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Ben Folds Five – One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

September ’75 I was 47 inches high
Mom said someday I would have
A bad ass mother G.I. Joe
For your little minds to blow
I still got beat up after class

Now I’m big and important
One angry dwarf
And 200 solemn faces
Are you
If you want to see me
Check your papers and your T.V.
Look who’s tellin’ who what to do
Kiss my ass good-bye

Don’t give me that bullshit
You know who I am
I’m your nightmare little man
Vic you stole my lunch money.
Made me cry.

Jane remember second grade
Said you couldn’t stand my face
Rather than kiss me you said
You’d rather die

Now I’m big and important
One angry dwarf
And 200 solemn faces
Are you
If you want to see me
Check your papers and your T.V.
Look who’s tellin’ who what to do
Kiss my ass good-bye

You’ll be sorry one day
Yes you will, yes you will
You shouldn’t push me around
Cause I will, yes I will
You will be sorry when I’m big
Yes you will be sorry

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I hate that it always turns out to be the “best of poor choices”, or lesser of evils.

I like Bernie, but doubt he will get anything done with our government. I prefer him because he doesn’t appear to be as sinister or in the pocket of people/corps I dislike as much as Hillary, or especially the repubs.

Hillary is supremely qualified to be president, but I don’t trust her to do the job or back the horses I support. .

  • I’m against the Patriot act, (She is pro),
  • I’m pro legalization of marijuana. (she’s against)
  • I’m Pro-gay rights (She flipflopped)
  • I’m Anti Keystone XL pipeline, she’s supported dirty oil
  • I’m pro equal pay for equal work (so is she – so that’s one!)
  • I’m for a single-payer healthcare system (she really is not)
  • I don’t think work should be taxed at a higher rate than investment (she’s against, again)
  • I am (and was) against the 2002 gulf war (she was pro, but has changed her tune now.)

That said, I suspect she will win the democrat nomination, and that’s better than anyone on the republican side as far as I can tell.

As for Bernie –

  • He’s not a proven leader.
  • I wonder why Vermont’s two biggest political leaders, Governor Peter Shumlin and Senator Patrick Leahy, have endorsed Hillary.
  • He’s 75. That’s an old dude.  What’s his expiration date in a job like President?

So, his disadvantages seem to rise over Hillary’s (the bullet list above were all items Bernie and I agree on.)


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Dec. 9th, 2010 10:29 pm
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Aaron Sorkin on Sarah Palin’s “reality show”.

Choice quote:
I don’t watch snuff films and you make them. You weren’t killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion, you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals. I can make the distinction between the two of us but I’ve tried and tried and for the life of me, I can’t make a distinction between what you get paid to do and what Michael Vick went to prison for doing.

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Well, it's a little over a year since Obama has taken office.

I haven't looked for a while, but I looked at the Obameter just to see where he stands. Off the 500 promises being tracked.... see below.

Promise Kept 54
Compromise 14
Promise Broken 7
Stalled 17
In the Works 149
Not yet rated 274

Two of my touchpoints, the use of torture and closing guantanamo are both listed as "in the works", more detail at the links.


far too many pictures from yesterday's walkabout - lots of fun with Larry, Chris, and BHK on a lovely autumn hike. Did a bit of geocaching, too - dropped off the meagan and paris bugs.

We also met Aaron Greene at the Cypress Swamp... he's a very talented photographer!


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BHK brought the element in for an alignment at the dealer today. Mechanical issue, it turns out. Insurance should cover it, but it has to be looked over first.

The moon was orbiting pretty close tonight, I nearly banged my head on it. My gut is still out of whack - I may have to go to the doctor tomorrow if this keeps up. Cereal and Milk for dinner - that should soothe a bit.

Pye, birdwatching this morning, as we left the house.

Self-portrait taken at midday today, with a tiny self-portrait inside the phone.
I think I look odd here - overhead lights, I guess. I've lost a little weight, but still working on it.
Note the dueling scar just between cheekbone and beard.

I have an irrational fear of post-getting a tattoo - I figure that as soon as I get one, I'll accidentally scar my body in a way as to make the design appear torn or crooked.

That said, I don't know what sort of tattoo I'd ever get.

President Obama retook the oath of office last night because of mistakes the first time around.

Also - PolitiFact has compiled about 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on our Obameter. We rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once we find action is completed, we rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.

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Back to Work -workworkwork - played catch-up for missing Monday. I was tired to begin with, and now, end of day, I'm dead tired.

Randy Rogers off to work with M.A.D.D. - good for him! I hope the rest of the crew get as good a break as he did.

I dreamt the other day that we adopted all the stray kitties in town, and BHK named the orange one with white feet "Bagel". The other cats didn't have names, but Bagel was extra naughty - knocking over anything that was knock-over-a-ble.

We loved him (her?) anyway. BHK hollered "BAYYYYYY-GULLLLLLL" every so often when he was acting up.

After work, we did the once a week night ritual of soda and scratch-offs -  no money was won, but we did locate ome tasty chips to go with dinner from subway.

BHK took the Element in to have the tires replaced, but there was trouble with aligning it - She's bringing it to the dealer tomorrow, to see what the situation is.

Watched a little Gordon Ramsay and Doctor Who, and now we're off to bed.

President Obama’s first official act was to suspend all prosecution of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

White House stops all pending Bush regulations for review

President Barack Obama's new administration ordered all federal agencies and departments on Tuesday to stop any pending regulations until they can be reviewed by incoming staff, halting last-minute Bush orders in their tracks.


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Congrats, President Obama! We listened to coverage on CNN radio while I went to the MVA - ( I have to contact the state of Florida for more record info, before I can get my D/L here.  Strike two!)

Soledad O'Brien couldn't stop talking about "White House was built with slave labor" thing... once worked, thrice is two times too much. Message received, etc.

BHK made this nifty cake for Jay and Sean's Inauguration party -

Pretty Keen - did a tick for each president prior, in red or blue for republican or democrat - tick marks are black for other (like Whigs or D-R's)

Says "Time for a Change" with clock hands, and the Obama Logo in the center.

Small gathering, but it was neat to celebrate the changing of the guard. There are going to be a lot of sleepy people in DC tomorrow after all the parties and etc.

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9557 - Monday

North Beach's High and Low today - 26° F | 14° F

Nearby Easton is 9°F, with a windchill of -7° F.. the Snakehead fish there are going to be under a layer of ice, I think.

That's about as chilly as it has gotten this season... well, that's not saying much - winter started.. what, Yesterday?
40% chance of precipitation... maybe even a white Christmas! I'll take those odds.

BHK and I have been amused by a recent episode of Mr. Meaty - it's on the Tivo until it gets lame. Jesse Lumberpond! Sissy Death!... and See also

Making fiends is cute, and I hope Amy Winfrey is swimmingly successful with it. I really liked the web cartoons - I wonder how many changes she had to accept to get it on nickelodeon?

Additionally - A PURPLE SQUIRREL ! - via BHK

Starting today, you can purchase a commemorative Barack Obama inauguration SmarTrip card. The special cards, which cost $10 and come with no value preloaded onto them (or pay $20 upfront and get $10 in value on the card) can be purchased online or at Metro sales offices. The commemorative cards featuring Obama's face are not to be confused with the special $10 one-day Inauguration paper farecards, which also feature Obama's face. Those paper cards offer unlimited rides on Metro all day on Jan. 20, and are also available online or at Metro sales offices. The commemorative SmarTrip cards work just like regular SmarTrips, and do not offer any special fare discount or unlimited rides. (via DCist)

PSA- Dealnews has a list of 90 stores that you can still order from and have it arrive it time to make it under the tree before the 25th.

Current Music:

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Let's see - what's new?

Well, Shaun W came over for supper with BHK and me - veggie/stuffed cabbage, mac & cheese, and a ton of snacks.

Played -

Monty Python Fluxx - Cute game, I like it! Shaun Won.

Early American Chrononauts - A classic - BHK won.

The a-MAZE-ing labyrinth - BHK won, yet again.

Me, I got a good dinner and some fun chitty-chat time with folks. I'm good :)

Oh yeah, and Obama swept the presidential election! Good on you, Big O! He's got a lot of work ahead of him - I hope he's up to the task!

We may make game night a semi-regular occurrence, but I can't do the past 11pm thing on a "school night". Staying up late for the election was a special circumstance, and I'm glad I did.

Additional - looks like it's time for a new power supply for D1000y ( ) . While I was dressing for work this morning, BHK called me over to have a whiff - the poor guy smells like burning christmas tree lights. I rather hope it's just the PSU - and nothing else major. Until a fix or replace, surfing from pyecam lappie, I guess!
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1104080856.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

well, my part is done for now... lets see how it unfolds.

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Adventists Against Prop 8″ is an initiative started by a group of Adventist pastors, teachers and students in California who decided, out of their commitment to the historic Adventist principle of the separation of church and state, to voice their concerns about (1) the Seventh-day Adventist Church State Councils public support of California Proposition 8, the proposition that would amend the state constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry, and (2) the imposition of a fundamentally religious definition of marriage that this Proposition represents. Hundreds of Adventists from a broad range of backgrounds have joined this cause and signed a public petition asking the Church State Council to rescind its support of the proposition.

Please share this video with friends and family members. Visit to learn more.

Hm. good for them.
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Where McCain and Obama have misled voters. A partial tally.

"A new study estimates that the AIDS virus, HIV, started to circulate in the human population between 1884 and 1924, with a more focused estimate at 1908. This is much earlier than the previously-held estimate of 1930. 'The new result is "not a monumental shift, but it means the virus was circulating under our radar even longer than we knew," says Michael Worobey of the University of Arizona, an author of the new work.' The article also speculates that HIV first began to spread in Kinshasa, Congo."

Passed away. Farewell to Lord Bowler / Dr. Butterfield. - How did I not hear about this?

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So... a nice little reprieve from Gustav for New Orleans. I hope everyone (Louisiana, Florida, and everywhere else) continues to dodge Hanna, Ike and Josephine. Note 3 years ago today, below.

The DNC homepage makes no mention of John McCain. The RNC page has a ton of attacks on Obama and Biden. That's something. Not sure what, but it's something.

BHK put me on to Disaster Dioramas - I'm partial to the Hindenburg, but I suspect that she's more into the Titanic.

Tonight we went to Ledos, and got the greasiest white pizza ever. Tummy trouble is likely to follow. we didn't bother keeping half of it. I hate wasting money and food - I suspect it'll take a lot for us to return there. Got maggie moo's as a after yuck treat - I got mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles and brownie bits - BHK got carrot cake ice cream with peanut butter sauce. It was pretty good, if odd. I've got a love-creeped out relationship with cake-batter flavored ice cream.

Added bonus was at the photography center next door - we saw an orange kitten (about 3 mos) named Charlie playing with his humans... it was very adorable, and we got to talk to the family a bit. BHK thinks it might be time to get a portrait with the lads... though I'm not sure how well-behaved Newton would be for sit-down pictures. Pye is mellow enough, but it is a strange and new environment.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday we went to Leonardtown - skipped witch rock this time, and instead visited a few nifty bookstores - including one made from an old bar. I can't remember the name but it was a nifty old-school mass of books just reaching back into the far back - also went back to White rabbit and got BHK a Raven Puppet to go with her Edgar Allan Poe, a yarn store (Crazy for Ewe ) with a hostess who was very nice and kept staring at BHK's lime-vanilla ice, a model train shop and the do-dah deli... later, we went to Aardvark to pick up Pentago - BHK beat me 5-2... a sound victory indeed.

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Went to go get shots - no serum, still. Annoying, but I was guessing that might happen.

After the doc bottomed out, BHK and I  pretty much just relaxed for the day. TV, rest, etc. Hung out a smidgen with the in-laws.

Overdone political item of the moment - I really think that it's already played out, but that the below was pretty comical. Click to enlarge if the text is tricky.

Hey - Red Dwarf is coming back for a one-hour special ? Really? I wonder how much older they'll all look?

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Solid end to the work week - I was fortunate enough to have Chris pick me up at the office door, and take me straight on home.

BHK was there and we had red lentil soup and stuffed eggplant - it was really good, but I was feeling so well... needed a good lie down tonight. The in-laws could tell I wasn't up to snuff, so they called it a night early.

Dinosaurs I particularly like, but in no particular order - stegosaurus, triceratops, plesiosaur (maybe Chessie ? (and mosasuar ), apatosaurus(or brontosaurus, as I first learned it), ankylosaurus,and utahraptor. If I had a paradox-free time machine, I'd love to visit, or at least view the Late Cretaceous.

I never think about how frickin' huge the utahraptor was, compared to a human... I always figure it to be one of the tiny dinos... and it is tiny, compared to my other interests.

Well, my thoughts on a woman able to make it to the white house by having to be Republican may be gelling.

I search for a quick look at Ms. Palin's stances, as I really didn't know much about her before today. Aside from having some abuse of power issues. It seems that she's very strongly anti-choice, pro big oil and big mining, supports the aerial hunting of wolves and bears, anti-environment, NRA positive, gay marriage unfriendly, favors teaching creationism in schools. Guess which stance I'm in agreement with, dear journal? (Hint: it's the above the dividing line, and talks about dinosaurs being gigantic. I don't agree with any of those policies she happens to have. )

I'm not really all that worried about it hitting the election's results by much one way or the other - I suspect this will help perhaps a little bit for the dems, save for a fringe group of people that absolutely, positively have to see someone in office because her genitals are different than any other veep in history. (that we know of.... I'm talking to you, Elbridge Gerry and John C. Calhoun... I've had my suspicions.)

She just asked "What exactly does a vice president do?", on CNBC. A fair enough question I guess... but...

Joe Biden: "Governor Palin, I served with Dan Quayle; Dan Quayle was a friend of mine. Governor, you're no Dan Quayle."

Neither VP lights my candle. Palin (a self-admitted creationist) nor Biden (a proponent of stronger police powers)

Well, no matter what happens this election, *something* new and unusual is going to happen. However, despite my issues with Obama - he is still the one I'll vote for, given the available candidates. If it were John McCain of the 2000 election, I'd be more shaky, but given McCain's recent right-wing pandering actions... AW *hail* NO. Defective Yeti agrees with my feeling there.

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Work is getting back to paces - looks like we'll have a few very solid weeks of care to deal with up ahead. I'll take my replacement day off at that point.

Not too many people to socialize with out here, and when they are available I'm pretty busy. After this primary project has been done, I can get back to visitors and whatnot.

BHK made tasty sausage (tofurky italian sausage for me) and veggies on whole wheat spaghetti with garlic bread. Yummitty yum yum! More tomorrow for lunch, and that's fine by me!

Middleman tonight was fun - I don't blame the aliens at all for minding our intrusion, and it was nifty seeing inside Ida's noggin.

Joe Biden's pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record

By choosing Joe Biden as their vice presidential candidate, the Democrats have selected a politician with a mixed record on technology who has spent most of his Senate career allied with the FBI and copyright holders, who ranks toward the bottom of CNET's Technology Voters' Guide, and whose anti-privacy legislation was actually responsible for the creation of PGP.

That's probably okay with Barack Obama: Biden likely got the nod because of his foreign policy knowledge. The Delaware politician is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee who voted for the war in Iraq, and is reasonably well-known nationally after his presidential campaigns in 1988 and 2008.

read more here

or just for general skeleton closet stuff - which mentions his plagiarism and less than stellar academic merits.

Sweden bans teaching of religion outside of religion classes in government-approved schools.

In what could possibly be a major blow to a scientific consensus that has held for decades, recent research suggests that the traditional conception of Neanderthals being "stupider" than Homo sapiens may in fact be misleading. As articles about the research findings state, 'early stone tool technologies developed by our species, Homo sapiens, were no more efficient than those used by Neanderthals.' The data used in the study is available on-line along with a visual description of the process used.

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Dan sent us a pile of stuff after cleaning out his guest room. A boatload of books, a few dvd's:Batman Begins, King Kong - the newest one, Quest for Fire, Razor's Edge, Life aquatic - and a copy of Valley of the Mammoths - looks to be a good game, but he couldn't play it at the school's game/SciFi club due to some of the caroon cavemen having visible genitalia. (He offered to draw clothes on them with a sharpie, but the students prefer Catan and Aquarius anyway.

His loss is our gain!

To me, tabletop games are a form of entertainment; I play to play, not play to win. I prefer light games that are amusing in and of themselves, games that are pleasing to play and offer something besides the chance to earn victory. Sometimes I'm in the mood to sit back and watch math at work, sometimes I just want to push pawns around and chuck some dice, and sometimes I want to claw my way to the top of the heap. Abstracts, beer-and-pretzels, RPG, wargames... I'm not picky, so long as it's a fun ride.

I just found out that x1650 is the bare minimum of game cards for the next generation of goodies coming out this year. I gout rid of the x1600 just in the nick of time, it seems! I don't want anything to make it hard to run spore or fallout 3. (Or ghostbusters, when it someday comes out. )

Random Scotto factoid - I can chug soda or beer at an alarming rate. That is part of why I don't drink beer with any regularity.. it takes more than one to even begin to quench my thirst.

I sorta-kinda want to live in a styrofoam dome home. (at least as a little place or cabin out in the wilderness somewhere as a second home.)

Singer Isaac Hayes has died at age 65. He will be laid in his grave as soon as they find someone who can dig it. *badoom-ching*

John McCain: Enthusiastic supporter of spam.

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scotto and chae, he-man styleOh My Goff! -Emmy award winner Angie Goff profiled me, the kitties and Alan & JC's pup Chae on her blog entry today ! (Picture here from the entry... eek and awesome. BHK is going to tease me mercilessly - She'd better watch it, or she'll get She-Ra'ed.) The WUSA9 team all have blogs it seems, and the bulk of them are very entertaining!

Called Dr. Wolfe - cracked my back tooth, the one with the composite filling. I'm taking antibiotics starting tonight, and I'll be seeing him in a week for a fix-up. It only hurt a wee bit yesterday, but has progressed to headache level annoyance now. I wonder if the tooth will come out of my noggin before thursday... it feels a bit loose.

noot2pyecam. squinkypyecam. squikypyecam2. squinkynootpyecam.
recent Pyecam captures of Newton in the "treehouse" - as always, click to embiggen them!

We need to get pye in the light like that, so he doesn't look like the phantom blot !

A very interesting graph of the estimated ideological positions of US voters, senators, and representatives shows that members of Congress are much more liberal and conservative than are US voters, who fall somewhere in the middle. (via 3qd)

Maryland Renaissance Fest is coming up. I figure we'll go again, probably for one weekend, this time to just people watch, if nothing else. Scottish Weekend might be fun.

Got a postcard from the bro. He sounds better when he's sobered up. I'll be writing him sometime between tomorrow night and this weekend. It breaks my heart every time I think of him... I thought I was mostly over it, but I'm really still fairly tender about it at times. If luck enters the picture, maybe he'll get some good, solid treatment, but I won't get my hopes up.

His arraignment was supposed to have been on Monday - I wonder how long before public records will give me follow-up info? He's got a calendar call on 9/2/08 - I guess I'll know more then.

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet

"I tried to warn them, but the Elders of this planet would not listen," said Gore, who in 2000 was nearly banished to a featureless realm of nonexistence for promoting his unpopular message. "They called me foolish and laughed at my predictions. Yet even now, the Midwest is flooded, the ice caps are melting, and the cities are rocked with tremors, just as I foretold. Fools! Why didn't they heed me before it was too late?"

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So, midweek again, is it, dear journal?

Not much to talk about, save for a tasty thai-style currey cabbage soup courtesy of BHK. Very, very tasty!

Wha? Belgium's government collapsed yesterday, and I didn't hear anything about it? I don't know why it strikes me as so bizarre - you hear about Russian and African nations going under all the time. Belgium seemed so.. I don't know... stable? I wonder how long before the Hercule Perot jokes start rolling by... or more likely, How Budwiser beer becoming Belgian took down the whole country.

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — Belgium's government collapsed Tuesday, unable to resolve an enduring divide over more self-rule for the country's Dutch and French-speakers. The gap was so wide the premier suggested the end of Belgium as a country was looming.

King Albert II immediately began political discussions with lawmakers to try to resolve the situation, talks expected to take several days. He did not formally accept the resignation of government offered by Premier Yves Leterme late Monday, so Leterme's government stays on in a caretaker capacity for now.

In an unusual declaration, the premier said Belgium's constitutional crisis stems from the fact that "consensus politics" across Belgium's widening linguistic divide no longer works.

io9 nicely sums up why I like middleman.

Another one of those quiz / memes those kids are all doing these days.

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Another week draws to a close. I forgot to mention yesterday that we went to the Octagon on the way home from work to pick up an egg roll for bhk (and spring rolls for non-pork me) - I don't know why folks are so leery of the place - it's as clean as anywhere else - much better than mall chinese food.

I do like that it's a "Fried Chicken / Chinese Food / Liquor Store". (note to self- add it to yelp)

Sometimes I catch myself, looking at some folks I've tripped over on the internet, and want to tell 'em to stop being creeps. But for them, that's why there is an internet... because if they acted like that in the flesh, they'd be in an ICU somewhere, or worse.

Creative editing is a fine thing. Beeping out the word count makes for a very different seeming song. Sesame Street's The Count sings about how he loves to BLEEP

Bush leaving a G8 meeting:
"Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter."

He then punched the air while grinning widely.

I'm admiring the development of the HL2 mod - Decadence, The settings at the moment look especially nice. I'm not sure how keen I am on a strict 2v2 player environment, but that could change too.. the tactics seem sound.

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