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I’m taking topamax twice daily, and it really kills the taste of carbonated soda-pop.

Diet Dr. Pepper tastes like seawater. Very strange side effect.

Upside, it does make my nerve pain more bearable. I’m more than happy to get my caffeine from iced tea.


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Exhausted, hurty, itchy, sweaty, grumpy bear.

Anxiety attacks, breathing issues,  plus back issues plus hives (Anxiety or Allergy related) Bad mood, tried very hard with only varied success to be pleasant and not a grouch. Hopefully the week ahead will be far superior to the weekend behind.

Allison wasn’t feeling so great, either – plus Chris’s shoulder issues and Van’s bum knee, it was a pretty rough bunch.

Upside, I was with people I love, had good food and Allison loves glow sticks and S’mores.

Allison’s PB-S’more

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I’m still having a Monday.

Feeling rough and stompy but things are getting better.

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  • 12,676 steps
  • 11 floors
  • 6.39 miles
  • 4,579 calories

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Went out to lunch with a few coworkers – Kruba Thai and Sushi in DC, a short walk from the office.

Not bad! $11.95 for lunch special – I had drunken noodle, came with a tasty tiny spring roll and miso soup. A reasonable portion, though one of my coworkers who came with me mentioned that it was a great deal more generous on previous visits.

Awesome sink in the water closet -

sink made of a wood plank

that poor ent.

We went at about noon, and it was active, but not super crowded.

Nice atmosphere, worth a visit if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

TGIF zooming in and out

Glad to have a little weekend ahead of me. Time to catch up with chores and relax with the family. Next weekend is Chris’s birthday and Valentine’s day. I think we’re doing a nice something at the Royal Tea Room.

Comorbidity of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder both seem to have reduced since I’ve started working full-time again.

Other things that I feel have helped me.

The mild workout I get walking around DC, especially when it’s not within a large crowd. I’ve found that I think more clearly if

I enjoy  A little bit of guided meditation makes a great deal of difference for me. It’s not just “woo woo” flaky junk, but consistently and reasonablyproven to be of use. The  phone app is good, though I spend a lot of time in front of a laptop or the kindle, the bigger screen helps me to more easily focus. 


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Or if it is a man cold, I’m a huge sissybear.

It feels like I’m burning off the worst of whatever creeping crud that is filling my lungs and throat. My body is running very hot and cold.

I envision my body being cooked from within and then thrown on ice to give extra chills.

Serious joint aches and dry mouth. Headache and sore throat / muscle pain from a hacking cough. A bit nauseated and quite weary. Can’t sleep but feel exhausted and radiating waves of heat. Eyes very chafed and rhumey. Nose blocked enough to make it tough to use the cpap.

Illness started a bit on Monday or so, and flu symptoms great as the day went on yesterday.  I’m hoping the worst will be over soon and the niggling cough will only linger for the shortest time.

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Come, blessed barrier between day and day, Dear mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health!

– William Wordsworth in “To Sleep” (1806)

Getting an updated sleep study tonight. My first one was quite a while ago… back in August 2000 or so. The last one was August 2009.Looking forward to getting my CPAP updated and a better night’s sleep. Have a good night, dear journal. I’m going to miss Allison and the boys.


Ancient doodle of me in a cpap device.


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Apr. 12th, 2012 08:22 pm
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Health is a smidgen better today, physically. Mentally, I feel about a 4 out of 10. Fatigued, sore and a trifle gloomy.

Why so glum, chum? I reckon mostly due to a blend of brain chemistry, lethargy and cabin fever. I’ll be better tomorrow, certainly.

This week has been one of rest… and desperately needed.

I am thankful for the opportunity.

Most of the time was spent sleeping, curled up with the lads (Dr. Pye and Nurse Newt) and watching tv, or reading Snuff by Terry Pratchett. Young Justice is very cute although the art style is not my fave. Also digging Ugly Americans.

I need a good solid shave and a haircut…. some time in the sun too. Hopefully I can accomplish that tomorrow along with

Allison has been working very hard this week, putting in long hours – good timing since I have been full on slug.

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One may not reach dawn save by the path of night.

Current mood 1-10 (10 best) – is about a 3.

Negative triggers today include crowding, sharp sudden noises, and mental static.

Did some solid meditation today which seems to have calmed me. new doctor may be beneficial, as well.

Things for me to be mindful -

I am doing the best that I can.

This is an opportunity. I will use this situation to learn new skills, tools and strategies to change my path.

I can reduce my stress level by being optimistic and taking charge of my life.

research TMS therapy.1. 2. 3.

3 Things I’m thankful for today -

  1. My wife and the boys – give me unconditional love and support.
  2. I have a roof over my head
  3. access to information at my fingertips.

establishing a daily regimen for maximum returns, health-wise. journal, workout, socializing. etc.

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Just caves

Feb. 29th, 2012 09:51 pm
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Moody today… spent a lot of time in a blend of anxiety and depression – glum and a bundle of nerves alternately hitting from points that would have been softer or even pleasant to a calmer brain.

Feeling a bit better now… bhk is home and pizza is in the oven.

Times will continue to imptove though.

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Feb. 27th, 2012 02:48 pm
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Buckwheat Zydeco was pretty fun last night – though he was having some vocal issues, the crowd and band were all having a great time. Dinner at the Ram’s Head was good, too – the banana bread beer was fascinating, and the black bean “round up” burger was quite tasty, too.

Mood has been pretty good this weekend – Monday is a back to business, but it’s a gentle return.

So far today, I’ve done about an hour on the stationary bike (while listening to big red barrel‘s Big Red Flix podcast), done a little light picking up, and now I’m off to take care of outdoor chores and sunshine for a bit.

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Finished my first week of out-patient… was glad to see Oliver and Marisa were there the entire time. Happy that Emily is done throughout, and am betting she’ll do great.Sam isn’t done yet, but is on out-patient, so it won’t be long now.

Good group overall – Mark, Crystal and Brian are out already, too.

An old man planted and dug and tended,
Toiling in joy from dew to dew;
The sun was kind, and the rain befriended;
Fine grew his orchard and fair to view.
Then he said: “I will quiet my thrifty fears,
For here is fruit for my failing years.”

But even then the storm-clouds gathered,
Swallowing up the azure sky;
The sweeping winds into white foam lathered
The placid breast of the bay, hard by;
Then the spirits that raged in the darkened air
Swept o’er his orchard and left it bare.

The old man stood in the rain, uncaring,
Viewing the place the storm had swept;
And then with a cry from his soul despairing,
He bowed him down to the earth and wept.
But a voice cried aloud from the driving rain;
“Arise, old man, and plant again!”

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Sick all day Wednesday. I couldn't even focus enough to play fallout 3 for very long.

Ate a cinnamon muffin and a cheese sandwich - neither stuck with me for very long. Took my anti-nausea meds and zonked out.

Allison came home late, and brought me a banana pudding milkshake to settle my stomach.

Neighbors called an let Allison know about the little critter - I was so out of it, I didn't hear them or Larry come by to check on the little guy under the house. Larry checked, didn't see anything, and closed the opening where the grey and white guy snuck under our house... apparently, it wasn't good enough, as we were awakened later that evening. At first, Allison thought it was the roof collapsing, and I though tthe house was settling, but it was just the cat trying to get out via a grated entry under the house. I went outside with a flashlight and screwdriver to let him out. All seems well now.

I'm still feeling rough, but work needs doing, so to work I went.

That might've been a mistake. I got really ill at work, and I don't think I'll head in tomorrow before visiting the doctor in the afternoon.


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testing out quickpress. not too tough via the phone.

a quick recap – did inventory catch up on saturday, had a moment of net loss at work on sunday from 11-3ish. apparently comcast isn`t the only dc area fail. (at least verizon was a sunday)

sunday dinner was a lot of circles with a few squares inside – cheese and crackers with in-laws, veggie shepherds pie, with homemade apple pie for dessert.

got lunged up a bit last night -cpap helped a lot, though.

slept from about 930pm to 5 this am.

fully enjoying xmas music now… close enough for it to make sense. lego advent calendar has been a lot of fun so far… blacksmith and a knight with assorted anvil and hammer equipment so far.

today should be a busy one… lots to do and review. talk to you later, dear journal!

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The love cube (with BHK and me inside) got from behind by a truck with a driver that simply wasn't paying any attention (she claims she was late for work).

BHK and I had been sitting stopped for at least a full 10 seconds light behind another few vehicles when we were hit - I felt my teeth click together and a sharp pain between my shoulder blades. Allison was too hopped up on adrenaline to really feel much right away, but as the day wore on, I was glad that we a few heating pads at home.

We're just lucky that BHK had her digital camera and she remembered to use it afterward so it was documented in case there were any questions. (I'll post them online sometime soon)

Even though we both are still a bit sore this morning they've already processed our claim and we can go get our car fixed with a rental when we want.

The big stressor was that it was while I was on my way to a job interview - but I made it there in plenty of time. We'll see how that goes. I think I had a good game face and the folks there were plenty nice. We got a tour of ABC7's news facility by , which was a bright spot on an otherwise

In addition, our trip home to dunkin donuts was not so wonderful either I didn't get my food after three attempts at ordering.  Came home, we laid on the heating pad and ordered a pizza and watched mentalist with the in-laws before going to bed.

Pretty much a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. Thankfully, that was yesterday, and today is a new one!

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Mar. 19th, 2010 12:34 pm
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Fri - 10:30am doctors appointment
disabled parking-allergies-insurance running out-blinding headaches
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Nutshelling today -

got my shots, bhk got a good set of samples for meds - cover a month or two, and we got to see Britney after a looong time..

snow prep - no milk eggs or bread at any grocer... but they are at 7-lebbin!

Picked up Dry Cleaning, before the snow comes!

Watched the 2007 BBC series pilot of Jekyll - if the rest is as good as the first episode, I'll be really sad when it ends.

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