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Calvert marine museum. Don’t get seasick. Tiny Chris and Larry on the ledge.


Larry with megalodon
My sweetheart and me.

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Snoozed much of the day today, post road trip - in-laws came over, as did Mandy - Chris next door was feeling ill, so he couldn't make it. It  looks like BHK has converted another person over to knitting addiction in Mandy! I suspect they'll be spending more time together in the near future. :)

Grilled pseudo chicken breast on the grill with spicy bbq sauce - in-laws brought over steaks, and Mandy did spaghetti - we all had awesome corn on the cob, zucchini sticks, bread, brownies, garden cucumbers with dip! I was surely packed full by the end.

Watched James May's Toy stories -  the train set episode - all were interested save for mother in law. Doctor Who is done now, until the Christmas Episode - We liked this season a lot, I hope they keep it fun and fresh. Maybe we'll start having Amy Rose, Shaun  and Sean over to watch sometime? The only regular SciFi watched now is Warehouse 13 and Eureka... As for fantasy, I'm not too amazed by Haven yet, but the next season of Being Human is airing here soon... that was fun.

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Jul. 25th, 2010 12:37 pm
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Adam won Can't Stop today, Chris, BHK and Adam had lots of margaritas... Larry and I prefer our artificial green-yellow fluid in the form of diet mountain dew. Watched spinal tap, and relaxed most of the day.

Adam and I tied for victory in Pop-up storybook, after a trip to dunkin donuts.

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Apr. 8th, 2010 11:37 pm
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job fair with BHK - better for me than her
visited Chris in hospital -
yarn - chna'ca
still no glow yarn in mail
Chris & Larry back from smith island
smith Island cake
window shaker in loft
rain brings cooler temps
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Quite a trip to Roanoke and Salem last week. First time to Salem since January of '07 - Not a great deal has changed in the area since then... it is as enchanting as it was then - pictures under the cut.peek for many pics! clicken to embiggen )
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Friday April 2, 2010
x6:29 PM
"dinner for 11! bhk, chris, larry, jacob, sam, lily, rose, abby, anna, wendy carter!"
5:44 PM
"found a bradbury i was missing!"
4:56 PM
"on a mountain top!"
3:40 PM
"out with bhk and annettes family"
10:13 AM
"big cookies"
8:26 AM
"one more day"
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weird dream about the old days at IMT - doing certs with Fred & Chrissy, Kevin was off in Afghanistan for some reason. The print room was hidden behind an Addams family pinball machine - I wonder if that was because of the time we watched "the hearse" on channel 29 during dinner hour way back when?

Had dinner at the in-laws house, tilapia, mac & cheese, cornbread, baked potato, salad apple pie. lots of shades of tan/gold/ beige!
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rough day - Body and mind running a bit dark for much of today. It'll be better soon, though.

Swung by ChNaCa with the in-laws, had supper at Ledo's, got some groceries.

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Pye and Me watching the Saints / Vikings game (Saints won - going to the super bowl!)


Another day out and about - in a nutshell -

Giolittis with in-laws (The veggie sammich is better than the calzone, both are great, though)
window shopping for furniture in Annapolis with the in-laws
Chinese food
football on the tube while BHK and I play DS Indiana Jones Lego together.

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Brunch with BHK, In-laws, Adam, Dave Nelson, and Rorey – Adam made a heart-shaped biscuit for anna, who was absent (Adam is going to VA this afternoon to settle some court issues there)


No Snow today, but the bay is still nicely iced!


Visited Nailles a bit, chitty-chatted for a while

Big Kahuna when we got home – nearly to the end by now – our zoo animals haven’t given birth yet.

New fondness for the IT crowd TV show – nice mindless foolishness, with some of the boosh gang hanging about, too.

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obligatory pictures taken from moment 1 of the DSi use -

Adam, Anna, Chris, Larry, BHK, Pye and yours truly appear, dear journal.






























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Dave Nelson, Adam, Anna and the in-laws came over for a visit last night and some nom noms on the day before the day before the big day of gluttony-type behavior.

We played a boatload of jungle speed and nibbled on pigs in blankets, and those cream cheese wraps that BHK has continued to develop into super tasty treats.

Much fun was had by all – I prefer playing the dorky warthog more than the lion or rhino, now. Adam is almost always monkey (Unless BHK had it), while Anna was Tigress, and Dave was Hippo. We need to get more controllers so we can play more than 4 at a time! fortunately, the game allows 2 per controller/nun chuck.

Adam and Anna are sleeping over – everyone else is close enough to home to get kicked out come snoozeville.

Safe Cooking tips for the hoidays

Quote of the moment - “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” - Robert A. Heinlein

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It seems that Christmas is in the air in this part of North Beach. BHK and the Nailles… not even thanksgiving! however, I don’t mind the music, especially if we get sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles, while watching Christmas Vacation. The Naille’s already have 5 or more trees up at home… BHK and I aren’t going to do a tree until at least after Turkey Day.
Dinner was with the in-laws – hot dogs on the grill, baked beans and smokin’ sweet bbq chips.
Jungle Speed yet again. Lion is my lucky animal… no bears there.
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Got up at 6:30 this morning and went for an hour walk with Chris before heading off to some of the last gasp yard sales of the summer.

Yard Saling stuff - not showm, more legos, bake sale goodies consumed.


I find the toys, BHK the antiques. We both find the hot air balloon / pregnant women / overpopulation picture cool, then creepy. It is already hanging in next to the office.

After the sale, we headed home, while Chris and Mandy went on to Annapolis, BHK and I stopped off at the local historical society and did a treasure hunt with a 4-year-old boy named Annikin. (I guess the parents are star wars fans... was that a "real name" before the movies?

In-laws took us to dinner at outbakc - made use of gift certificats Adam and Anna gave 'em on the 4th of July - I had a lovely baked potato, salad, and shrimp.

Returned home to play some monopoly dice with Chris and Mandy, but the boys were wiped out - Mandy and BHK played Balloon Cup, instead.

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Yesterday - Larry's Birthday
Hot Dogs, corn, Banana Pudding, Chris, Larry, Amy, BHK, Nailles

Today -
annapolis, more lego, rain, au pair, red robin, dokapon

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Hard to believe it's only been 3 years since I was first planning to visit BHK on her birthday. Funny to me how little I can think of life prior to being married to her, and having our crew of four under the roof.

I'm in the office now, taknig a brief break from gig-searching to catch myself up on LJ. Larry is setting up BHK's Best Birthday Present Ever (tm)- a widening of the closet door in our bedroom. For the record, I also proposed to BHK on her birthday, 3 years ago in two weeks. Heck, she'd have wanted closet spasce, even if single.

33333333333333333333333333333333  - Newton's left foot on the number pad says hello. Pye is sleeping on the purple chair to my left, and Netwon has leapt to the couch on my right (newtcam couch) and will be in sleepytown soon.

Here's a breakdown of my music via Media Go -

music layout

According to my SenseMe playlist - the fastest/happiest song is a three way tie -

  • Get a Job - The English Beat

  • The Famous Polka - They Might Be Giants

  • B-52s Cosmic Thing.

Slowest Saddest songs are also a 3-way tie -

  • Matt Lauer can suck it - Michael Gaicchino (Land of the Lost Soundtrack)

  • Running to the Rain - Peter Gabriel

  • Ballero - War

I seem to have mostly happy, mid-speed songs in my library.

I am really interested in a few new looney labs releases - Aquarius 2.0 and Chrononauts: The Gore Years expansion

(Chrononauts 1.4 The Gore Years: Like Aquarius, Chrononauts is also about to get upgraded to the new uniform box. But although it will feature a couple of new cards and a new rulesheet, the new edition of Chrononauts won't be very different from the original. For this reason, and since it's the fourth printing, they've decided to call it version 1.4. However, since a lot has happened since 1999 and Chrononauts is really showing its age, theyere also creating an expansion product that brings the TimeLine into the 21st Century. This packet of 11 cards will feature 5 new Timeline cards (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2008) along with 3 new Patches and 3 new characters who need to change recent events in order to get home. (Of course, it's called the Gore Years because that's what the last 8 years are known as to certain time travelers.). Release date: October 23th.
(Martian Fluxx, too, but not as much as the other two)

Additionally - I'd like to try Apophis sometime as a game. Looks neat, and I have all the pieces already to play!

from the lj status page, earlier -

LiveJournal may be inaccessible at the current time due to network issues. Our Operations staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Don't panic.

6:06 pm GMT (Friday, August 7)

LiveJournal is up and working, although due to particularly heavy site traffic you may occasionally see a network timeout or slow loading times. Our Operations staff will continue to work to ensure the site remains available for you.

8:06 pm GMT (Friday, August 7)

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, originally uploaded by scottobear.

larry and rockfish!

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0724091948.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

at the in-laws - we have to get up extra early tomorrow to get bugah home. bedtime early tonight after a grill feast!

9752 - sat

Jun. 6th, 2009 11:22 pm
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Nice day today - went to Annapolis with Larry, Chris and BHK - went to see Jerry Douglas and toured St. Anne's Church graveyard.

just about wiped out my back, but it was worth it. a few pics from the day - concert, downtown, yellow fever graves and newton / pye pix

0606092124.jpg0606091837.jpg0606091831.jpg0606091828.jpgPicture 002Picture 001Picture 035

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Happy Anniversary, LJ - 9 years doing entries. Hard to believe, though my posts of late have been petty scanty. I need to get back on the wagon and produce something I'll want to look back on in a few years.

IN back news, I got my second epidural today... not working so great - may be due to scar tissue issues. next one will be injected through my side rather than the back, if I get another.

After my shot to the spine (pictures to follow), we visited at the in-laws for a few - had chinese food and hung out - Adam came over and played a little guitar with Larry and Stone.

Adam fessed up to trying adderall before his finals... not sure how happy  / unhappy I am with that. Not prescribed to him. Misuse can easily become abuse.

Watched Children of Men - not bad, but not mind-blowing, either. Worth seeing on tv, but perhaps not a non-netflix rental.

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9 years ago - Scottobear's LJ is Born - just a marker, really.


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