and polo grounds) and Fort Lauderdale (Wealthy tourists slumming away from South Beach and 20-30something party central for those not up to the gyrations of Miami.)

Boca was my stomping grounds while at FAU and the library... my first solo apartment was a a dinky studio behind Mizner park. It was a pretty laid-back lifestyle, all told. Work at the BBCL, hang out / game with JTD (later, game with graypumpkin and the two squads; Wu's on one day, Pam on the other.) Crushing/hanging out with Sheleah (Sheila) at Liberties, watching quantum leap at the house. Hermit crabs as pets. So broke that I couldn't afford a telephone, let alone the internet. Gaming, school, and reading were my primary hobbies, but I dug playing a wide assortment of pirated Atari ST games when I could wrangle them from Brett. I learned Unix and a lot of CAD at that time, too. (free software and free time begot an education... who knew?)

I didn't much mind being lower class in Boca. I knew a lot of nice people, was safe, and in relatively good health, save for when my back went out. GP & Katt helped me a great deal during that time, which is something that I really appreciate to this day. Also helpful were the Wu's, during my homeless phase, not to mention Danny and his wife pulling my fat out of the fire, too... I get along poorly with friend's wives, save for Katt, but she wasn't a wife of a friend, she actually fell into he friend slot on her own... just happened to be married to another friend (I could hang out with either/or, or both at the same time, it was all good). I miss gabbing with her now and then. Though we cleared the air a few years back, conversation didn't really resume like it did with her hubby.

A lot of things have happened in my life since then. Pompano was quite a paradigm shift. I was pretty depressed from about 6 months before GP & Katt moved west through about '95-96. I met and hung out with the hippies, self-medicated with kind bud, drum circles and actually dancing a bit. They welcomed me and gave me a chance to reboot my brain with mushroom tea, lots of affection and camp outs. That gave me much opportunity to soften my armor and relax a bit.

The thing about Deerfield is that it's to Boca as Pompano is to Fort Lauderdale. or, Delray's equal to the South. I don't know for sure yet, but I think that I might just prefer smaller towns, as long as the cool stuff is still reasonably nearby. Museums, theaters, books are all right around the bend, without as much hubbub.

When I ride the bus from Deerfield, through Pompano to Lauderdale, I feel emotional warm and cold spots. Specific regions make me happier or sadder... and one block sort of makes me feel very, very tired. I'm not sure what sets it off... time of day doesn't seem to enter into the picture. Maybe some kind of subconscious reaction to a building or landscape? Who can say? Maybe certain feelings pool in different areas until other people pick them up or cancel them out? I'm prone to suspect that it's more a weird Scotto thing than an "external emotion projector bombarding me" thing.

sent via palmtop

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GeotargetNewt is a master of stealth. I'll call him a fuzzy little shadow-slicer.

Kev's coming by after work today to see the place, kick Newtie-bear around, exchange prezzies, and hang about.

Blackbird's head on a raven's torso. It's subtle.

Newton's got eyes like two slitted, amber fists when focused on stalking the crinkly stuffed flea of doom.

He sings...
I'm bad ju-ju,
I use voodoo if I choose to,
I'll harness the powers of evil to abuse you!
which reminds me... The mighty Boosh strikes again!

The Tundra rap:


The whiteness of the whale
Pales in comparison
Oh my god!
Who the hell are you?

I’m little Johnny Frostbite moving around
Freezin’ you up freezing you down
Like an icicle
Comin’ in your tent like a cold night scissor bite
Arctic death
Infinite night

They call me tundra boy because
I move like an arctic lizard
When the Blizzard strikes
I disappear like a pipe dream
All that’s left is the gleam
On the tent peg

Boosh, Boosh, Stronger than a moose
Don’t lock your doors or we’ll come through your roof top
Stop look around take your mind off the floor
Because The Boosh is loose and we’re a little bit RAW!

Ice, floe, nowhere to go
Ice floe, nowhere to go
Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundraaaaaaa!

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Nov. 27th, 2005 08:35 am
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GeotargetMy new street number is 777, and as a result, the Pixie's "this monkey's gone to heaven" is echoing a bit inside my brain. Also, that was the year that Charlemagne beat the Saxons and Widukind fled to Denmark.

Speaking of Monkeys... Kong - King of Atlantis Wha?

Kong's demise was legend, his rebirth a well guarded secret. Using DNA from the original, a new Kong was born--gigantic and primal with increased strength and ability. The new Kong is no ordinary ape--through an amazing cyber-link, Kong and his human "brother" Jason can merge into one. When an ancient prophecy starts to come true, the sunken city of Atlantis begins to rise. The evil Queen Reptilla plans to take this opportunity to trick Kong into becoming her King, using him as her slave to unite the warring clans of Atlantis for her own evil gains. In a race against time, Jason must convince Kong that Queen Reptilla is evil, in the hope that together they can save the island and its inhabitants. Join Kong as he struggles between a sense of duty to his home and friends and the allure of an amazing world, where extraordinary beasts and beings wait to honor and serve him as King of Atlantis!
Ah, that explains it.

Probably my favorite Christmas Song: (From the Christmas special 1977.. I was 8) - little drummer boy : david bowie & bing crosby. mp3 format, full version

lyrics )

7897 -

Nov. 5th, 2005 10:19 am
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John Lithgow's new Campbell's Soups commercials are sort of sad.

Apartment got pretty heated again last night... nearly impossible to get any rest... Newt's in great shape, but I was sweating far too much. Not enough voltage to run a tiny box fan.I'm really happy that this didn't happen in July, or it would be a health hazard. Cool Showers work wonders.

Random Memory... whenever a propeller plane would fly overhead, my buddy Jason and I would yell "STUKA!!" and run for cover, as if it might go after us on a strafing run. I was 7 years old, and I think it was a side effect of my pop's fondness for WWII documentaries that inspired the game. It seems sort of weird, looking at it under current context.... 40 years from now, will I see kids play-acting at the trade-center bombing, or other major world event, or will most of my life history fade into a blur? I'm not sure what defines my generation... Movies? Star wars and Star Trek got milked to the point of making them weak jokes. Harry Potter, maybe? Somehow, I suspect those books won't be so much in vogue down the line... but the old standards of playing war have a strong vibe. I doubt kids'll play "Iraq war" any more than I played "Vietnam" or "Korea". WWII and to a lesser degree, WWI both have something very powerful going for them that isn't easy to replicate. Other history-genres that seem timeless are Dinosaurs, Pirates, Knights and the Wild West... Cyberpunk and even pulp seem to be little subsets that'll probably never get rolling again.

31% lonely )

Moment of Lyric: mp3

... )

I really want to see you
Really want to be with you
Really want to see you lord
But it takes so long, my lord

My sweet lord
Hm, my lord
Hm, my lord

I really want to know you
Really want to go with you
Really want to show you lord
That it won’t take long, my lord (hallelujah)

... )

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RS at work was promoted to office manager, including managing me on the state expansion side of things. RI is stepping over to fund raising and more out of office type stuff. RR and MW both told me about "that's unfair" and etc.. but I have no interest in managing the office.. I just want to be in charge of technology issues and R&D.

After all the hurricane hubbub... "get essential supplies" - I misread as "get existential supplies". What would those be?

On call today, so I'm sticking to the apartment for the next 24 hours. I don't seem to mind so much, now that I'm being paid for my time, and since I know I have Sunday free.

Moment of Lyric - mp3 - via

... )

I was struck by lighting
Walkin' down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep
It's a dead man's party
Who could ask for more
Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door . . .
(Don't run away it's only me)

... )

I wish the Mickey-D's in the US had all the cool veggie stuff that they do in India.

It's [ profile] graypumpkin's Birthday! Cheers!

Sketchplanet is a beta version flickry app created by Youngfook. Join up and add your sketches to the multitudes or enter a challenge for fame and fortune (maybe).

Ah, I love doodles.

This Bear, does a tightrope act that Ringling Bros. would be proud of.

Is this Bear smart and cool or what? Best viewed using slide show.

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Avast! It be Talk like a pirate day! Well, shave me belly with a rusty razor! I tell ya true!

Ye scurvy swabs! Batten down your poop-decks!

Happy 77th B-day, Adam West!

My first direct impact with gas prices. I took a taxi just up the street to do laundry (my load being too large to frog-march), and to prices have gone up considerably since my last use... before, the haul was $2.50 for the entire trip, but with the new pricing, it cost $3.70. The new cost is $2.50 just to get into the vehicle, and the first 1/6 mile. $.40 each additional 1/6 mile after that.

Time for me to price out a new wheel-cart. Heaven help anyone that actually has to go a considerable distance, like the airport or the like.

I was reflecting on times that were less prosperous for me. When at my worst, I had no place to live, and couldn't afford to eat my fill, even at taco bell. If it wasn't for food stamps for that month, I probably would've had to steal to survive.

That brought to mind all of these false charities, designed to take money meant to feed children and line the pockets of someone taking advantage of the disaster and the kinder natures of the human heart.

If I ever meet someone driving a Cadillac fueled by children he killed, I will use my imagination to its fullest extent to make that person suffer like no other. I have a very good imagination. Those thoughts fanned my more angry side for a bit, making me brew methods of pain on all levels against another person, in all four rooms of his house ( A physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual.) That upset me a bit, because I like to consider myself a kind and merciful person.

I have no kind or merciful thoughts for someone who hurts children for personal gain. I don't feel forgiveness in my heart for them... I just want to hurt them in every way possible, and to make an example for anyone else who might think to do such stuff.

Not a terribly Christian attitude, and that saddens me on another level. My anger outweighs my sadness, however.

My teeth feel sharp against my tongue. The funny thing is that I feel pretty good in most other respects. more friendly-folk recently, a bit of an ease in workplace issues (just a bit).

Just found some folks speaking about me in a kind way during a random google update... how nice!

had a good time at qdot's with uber and the gang, but I logged out a bit early, to prep for mondays' hubbub.. prep the office for possible storm issues.

"Fiat Lux" is a 3-D movie by Paul Debevec, who pioneered HDRI and image-based lighting and rendering for realistic and stunning 3-D imagery.

Hurricane Rita. Here we go again!

Tropical storm watch )

I hope power stays up the whole time.

Moment of lyric (quicktime movie - via [ profile] heartsarts)

... )

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

... )

Look at the following list and:
1) Bold what is true about you.
2) Italicize what you wish was true about you.
3) Add one true thing about you to the end of the list.
4) Tag five LJ

Here's mine )

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371K 2:03
“On this morning's walk, I was hit up no less than 6 times by vagrants for change or anything I could give them. I don't know what's happening with this population down here, they're not going back up north for the summer, or if they are, the population that's remaining is very high. I think that if the population triples again come September/early October that the situation here will become intolerable. I can't see walking, y'know, 4 miles and having a bunch of hands stuck out, reaching at me... y'know, this isn't Calcutta. I... I don't need, don't want, um, people in varying levels of um, mental health and physical health and cleanliness just sticking their hands out, just begging for money... can't tell who really needs it, who wants a fix, who wants beer, uh, and who really needs help. All I can do is tell people where St. Vincent's is, tell people where the homeless shelters are, and take it from there. I absolutely cannot give money to anyone anymore. It's a dice roll I'm not going to make.

Well, that's, um, officially random, I guess. Right now I'm at the Coral Square Mall, hanging out in the mostly-dead food court, there's still a Chinese food place, a uh... random grill and a pizza joint, but all the good stuff's gone. There used to be a French bread place... that's gone, uh, a couple other little snacky-places that are just no longer here. And uh, I think I'll just walk around here for a little bit then go to the club in a bit, come noon or one o'clock, and then report back home while uh my tech has to go to the gym. I'll take call. Then my night's free. I'll have Saturday night and all day Sunday to do walkabout and hang out and have fun. Don't know what I'm gonna do yet, but I'll take things as they come.

I hope your day is good, I'll talk to you later, dear journal. You have a great one. Bye.”

Transcribed by: [personal profile] scottobear
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I wonder where the burrow-dwelling critters go when south Florida gets really wet? Snakes, turtles, frogs, crabs, rabbits, chipmunks, armadillos, moles ...I suspect that living in a hole isn't always great survival strategy here.

Sky High looks like it'll be cute. Kurt Russell makes for a good Superhero-dad, I think. Some kids in the hall alumni, and Lynda Carter, too. Looks like it'll be a fun, goofy movie to take up the slack that I think FF will create.

Danny went to see Fantastic Four yesterday, but I haven't heard his review yet. Ebert wasn't crazy about it.

I've held a long-standing suspicion that it's going to be pretty low on the superhero movie totem pole.

Career personality meme )

Moment of Lyric: (mp3)

Chimpanzee 1: Help! The human's about to escape.
Troy: Get your paws off me, you dirty ape!
Chimpanzee 2: (gasp) He can talk!
Orangutans: He can talk! He can talk! He can talk!
Troy: I can sinnnnnnnnnnng!
Chimp Nurse: Oooh! Help me, Dr. Zaius!

Speaking of which - Check out this awesome planet of the Apes resource.. including coloring books!

Good grief... world's ugliest dog. Not "so ugly, he's cute" either. Not for the easily spooked.

It amazes me that so many people who know right from wrong choose to do the bad thing. They know that what they're going to do is going to hurt someone, isn't honest or kind, and won't make anything better in any way aside from filling an immediate desire or craving.

I'm talking about on a large scale, too.. not just self abuse like smoking a cigarette, or eating a french fry. If you hurt only yourself, well, that's your right. People who cheat, steal, and deliberately hurt others because they want something, usually *right now*.

I wonder what usually sets off that sense of justification for doing unkind things? Some kind of entitlement? The thrill of doing something bad? No thought at all of consequences, and just living for the moment?

Those are all pretty screwed up.

I'm glad that I feel that most people don't act that way... but there are a whole lot of those other folks, too.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of gullible people out there, as well.

I heard a factoid that one in seven adults in the USA has a tattoo. So.. there are more people with tattoos than there are gay folk (from 1-10%, depending on who you ask)? More tattooed folk than Black? That seems rather high. I'd like to see the breakdown on that.... if one person has two tattoos, do they count twice?

I've seen someone try to steal a bike, and when they couldn't have it, they bent one of the wheels, so the owner wouldn't be able to ride off with it, either. I suspect a case of "well, if I can't have it, nobody can".

Medical History of the Presidents of the United States - Taft had quite a record.

Some people are like slinkies ..
Not really good for anything,
But they still bring a smile to your face
When you push them down a flight of stairs.

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See things that bring you awe.

Share your happiness with others.

Learn / Do something new every day

Develop a skill, and improve something with it.

Make the world a better place

Be Generous. Be Kind.

Be Genuine with your love.

Be truthful, but not cruel.

Be strong, and help the weak.

Don’t just complain. Do something to correct a situation that needs repair.

Show gratitude.

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Should one-legged people take as much offense when something is referred to as "That's so lame" as homosexuals often do when "That's so gay" is used?

I don't use either term, unless it really applies (and especially not "retarded", a fave when I was a kid). The closest I usually come is to use the slang "weak".

Oh, I take that back. I also use queer in the proper context. (Odd / non-standard) That whole "4 hurricanes in a month" thing was mighty queer.

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Today is my bro's 32nd birthday. I'll be getting together with him after work tonight for supper and presents. No giving him cash or easily swapped out items this year... I'm going to help him fix up his truck so he can make some money doing post-hurricane cleanup around the tri-county area. Help him to help himself.

Samples of the courtyard before and after Jeanne came through. Who knew so many leaves were left after the first two 'canes? All the old leaves were just raked out, too. Ah well!

2 small piccies )

Hmm.. the piccies are loading slowly. Maybe I should move them to a non-pb server. [*Edit -pictures fixed*]

I miss being a dinosaur, but being a mammal has advantages, too. Thumbs and tool use are nice, as is having a brain bigger than a walnut.

There are things that are left over. I can smell fear on the other animals, sometimes. Fortunately, I'm pretty good at putting those that are frightened at ease unless they've got some sort of overactive fight or flight reflex.

Before I start to sleep, I can hear my breath like wind in the trees. When I dream, I sometimes have visions of things I can't properly put into words. Fragments / figments isn't the right way to define it, nor is memories. Pieces of things that might be real, could be imagination, spinning in an order to try to make some sense of itself. When I wake, the confusion is usually gone, and my mind is often clearer, even if I can't place how what happened during dreamtime fit together, or even if it can be jigsawed into a picture at all.

I'm weirdly blessed. No matter what happens in my life, I figure it'll work out, and it always does... maybe not always the way that I want it to, but it's always something that can be dealt with, pulled through, or worked around. If I fall down, I know I can get back up, generally on my own, or at least on resources that I can pool rapidly in a pinch. Is that optimism? I don't think so, because I know other folks that don't have such a charmed life. My brother is an example of what happens when someone abuses said charmed life. He's made every possible bad decision in the book, ones that should've gotten him killed a hundred times over. His life isn't wonderful, but he's regularly eating, living under a roof, and isn't dead. No matter what he's done to himself or others, it's always worked out in the end. Maybe it's a family thing?

That's not to say I don't have stress or suffer as a part of life, but it seems that I've got more fortune than famine in my life. So far, at least. In fact, I see even more happiness in the future, after a brief summer drought.... This time of year has always been kind to me.

Souls - Greek / Roman views

The ancient Greeks called the soul the psyche: the totality of one's mind and identity (similar to the modern use of the word). If this came back from the dead, it was likely to be as a shade or ghost. Such undead were often called larvae or lemures. The Greeks also believed in shadowy keres: a winged death spirit. This was not part of one's soul as such, but there was one for every living person, so it had a soul-like nature.

The ancient Romans called their soul a genius (for a man), or a juno (for a woman). This wasn't so much a personal soul as a familial one, and was typically associated with the head of the family. Actual spirits of the dead were called manes, which means "good people," and was also used for the undead. It isn't at all clear whether undead manes were supposed to be physical or spectral, but since the Romans often burned their dead, the latter seems more likely; certainly Roman heroes always seemed to encounter shades of the dead. On the other hand, manes seemed to be capable of burning and strangling the living when their descendants failed to propitiate them with offerings.Site Meter

Rice Rant update - again via NG -
Anne Rice's tirade has vanished from Amazon, along with most of the responses to it. Probably a good thing. But at least it's left one hilarious web comic in its wake. (My respect for Ms Rice fell somewhat when I heard that the people who had sent back their books to her for a refund were getting them back from the post office marked "Return to Sender". If you're going to make an offer like that, you have to stand by it.)

How is it that I didn't know Dawn of War (Warhammer 40k on the PC) existed until yesterday? I'm going to have to pick it up... What's not to like about Goggle-wearing Ork space marines?
"Games Workshop has been involved in every aspect of the development of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. The result of this strong collaboration between Games Workshop and Relic Entertainment is a highly entertaining game that breaks many conventions of the RTS genre, while remaining true to the setting that Warhammer 40,000 tabletop gamers know and love."

via [ profile] eryx_uk

Massive power loss in storm's path; some outages could last 3 weeks Read more... )

Current Mood: Blessed / Optimistic

Current Music: The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime (5.3 meg wmv / save locally, don't stream)

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Ack. Pen blew up in the laundry, and wrecked a sheet-set and a couple of shirts.

I was looking for an excuse to get some new gear, anyhow.

Best quote heard so far this morning -
"No supernatural transformations on the bus."

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

My eyes go "gutter-sniping" when I walk after a rain, and before the street sweepers catch up with things. it's amazing what little things get washed into the corners... glass, cigarette butts, and assorted trash. The thing that surprises me the most is bones. I can't say that see creature bits every day, but it happens more often than I would have expected.

I just don't see bones that often, since I stopped eating meat. The people I dine out with seldom seem to go in for fried chicken or rib eye steaks, so even secondhand food bone-sightings on a plate are exceedingly rare.

They're not always in the water-flow.. sometimes along the beach things are left in the reeds. When I see sun-bleached, dry bones out on my travels, I sometimes forget that it might remnants of a human's meal unless there's a some sort of context clue like fire traces or greasy foam tray nearby. I don't have the greatest grip on biology. I can tell a bird bone from the remains of something a bit more earthbound, but that's about it. I've stumbled upon whole skeletons of what I assume to be seagulls.. I wonder what killed them? Did they drop out of the sky, dead of old age? I have no idea.

I think it's cool that some tennis shoe commercial is using "He needs me" from Popeye as theme music. I don't know which one it is, but it's nice to hear the song in the background. Here's a wmv file of Olive singing the song to Popeye. (7.2 meg)

A *lot* of people disliked that movie, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Why do I have an urge to visit Portugal?

Target's sandalwood incense is excellent. I'll buy it again... good gamble.

Dan and I playing Heroclix 2 years ago... it always surprises me when I see us next to one another for scale.

I would love to have the whole Honey, I Shrunk the Kids TV series on DVD.


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