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hodge-podge misc folder, mostly newton and me at the old place in pompano – no-nose’s joint.

blimpie footstalker groves

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also -

Step 1: Resources

I have to start with credit to the websites that I used for my research: - The software I used was called Motion, it handles the streaming of the webcam to the web as well as detecting motion and saving the movie files. - This software allow you to sync your files into a Dropbox Account - This site explains a few different ways to setup the camera on the raspberry pi to set up a simple web stream of the image. - This site is where i started with for implementing the upload of the movie files to a Dropbox account - This Instructable was used to set up a simple website to view your Web Stream from.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi

Picture of Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi
First things first. The raspberry pi should be setup with a standard version of Raspbian. If any help on doing this is needed please refer to or also need to setup a SSH connection to access the Raspberry Pi remotely. So do this refer to

Now You should setup port forwarding for your raspberry pi for both port 80 and 8081
while you are in your router settings also write down your Raspberry Pi’s Public IP address as it will be what we use in the next few steps.

Step 3: Installing the Motion Detection Software

Picture of Installing the Motion Detection Software

Now lets install the Motion Software onto the Raspberry Pi.

1) Install Motion using the following commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install motion

2) Now lets setup the Motion Software, the following will open the configuration file:
sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf

a) In this file, you can adjust a whole bunch of things in the motion software but there are a few things that we need to change first
daemon – default is set to OFF, we need to set it to ON so that it will run in the background
webcam_localhost – Set to OFF so that you can access the stream from other computers
stream_port – Take note of the port as this is where you will point your browser to view the stream
control_localhost – Set to OFF as this will allow you to adjust some of the features remotely (I dont use this but it could be useful)
control_port – Take note of this port as it will be how you can change some parameters remotely in your web browser
framerate – I set this to 2 or 3 frames per second (over 5 will bog down your Pi)

b) We also need to change one last setting:
sudo nano /etc/default/motion
change “start_motion_daemon=no” to “start_motion_daemon=yes

Now if you start the Motion software, in some browsers you will be able to view the stream. if you cannot yet, we will correct that in the next step.

Step 4: Setting up the Web Server

Picture of Setting up the Web Server
Next thing to make the web stream visible from nearly all browsers we need to setup a small web server on the raspberry pi along with a simple HTML page.We are going to install Apache, PHP5, and PHP5 mod for apache. Not all of them may be used in this project but they are good to have in case you want to make your website a bit more that we will setup here.

Now Install the applications with the following command:
sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 

Next allow overrides:
sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default

Change “AllowOverride None” to “AllowOverride ALL

Now restart the server to to allow the overrides

sudo service apache2 restart

Now your Website is Up and running. If you type the IP address for your Raspberry Pi into a browser you should be able to see a simple website.

Step 5: Setting Up a Basic Webpage

Picture of Setting Up a Basic Webpage
Now that you have a basic website being hosted on your raspberry Pi as well as the motion capture software lets combine the two.first lets change the permissions to the directory for the HTML file

sudo chmod 777 /var/www

If you type in the following command line it will bring you to the HTML file that is the front page of your website:

sudo nano /var/www/index.html

This file currently contains the HTML code for a very basic website. We are going to change it to the following in order to display the web streaming image.

<h1> Raspberry Pi DropBox Camera Stream </h1>
<img src=”http://Raspberry pi’s IP:8081″>

Note: Remove the <xmp> & </xmp>, this was the only way I know to get HTML into an instructable

Save this file and then in a web browser type in the raspberry pi’s IP address and check out your new website

Step 6: Linking your Raspberry Pi to your Dropbox Account

Picture of Linking your Raspberry Pi to your Dropbox Account
First be sure that you have a DropBox account ( If you do not then set one up before going on.Then Download Dropbox Uploader
First Change to which ever directory that you would like to install this program into (I just did it to the Home Directory)

Now download the application using the following command:
curl “” -o

Now change the permissions of the program
sudo chmod +x

Finally run the script and follow the instructions it gives you.  This will guide you through setting up the OAuth connection to your dropbox account

If you have any issues, try reading the README.txt in the files you downloaded or visible here

Step 7: Create Automatic Dropbox Uploads

Picture of Create Automatic Dropbox Uploads
Now we just need to create 2 Python Scripts. One to upload the Movie files and another to clear the temp directory from time to time.First lets start with with creating the Python Script to Upload to Dropbox automatically.

Change the directory to which ever directory you would like (i did this in the home directory)
Then use the following command to create the script called Uploader

sudo nano

Now you should be in the blank python script file. Insert the following code into the file.
Please Note that this script is assuming that Motion’s files are being saved in the Temp Directory (the default)

import os
def upload_files():
if not os.path.exists(path):
for files in os.listdir(“.”):
if files.endswith(“.avi”):
cmd = “/home/pi/ upload ” + path + files
os.system(“sudo rm /tmp/motion/” + files)
if _name_ == “_main_”:

Save and close the file (CTRL + X)

Now lets create the second File that clears the Temp Directory (this will happen each time the raspbery pi is restarted but I wanted to have more control)

sudo nano

In this new file place the following simple code

import os
os.system(“sudo rm /tmp/motion/” + “*.jpg”)

again Save and Close the file (CTRL + X)

Now One last time to make these two things run automatically

Type the following command to modify the crontab file

crontab -e

Add the following to lines to the bottom of this file

* * * * * python /home/pi/ # Sync webcam files dropbox to run each minute
@hourly python /home/pi/cleartmp/pr #Clear temp for motion each hour

Close and Save

Step 8: Finished

Picture of Finished
Now you are all set. I know that alot of this was a brute force method but it works. Also be careful as the website not very secure as it is just accessed via your IP address.Finally, you can go through and play with the settings in motion to fine tune it as to what you would like.


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Om nom boys

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pictures after the cut. pano of pizza and porno mall, newt at vet. Read the rest of this entry  )

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Walkabout at the graveyard, Danny at Denny’s, Classic Newton face, tinklepig

backway bow cherub count count2 cross dancoffeeatdennys daneat easternstar flow fountain gravewalk looktoheav mahogany memshells newtpeer oneroomcondo overhead reaver roseangel starmem tinklepig tomb

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image Newton and felt day of the dead ornaments

imageNew old holiday lamp house


Yuletide Model A Fords


Cute snow bunny seen by the cars


Christmas ornaments flying from paint cans

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1210001718.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

newton also likes it!

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0905000919.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

good morning from pye & newt

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Back pain is kicking up seriously today - Took some meds, and hopefully it will be more functional soon. Too ouchy to do stretches or the bike right now.

Walkies yesterday ended in BHK picking me up a block from home as I trudged in a torrent - lucky she came and got me - I was fearing for the DS and the phone's survival.

Having trouble remembering my dreams lately - time to start keeping a notepad by the bed again. I think the morning shower washes memories all away.

Today is the 10th Birthday of Newtcam! (Means Newt'll be 11 in a few months)

I've been wanting to play Martian chess a lot lately - time to teach BHK( and Amy for a 3-player version for when she visits?) , or go back to (I haven't logged in for over a year) Maybe I'll write an application for smart phones or psn, if I can get permission from Looney Labs.

I think that the ad campaign with the Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa is great, and that between his voice, build and humor, he'd be a perfect fit for a Luke Cage movie or tv series.

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comparison between bhk socks and mine


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pye and me snoozing

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bunny back in the garden this am - in the pepper patch this time!

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bunny back in the garden this am - in the pepper patch this time!

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bunny back in the garden this am - in the pepper patch this time!


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bunny back in the garden this am - in the pepper patch this time!


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newton checking out my new socks. moving on.

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newton checking out my new socks. he approves.

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bunny back in the garden this am - in the pepper patch this time!

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bunny back in the garden this am - in the pepper patch this time!

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bunny back in the garden this am - in the

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minor doodles - been playing a lot of red dead redemption-  most of yesterday, in fact. I love it - great music, fantastic mood and imagery,  keen multiplayer, and the solo missions are great. The mini-games are not my fave, but I like the characters a lot.

Newton and Pyewacket are being good guys today, too.

Dr Who "dream lord" episode was a bit weak - however, I am loathe to admit that I liked the Funk episode of Glee, though maybe despite itself.

Now playing: Ennio Morricone - Police

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0309001057.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

newt and pye slacking with me in the office


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As you can see by the pile o' previous pix, it's been snowing, dear journal. Supposedly a storm of epic proportions, 2012 come early, the great white wall o'doom.

First time in 30 years that the post office hasn't delivered mail (from here to DC anyhow).

For my own future swift access - 
<tr valign="top"><td> 

0206002020.jpg  0205001546.jpg  0205001549.jpg  downsized_0205001619.jpg  0205001620.jpg  0206001549.jpg  0206001722.jpg  0206001722a.jpg  0206001723.jpg  0206001723b.jpg  0206001723a.jpg  0206001727.jpg  snowy blizzard as seen from across the street  0206001419.jpg  0206001023.jpg  0206001012.jpg  downsized_0206001011.jpg

</td></tr>Eh, This is downright pleasant compared to a hurricane. Sure, the snow is two feet deep at the non-drifted points (as tall as me at the high end) - but we still have power and heat. BHK has shoveled a tunnel over to the Naille's next door - I'm opting to stay inside with a pair of sweats on, and a couple of kitties to keep me warm while I type.

I've caught up my journal from the last couple of days, some are shorter than others, but at least I have the logs in place.

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Snow Day! a little nutshelling and some cat pics.


Newton and Pye love seeing all the flakes dropping from the sky.

in-laws skidded over for pancake breakfast, and I played a little Left 4 Dead while tiles got shifted.

William and Dylan came by in time for a slice of BHK's homemade apple pie - I slipped and hit the ground knees first bringing a slice to the neighbor (bruised, but the pie was safe!)

Later, the Nailles and Phil next door came over and we played a little What's Yours Like (BHK won by a hair)

About 6 inches of snow on the ground now... snowplow is tooling through regularly to keep things clear.

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Got my haircut today - prepping for a job fair tomorrow.

Not much else on the ol' agenda, so have a few newton pics from when I was sicker, dear journal. He's got squinty-eyes from sleeping on my chest all day.



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Today, I'm feeling a bit worse for wear - these antibiotics are tearing BHK and my guts up.

Spent the morning looking for work, and as a reward of sorts, BHK gave me her Mütter Museum pen that is shaped like an arm bone. Spent the evening watching the IT crowd, playing Wii Sports Resort with the Nailles and enjoying homemade mac & cheese with a side of veggie hot dogs from the grill!

I dreamt that Pye and Newton were horseshoe crabs, but still had their kitty tails.... somehow they could climb walls with their little hairy crab legs.

Dave sent me this - I don't know if he drew it, but it cracked me up for about a half hour! (It looks like his style)

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Hump day again, again, dear journal. Some good news - Netflix is coming to the Wii this spring-

Woke up with a sore throat – hopefully I’m not succumbing to BHK’s lingering congestion, and it was only dust from the loft. We’ll know more soon enough!

Telephone interview today – it went well! I look forward to hearing more from them soon.



Nurse Newt Making sure I’m tucked in.

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snow day today - a light dusting cleaned up the dirty slush left over from the blizzard.

Newton has the right idea, I think – Burrito snuggles under covers!


Mandy took home the game trophy for winning cir-kis and pop-up storybook.

I like Cir-kis, but think that Blokus is a bit more my thing – benefit of cir-kis is that you don’t need ghost players if you only have 3 people at the table.

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