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Apr. 8th, 2010 11:37 pm
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job fair with BHK - better for me than her
visited Chris in hospital -
yarn - chna'ca
still no glow yarn in mail
Chris & Larry back from smith island
smith Island cake
window shaker in loft
rain brings cooler temps


Apr. 7th, 2010 12:33 pm
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looked for work / did chorse most of the day.
BHK went to "Stitch & bitch"

earned 3 PlayStation®Network trophies in "inFamous".

Good Eats (Bronze) Good guys feed the needy.
 Good Riot (Bronze) Good guys stand up and take the heat.
 Stunt Man (Bronze) Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.

earned a PlayStation®Network trophy in "LittleBigPlanet™".

Paint Splurge (Bronze) Fire 5,000 paintballs
a/c dies
90 degrees in the house
got a haircut
still no glow-yarn

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Woke up early today - got off to a solid start, got my allergy shots and picked up some necessities.

Tim, the neighbor I really don't know at all was arrested by the Anne Arundel County police this morning. I'll check the blotter later to see what is up - It didn't look good, though.

Having a bit of trouble getting back into writing - I think I'll just have to add it to my growing list of "do it daily" things.

Houdini the bunny next door keeps escaping (thus his new name, from Hershey) - Fortunately, we're on a seldom-traveled road, and he keeps coming back home because of a nice steady food supply and his girlfriend, who can't seem to work out escape.

I'm looking a little forward to Easter - I could do with some chocolate and good spirits. Bunny Pic via Happytoast, way back whenever.


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Whew - super hot out today - in the triple digits... and I'm designed for cooler weather. Inside the house, we have the a/c set for 69F and the thermometer is reporting about 10 degrees warmer in here. Still, not as bad as outside.

Larry's work on the closet expansion is done - double the accessibility, and it looks nicer, too. All that remains is painting around the edge, and we're finished. Next trick will be adding another walled off area at the foot of the bed for more storage space. BHK and I are enjoying sleep in our own bed again, and the kitties are very pleased to be allowed back in the bedroom.

We went to Selby's for supper - saw the ATW man changed again - now he's got his head stuck through a billboard showing him lazing on a beach at sunset, playing guitar to some bikini babes.  Additionally, Chris and Mandy spotted some local wildlife (turtles and spider) and a nice barn - I autopano'ed the bar, to add detail - a pretty spiffy stucture.

0810092017.jpg.turtles!.[1] Desktop, 080809, 3 images, GC 004 - GC 006 - 6271x4783 - SCUL-Smartblend

Downloading half life mod - zombie master - look forward to playing it soon.

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0720091836.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

just got home 66666

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still home - travelers insurance / workman's comp checked in on me to be sure issues were ok. I'll be back to work on Monday. rainy day - bhk puffy still - she's going to go back to the doc if things don't change.

Catching up with Tivo, reading and netflix - Poultrygeist was as bad as we thought it might be! I'm happy that primeval is back for a third season! Run, Fat boy, run was not too bad, either. Or the drugs are making my resistance to stuff like that lower. :)

In lieu of content, more stitched photos.

uprightcherry. Pano - S6302979 - 4931x3235 - SLIN - Blended Layer. Pano - S6302944 - 5398x5175 - SLIN - Blended Layer
I like this one - me sniffing in the snow.

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Snow! The neighborhood, Pye playing, and Pye & Newt watching from inside on cam. Pye just loves the snow, but it confuses poor Newt. Clicks embiggen.


A wave of low pressure will continue to bring snow and sleet to the area today. A brief lull in the precipitation is expected this afternoon... before a second  stronger low pressure wave will bring a wintry mix of precipitation tonight and Wednesday. Precipitation will be mainly in the form of snow and sleet this evening... but a change over to freezing rain and rain is expected overnight as warmer air is drawn into the system. Temperatures will remain in the lower 30s Wednesday  allowing for the rain to freeze on some surfaces.

Total snow and sleet accumulations through Tuesday night will be 2 to 4 inches and total ice accumulations for Tuesday night through Wednesday morning will be one to two tenths of an inch.

Didn't get together with Todd today - the weather was too bad to drive to meet him. We made it home ok - all of the soft poweder of the morning had a layer of slick ice over the top of it. I'm glad that we managed to see him yesterday! It sounds like he had a good time checking out the monuments - I'm sure that they were extra nifty-looking with the layers of snow everywhere.

Had Pigs in Blankets for dinner, with string beans on the side. pretty nummy!

Watched some Psych (Sort of lackluster episode about firemen/arsonists) and part of The Beast before hitting the sack - until later, dear journal!

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It's here! Minimum of muss and fuss. Shaun had his tree picked out and cut down before I even got there.

We introduced Shaun to "Crabs for Christmas", and a good time was had by all. After getting the tree up, we paused for some Chinese food - some of the best I've had. I think the secret to little panda is to not go on Sunday - I suspect that the regular cook takes that day off.

I was very fortunate that Larry brought his own saw - the one provided wasn't up to snuff.

BHK figured out a good place for the tree, the far side of the living room. Traffic shouldn't be too much of a problem there, and it smells so good!

Easy getting this year - measured twice, cut once - and then cut again when we got home, to fit and make fresh for water.


We got our tree. Not decorated yet, but I rather like it unadorned at the moment.

BHK, the in-laws and I watched "Love, Actually" and by that time, it was too late to hang lights or ornaments, which is fine by me!

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Lights are up! Thanks Adam! As is proper for events like this, it began to snow, just as Chris and I polished off the little tree on the side of the house.

Scattering of pictures from today - Feature Larry, Adam, Me, BHK and our holiday lights. As Always, click to embiggen.


BHK made Brownies for Adam helping, and then we went to selby.. nom.

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Today I spent most of the day inside - cold out there, and my back is tricking up. I'm glad tomorrow is physical therapy! BHK and the inlaws did some yardwork in the chill while I did repairs in the heat, with the kitties inside.

Speaking of the kitties, I dreamt that we were in the green truck, returning form taking Newton and Pye somewhere - I had just off-loaded Newt in the house, when the truck drove off - Someone had made off with the vehicle and Pye! ... it made it about a block and a half before BHK and I caught up with it - turned out that Pye was driving, a la Toonces. I was dumbfounded, but BHK just snatched him up and brought him inside the house, scolding him fiercely. I remember looking at the cabin of the truck, and trying to muddle out how he accomplished it - BHK was more interested in telling him "NO! BAD KITTY! You're too young to drive!"(and this is true, as he is only 4.)

Picture taken on the way home last night - Christmas is in the air, already. Normally, I like to wait until after thanksgiving, but I love the more basic stuff... Lit up trees and misty nights.

driving home


and for the David Deboy fans out there - Crabs for Christmas.


I spent some time fixing BHK's laptop - the boot volume was toasted somehow. Fortunately, it was just a job for chkdsk /r and a little patience for the cleanup.

After the folks left, bhk made a mighty salad - garbonzos, spinache, cabbage, and whatever other good things in the house (pumpkin seeds and meatless baco-things on mine!), served with some beans and rice for bulk. It felt really good.

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1116081305.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

Off for our walk this morning - quick picture of the porch - leaves are turning brown, but the cabbage is still vibrant... and these pumpkins are unravaged by squirrels thus far. (can't say that for the others on the left side!)

Off to take Jay and Duncan to Bowens after we get some kettle corn!

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Todays entry, via wordle -

Getting quite a bit better - still have a rattle in my chest and more coughing but the muscle aches and weakness is mostly gone. I'd say I'm currently firing on five out of eight cylinders.

A/c is now fully charged again - the repairman said that we'd be really baking without any refrigerant by Friday night. I'm glad BHK was there to explain what had been going on to him.

Tried calling my brother today - his voicemail is full. I haven't heard from him since he was last bailed out. His hearing for the latest is in a week - I see in the public records that something was dismissed based on "Lack of Prosecution". Not sure if it's the same item, though. I need to research Thomas A Reynolds, it seems. Looks like his thing is real estate - probably an eviction notice long since passed.

BHK made ratatouille for dinner tonight, and the stars aligned for the movie to be playing on TV while we ate. Larry stuck with some pasta and sauce... BHK gave him some bake and eat tempura shrimp, too... He doesn't know what he missed... zucchini, eggplant, tomato sauce, some olive oil in there... it was really good stuff.

Horror vacui:

Horror vacui is the filling of the entire surface of an artwork with ornamental details, figures, shapes, lines and anything else the artist might envision. It may be considered the opposite of minimalism.

I love that I can still learn new words and phrases every day.

via dnw - Scientists discover how optical illusions work. All of them.

The short version: It takes a tenth of a second for images to get from your retina to the processing centres of your brain. People have known this for decades, but we still see things in real time.

The new theory says that what we're seeing isn't what's there, it's what our brain projects will be there in a tenth of a second - our brain is processing predicatively, showing us it's best guess for the future. And that's why optical illusions can fool it, by confusing it into predicting a future that then doesn't happen.

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Thank you to all the people that worked so hard to make my life as free as it is.


pictures - ATW man salutes our fallen heroes, and I complain about the heat. (Not nearly as hot as it was in other locales, so I hear!)

Slept well on the new bed - I wasn't feeling so hot earlier, but a nap helped my back and headache quite a bit. Still a little nauseated, but not too terrible.

We had the in-laws over again and made more franks and beans for dinner, and this time, the bonfire and s'mores were a reality. Added bonus was blowing bubbles.

Opted out of the new town trolley to Pete Green's - The route is cute, and could be a lot of fun - two bits to ride can't be beat. I wouldn't mind just taking it for a little day-tour out and about where BHK and I can relax and take in the scenery. I suspect that the trolley's primary use will be for drinkers getting home safe... I'm all for it if it keeps the drunkies from behind the wheel.

I want to pick up a bike - the in-laws cycled up the beach for breakfast this morning, and I thought it sounded like a fun way to ge tout of the house for a bit.

I still haven't decided what new e-books to put on the PDA - maybe I'll take a breather and stick to pulp-books for a bit.

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0525081242.jpgLarry and I picked up the bed this morning - BHK and I napped a bit today. Feels good so far, but it is surprisingly high - maybe 6 (likely more) inches taller than the old one.

Picture, left - Larry, scrunched down a bit to magnify the "princess and the pea effect".

Post-nap, the gang did lots of yardwork - my blueberry plant is in the ground now, as are BHK's roses... and Chris's tomato plants.

Closed out the day grilling hot dogs for the family - in-laws brought beans, cole slaw and buns... nice Sunny day today. We passed on the bonfire and s'mores - we were too full of dinner to move.

Instead, we watched some recorded top gear and hung out for a bit... bedtime again soon.

Current read - Gateway by Fred Pohl. Not bad thus far - got it free from the library bookmobile about a year ago... grabbed at random from queue when I realized that I'v epolished off all the ebooks on my PDA - will reload soon, but holding an actual tree-made book is nice. Funny that the paperback is older than Adam - Heck, printed in 1980 - it's 28 years old. 1980 doesn't seem that long ago, but I was 11 at the time.

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It's the Weekend!!!


NASA is bracing for “seven minutes of terror,” when an unmanned craft landing on Mars may wake a dormant robot army that could rise up to invade and crush our civilization… oh, wait. They’re saying the space ship might tip over. That’s all.

Spent most of the day shopping for a new couch and a new bed - found the bed we wanted at a decent price - we pick it up tomorrow, and our old bed goes to the blue house for storage. We have a new Queen Size pillow top marshmallow (but firm) - feels good at the store - can't wait to try it at home.

Gaming in my brain -

Next game I want to pick up is Hive. (with the mosquito ) I like the insect theme and bakelite tiles a lot - I'll have to see if Aardvark can order it for us.

Unlike the US government, Hasbro lets you print out your own Monopoly money. There are PDFs for 1,5,10,20,50,100, and 500 dollar bills.

Good for any money-handling game, really. Witch Trial comes immediately to my mind. (which uses our monopoly money more than monopoly does)

From New Scientist Tech: (or, a better use of a Newt/Pye cam?)

To try and develop a more sophisticated model, the team recorded the responses of 49 individual neurons in a part of a cat’s brain called the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN). The LGN receives and processes visual information from the retina, via the optic nerve, before sending it on to the cerebral cortex.

The data made it possible to build a software model of the LGN that can approximate how the neurons would respond to real scenes. The model was tested against scenes recorded from a “catcam” camera attached to a cat’s head.

“We chose the catcam because it was the most natural stimulus we could think of, the closest to what a cat would see when walking around,” Matteo Carandini told New Scientist. Because the catcam footage lacked elements moving independently from the rest of the scene, the researchers also used a scene from Disney’s animated film Tarzan.

The model’s predictions proved to be 80% accurate when shown artificial scenes, but this figure fell to 60% with the natural scenes or the Tarzan movie.

The ultimate goal of the research, still years distant, is to develop an implant that uses visual data to directly stimulate the LGN of blind people whose optic nerve or retina has degenerated from lack of use.

“For these people, a prosthesis in the eye doesn’t help,” Carandini explains. Only people who have recently become blind can benefit from such implants – currently being tested in humans – that stimulate the retina or optic nerve

Work on monkeys last year showed it is possible to stimulate the LGN using electrodes to alter their vision, something previously thought impossible. Software models like that developed by Carandini and colleagues would be vital for an implant to stimulate the right neurons to create a mental impression of vision.

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Happy Birthday, Kat78731 (and 2 years of journaling)!

If I could, I'd get you these Victorian "Gaslight Justice League" action figures - I think that Hawkgirl and The Flash are pretty dang keen, though my fave is the simplicity of the Martian Manhunter.

BHK had to call a plumber. Shower was backing up / drain issues, turned out to be tree roots in the line, not the conspiracy theories of flushing feminine products, popsicle sticks, or live pelicans brought forth by the lanlord-in-laws. Also, no gorillas poo in our loo.

Today -


Narrowly escaped a last minute trip to bowie.

Ordered Pizza online, ate that and the last bit of dream chocolate cake.

played 1.5 seconds of portal.

Watched the first Half of Spidey 3

Wrote this

Realised it was late at heck

Tucked in for snuggles with the wiferly


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Got home tonight, and found out our water isn't draining properly. Larry came by and tried plunging, but to no avail. Tomorrow, he's bringing the snake by to take care of business.

I like that phrase... like an enforcer, "Tomorrow, the snake will take care of business".

Hm.. or something pornographic, maybe.

Not much today - Worked, a very long meeting midday. Got some solid brainstorming done, and possibly a good lead for some side help from BR.

Got home, and BHK made me veggie meatballs, salad, and best of all, surprised me with my dream cake of chocoate / chocolate with mandarin oranges as a garnish. Yumma.

A nice demo of Portal is available free to NVIDIA customers - I have an ATI video card, but I also have the full version, so I can't complain... especially since ATI gave me Half-life: deathmatch and lost coast.

Speaking of which, if anyone's looking to add me to a game buddy list (counterstrike, hl2, team fortress 2, etc... - I'm scottobear there, too.

ooh... lego batman video game. After I burn through the 13 or so titles I got for christmas, I'll have to look it up! Mario Party/Galaxy/HL2 are fine diversions until then!

Absinthe is legal again how'd I mis shearing about this? I wonder if BHK will want some green fairy now that it's officially ok in the usa? I'm not a huge fan, but she's got the tingle.

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9039 - Sun

Oct. 28th, 2007 10:16 pm
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Let's see... to recap the weekend -

Friday - Gem show was fairly nifty... I got to fool with a $109,000 aquamarine stone, and ate some tasty dessert with the in-laws and BHK.

Positives : Played with Rocks, Tasty food, Obtained a little knowledge on Lapidary, Got some ideas about what to get BHK as presents, Rock Cutter reminded me of Todd, discovered "sno cone" cut

Negatives: 4-5 hours is too long in a folding chair, Mouthy lady across from me, Had to wear nice clothes, heavy rain, we were tardy, I notice occlusions and stone flaws too easily, BHK low blood sugar, Newt accidentally in the walk-in closet the whole time we were gone.

Final Score: More win than fail. If I had to do it again I wouldn't complain, but would plan for uncomfy chairs a bit.

Saturday - We were going to spend a little time doing chores and then go to the flyball tourney with Amy and her sisters, but got sidetracked after we were invited to breakfast with Larry and Chris. Post Bob Evans, we got the tickle to pick up our copy of Zombie Fluxx at Aardvark in Solomon's.... That sort of turned in to a family trip to BJ's Wholesale with the in-laws, once they heard we were heading south for a moment. Larry And Chris suffered a little bit from sensory overload at Aardvark's, but we were in and out quickly. Just fast enough to grab our ZF and go. I found out that they don't carry warhammer minis, but instead do war machine. I wonder if Eryx and his crew mix and match figures, or if they're purely WH? Once we got to BJ's, a quick trip for some tires for Larry's car turned into Shop-o-rama 2007. BHK and I picked up a few things that we needed, Halloween candy for the kiddies, and two wonderfully discounted wii games ($20 each) - Rampage and Ninjabread Man. Chris decided to play Santa, and bought our cart of goodies as well as their own!

While grocery Shopping, we found some Theme Chocolate -


Sexual Chocolate I've heard of... Forgiveness? interesting. Tranquil and Renew... what happens if you eat all of these at once?

On our way south, there was a trailer on the side of the road hawking flowers, apples and baked goods. By the style of dress, I thought at first that one of the vendors was Amish, but on evaluation of the trailer, she must've been Mennonite - Horses would've had a tough time pulling the thing, but a truck hitch would be fine. Also went to the post office, and got Danny's Anniversary Present, and a Fluxx card "Zombies Eat Brains" promo... you use it in the standard deck, but has a Zombie theme, to be sure (The player who has Death on the table wins if the Brain is on the table.) The Boxed version of HEY! That's My Fish! I was a cruel and heartless player, and beat BHK 3 out of 3 games. I fear my victories will grow fewer in number as we get more players - I'm much better with 4 penguins than with 2.

We also stopped off at Maerten's to get our wedding rings engraved - inside of mine will be "Wing To Wing" and BHK's will be "Oar To Oar", referencing Robert Frost's The Master Speed - last lines of which are:
Two such as you with such a master speed
Cannot be parted nor be swept away
From one another once you are agreed
That life is only life forevermore
Together wing to wing and oar to oar.

The full poem is on my bio page here.

Positives: Zombie Fluxx obtained (Aardvark sold out and was on it's second order!), Hey! That's My Fish!, Free Candy, Free Wii Games, Free Houshold supplies, Social time with the in-laws, ginger snaps and apples, offer to teach me old school biscuit baking techniques.

Negatives: Delayed visit to Amy for a day, no chores done - will probably have to buckle down next weekend, a little skittish about not having my wedding ring

Final Score: BIG WIN! I really can't find much to complain about getting games, chocolate and a lot of good conversation and giggles out of a Saturday. Tried Ninjabread Man, and the controls are tricky, but not bad once you're used to 'em. I bet Bugah will be quite good at it.

Sunday (Today) - I slept in until 10:30! I never sleep that late, but it must've been quite needed.

BHK and I hustled out the door to visit with Amy before she headed back for New York - got to give a friendly wave and offer support. We didn't ge tto eat together, but BHK and I took in some gorgeous weather, and went for pizza at 3 brothers - Sicilian with ricotta and garlic, BHK got meatballs on the side. Really, really good. Enough left over for dinner and for me to take to work tomorrow for lunch... and for BHK to have a nibble for lunch, too.

Stopped in Annapolis to look at couches at Jennifer's to replace the pink Torquemada-inspired beasties on the living room wall. Some solid, affordable options there... most light at the end of that tunnel yet. Nothing totally sings, but we have a few ideas about what to do now.

ATW man changed to Spidey for Halloween!

1028071753.jpg. 1028071755.jpg

I dig his boots.

We got home and flopped in front of the TV in the treehouse, caught up with The Office, Earl, and Midnight.... and just enjoyed snuggles with Newt in bed. Chris called to invite us over for Veggie soup, but I was too pooped out to get dressed and head over there. They understood, and BHK worked our way downstairs to catch up with some of the Ugly betty and cake making challenge video we had saved there - got sleepy, and we hit the sack shortly thereafter.

Positives: walkabout, moon pies on the road with diet cranberry splash, super good pizza, maybe a new couch soon, offered Amy a chance to come visit, ATW man, Further along on couch search, lots of nice time with BHK.

Negatives: The day was too short!

Final Score: Solid win. Comfy, Autumnal, lovey day.

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more hurricane fallout pictures taken that day

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9024 - sun

Oct. 14th, 2007 11:00 pm
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No Zombie Fluxx yet! ack! We'll be picking it up next weekend, hopefully. I'd like to have it in time for Halloween!

Went grocery shopping and then to get a Wii, but they were sold out - I nearly picked up a copy of Portal to tide me over, and may next time if the Wii isn't in stock- I hadn't seen any portal reviews on the new Orange box (Half-Life2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 (multi player), and Portal, plus previous releases of HL2 and HL2:episode one) I think it'll be worth picking up, possibly just for portal alone - TF2 looks pretty fun as well - I really like the "Incredibles meets First Person Shooter" school of art. I'll likely download it from Steam rather than pay for it at Target, unless the price is significantly different.

Post-shopping, we swung by the in-laws to watch The Natural with them and Louise. Not a bad movie... not as good as I remembered it, but maybe I was tired, too.

We went home, went up to our "treehouse" for a late supper of leftover Chinese food for me, and fresh cheddar on whole wheat crackers for BHK - watched the first episode of Journeyman - slow rolling but got better at the end. Quantum Leap redux - seemingly uncontrolled time travel, following a person to set things right, can bring items back and forth through time. He also seems to return to his home time, unlike Sam.

We also watched the Simpsons - corn maze / police dog episode. Poor to fair writing. I think the best part of the treehouse is just curling up with BHK and the boys for solid snuggles and comfort - especially nice at the end of the day.

It's a good thing I gobbled up what I did - our fridge is now officially *full*. I don't think anything else could be put in there, without knocking something over.

I wish I had Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic's stretchy abilities... I really don't like running up and down stairs to the treehouse with stuff or just to see what's going on once I'm settled in and comfy.


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One year until 08/08/08!

I found out today that the family across the street from us has lived in that house for the last 23 or so years. Adam, the youngest son at age 18 has lived in the same home his whole life. I wonder how often that happens anymore? I don't think I've put more than five years of life in the same building - I didn't even spend more than 2 years in the same school until I hit 9th grade as my folks moved around quite a bit.

I'm not sure I can even imagine how intimately familiar a person comes to be with that sort of environment... that kid must know every stone and fence within a 10-mile area. He must've seen some very significant changes over the last two decades.. North Beach was a bit of a biker town before it got an influx of bay front property money. There is quite a cultural microcosm these days, but the upper-middle class seems to be taking the lead.

Today's weather is *evil* - Current Temperature is 100°F, "feels like" 109. And that's at "partly cloudy". How much hotter would it be with full-bore sun?

Totally random thought formed on the train - do the words cowherd (someone who herds cows) and coward (someone who shows fear in the face of danger) have a connection? I need to research that.

[edit - Well, I guess not. Word History: A coward is one who "turns tail." The word comes from Old French couart, coart, "coward," and is related to Italian codardo, "coward." Couart is formed from coe, a northern French dialectal variant of cue, "tail" (from Latin cda), to which the derogatory suffix -ard was added. This suffix appears in bastard, laggard, and sluggard, to name a few. A coward may also be one with his tail between his legs. In heraldry a lion couard, "cowardly lion," was depicted with his tail between his legs. So a coward may be one with his tail hidden between his legs or one who turns tail and runs like a rabbit, with his tail showing.]

BHK picks up Em tomorrow!
She'll be visiting from Thursday through Sunday. I expect a *lot* of fun and a probably a couple of interesting challenges. (She's little, and will likely miss her folks on one or two nights.)

After thinking about it, I feel that a variant of Oshi might work well with the Icehouse pyramids. (Other possibilities at the World of Abstract Games )

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