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Hop to it. you’ll Thank me.

Danger 5

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In episode 1, when Steven is letting the monster chase him through the
halls of the elementary school, he pulls down the bookshelves that line
the hall to impede the monster's pursuit of him.

This is very unrealistic. Those bookshelves must be secured to the
wall. That is an OSHA requirement in the United States! Even in
England I'm sure there is the equivalent-to-OSHA requirement to secure
tall book selves to the wall for safety. Unsecured tall bookshelves
could fall on a child.

I just want to go on record as saying that it is too unrealistic for
Steven to be able to easily topple the tall hallway bookshelves in the
elementary school.


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Dr. D passed away last week. You'll be fondly remembered. Thanks for introducing me to Umberto Eco, and not talking to me like a kid.

Tonight when I get home, we should be at the final clip for hanging up ornaments. The in-laws went to visit BHK's grandparents pre-Christmas last weekend, so we deemed it better for them to rest up.

Tonight's a lunar eclipse - I won't be staying up to see it, but should be a nifty show!

Let's summarize the weekend a bit.

To play catch up with pictures posted earlier - Went with Amy & Wanda  to Tuba Christmas @ Our Lady Star of the Sea church in St. Mary's  and then had supper at Laughing Buddha - a lot of fun, and more interactive than I'd have thought.  Sunday was otherwise pretty exhausting for both BHK and me.

Saturday - we spotted a snowman by post office, and put some sideways disco balls out on the ground around our house to emulate snowfall. About all we did was listen to holiday music, and then I played a lot of Sam & Max

Friday - Rested at the house... didn't do much of anything, really.

Finally, The Good Guys was canceled. Boo. I loved that show.

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whenever I see a titleist cap. somehow it reades as either elitist or athiest.

ah. the hipster stop. where do they all work or slack near chinatown station?

forgot to eat my apple and mandarin oranges with lunch today... the pea soup and quiche were excellent

stayed up until about midnight last night, fixing my computer - bhk is transferring files she wants to keep onto dvd today, just in case of failure.

this week has been fairly stressful, but not too terrible. lots of little things that don`t matter single become a big tangle when viewed as a whole.

far too crowded on the train once we hit the navy yard or l`enfant... single-tracking makes it moreso. nobody wants to wait 3 minutes for the next train.

in answer to the big bang theory`s query, aquaman probably poops like a fish, just letting it drop wherever for tiny fish to eat/remove.

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18 hours of snow - amazing... an now it looks like more 6-12 inches on Tuesday! 

<tr valign="top"><td>

downsized_0208000922b.jpg  0208000922.jpg  0208000922a.jpg

</td></tr>Icicles and Pye wants to play in the snow some more.

Nice Doctor Blasphemy reference in the riddler opening of Brave & the bold. "a bat divided" - Firestorm and a Triplicate Batman made for a fun twist, too.

Ugh - no wonder my journal page at isn't working -

Styles & Customization

I hope they fix it soon - I really don't want to embed iframes.

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Nutshelling today -

got my shots, bhk got a good set of samples for meds - cover a month or two, and we got to see Britney after a looong time..

snow prep - no milk eggs or bread at any grocer... but they are at 7-lebbin!

Picked up Dry Cleaning, before the snow comes!

Watched the 2007 BBC series pilot of Jekyll - if the rest is as good as the first episode, I'll be really sad when it ends.

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slept almost all day, except for playing lego battles on the ds and watching it crowd / sanctuary

Pye likes to snooze in my lap, too. Forgive the poor quality, dear journal - it was dark, and I didn't want to wake him.

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Brunch with BHK, In-laws, Adam, Dave Nelson, and Rorey – Adam made a heart-shaped biscuit for anna, who was absent (Adam is going to VA this afternoon to settle some court issues there)


No Snow today, but the bay is still nicely iced!


Visited Nailles a bit, chitty-chatted for a while

Big Kahuna when we got home – nearly to the end by now – our zoo animals haven’t given birth yet.

New fondness for the IT crowd TV show – nice mindless foolishness, with some of the boosh gang hanging about, too.

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Growing my beard out again.... time for the "hunt for red october" look to keep my face protected from the elements that are coming. Oddly, Kathleen took today to do a mr potato head of my current beardo icon... serendipity?

Adam came over to visit last night. and we played a bit of dokopon before he was off to his church group meeting. No sign of andrew... he was going to come over for dinner, but double booked.

BHK and I continued playing a bit after Adam left and got some Papa John's pizza, because it was too windy, cold and rainy to go out to the grocery store or the chinese place.

Today was mostly spent looking for work, watching tv, and shooting skags in borderlands. I did take a brief launch outside with neighbor Chris to swap his car for a loaner while the window got fixed.... BHK made some amazing ravioli and pink sauce for supper... full after one bowl, with plenty for tomorrow's lunch and then some.

We finished watching Journeyman - it left on a high note, and I supect that it was cancelled just in time... our dvr is slowly draining of saved shows from 2007.

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Making a change in the house - switching off cable television. (well, actually, DirecTV)

We decided a while back that we watch way too much tv... then, when the dvr broke, and DirecTV gave us shoddy customer service, that clinched it. They promised us a new box and instead they wanted to charge us more for a refurbished model than give us our replacement for free, like they said that they would.

Looking at the shows that either BHK or I record, we figured it was a good thing to just cancel our service, and get what we want via netflix or online.

Here's what we had on the save list to follow and/or catch up on. It may be a bit obvious which I lean towards, and which are BHK's.

Hint, BHK's are in italics, mine are in bold. Both... are both.

Burn Notice
Being Erica
Parks and Rec
Modern Family

White Collar
The Office
Gossip Girl

America's Next Top Model

Dr. Who
South Park
Craig Ferguson
Vampire Diaries
Ugly Betty

Big Bang Theory
Ace of Cakes
The Soup
So you think you can dance
Venture Brothers
Dragon's Den
The Mentalist

Tru Calling

Royal Pains
Drop Dead Diva
Defying Gravity
Being Human
Hell's Kitchen
Better off ted
Warehouse 13
Last Restaurant Standing

10 things I hate about you
Wolf Lake
Nighty Night

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note to self, add today's to story list - (each dot is a prior year's).....

9746 - weds

Jun. 3rd, 2009 10:42 pm
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Not sure If I've mentioned this yet - but even if the new Land of the Lost movie totally stinks (which I doubt), I'm betting I'll get a cool sleestak toy out of it being produced.

Pretty straightforward day - Back was hassling me qite a bit, but we managed to get groceries and hit the post office -

dinner of spaghetti and veggie meatballs... and asparagus / garden broccoli in rice wine vinegar and garlic. fantastic! Good feed for whiel we watched "so you think you can dance"

got tagged by eryx - anyone who wants to, consider yourself tagged.

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9720 - sun

May. 17th, 2009 11:01 pm
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As always, Happy Birthday, Oneeyedcat! We Love you and yours!

We slept in this morning, after the late night out... Chris and Larry stopped by to check out the garden, and bring us some biscuits and bacon... (I focused on the former, BHK, the latter, of course.)

While folding laundry, We watched the first episode of Primeval: Season 3 . Looks like it's off to a good start.

Later, Chris and Larry came back over, and we grilled, as is our thing lately... meat burgers for the in-laws, veggie-burgs for BHK and me. Baked beans, cole slaw, some of the most awesome corn on the cob of the season, and tasty mac & cheese. It's hard to diet with this much good food nearby.

BHK made key lime pie for dessert, and we watched the end of The Last Templar - it started strong, but petered out - I can't recommend it. I do recommend BHK's key lime pie, though.


I spent a little time working on the computer - we're having connectivity issues- it seems like comcast has trouble after rainstorms, especially.

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Ate breakfast on the deck with BHK, and slowly got moving today.

While she and Chris worked on the flower bed out front, I commenced to taking care of long overdue paperwork.

After the sun went down, Larry came over and we all had pizza and watched My Fake Fiance a made for tv chick flick. cute - MJ Hart looked pretty preggo in it, and Joey (erm Joseph) Lawrence didn't say "Woah" once.


Pyewacket says hello from pop-art land. Best clicked on to be viewed larger - thanks to Cyn for being the photographer of the source pic at our Halloween / Wedding party!

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Happy Cuatro De Mayo! BHK brought home a few fun things from the thrift store - Aztec statuary for the lawn - a temple, an Idol, and a terra-cotta dancer!

BHK drove me in to work today - made the transition the first day back a lot simpler. We scanned for Franklin, but it was raining. He isn't as silly as the puff from yesterday - knows when to get out of the rain (unlike Pyewacket, who likes to stick his head under any faucet he can. Hurricane baby.


Some days, I feel a bit like Lennie from Of Mice and Men... I feel that I have to be extra gentle, just so I don't demolish everything in my path. I don't want to break any necks, either figuratively or otherwise.

I'm getting better about it, though. Today was exhausting, but I'm glad I'm back at my gig.

Big Bang was cute tonight - lots of nods to nerds, and dinner was a broad assortment of nibs and nabs... veggie spare ribs, taquitos, rice, jalepeno poppers, and edamame! very tasty, and I'm going to pop in a moment.

Sweet dreams, dear journal.

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Well, back is still being tricky, but I was ok enough to go gently back to the office!

Back is sore, and poor BHK has contact allergy / dermatitis - We're both just sort of shambling around for the moment, and trying to keep our heads together.

Fortunately, we're both in pretty good moods, despite my nagging her not to scratch.

We were blessed by not having to make dinner tonight - Chris and Larry came back from the camping / Environmental trip with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and they picked up Chinese food and a 10-layer cake for us to gobble up while they regaled us with tales of no electricity, mud and guides with Elvis sideburns.

We cooled our heels, and watched a little NCIS (and In-law staple that I don't mind at all) and then a really good Annie Oakley documentary on PBS. I have a new found respect for the lady.

Here, dear journal -  have a Pyewacket pic and a newton movie! Pye looking outside from my comfy zone on the couch, and Newton running around while BHK and I relax from the same area.


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Yikes, it's the Ides of March! Sorry, Ceasar! Reminds me that it's Dave's Birthday yesterday.. I wonder how old he is now?

Sleepy day today - no walkies,too rainy. did some chores and took a midday nap upstairs. Lunch was pretzels and TV - last of alien in america - I'm kind of glad to see it go out on top, rather than fizzling.

We meandered downstairs, did some more chores, and then watched the pilot for  Castle (has potential, but suffered from "pilot-itis) and caught up with Ugly Betty and House.

Note - Dutch from the Shield Showing up all over the place - Burn notice, CSI and House, most recently - And this guy who was on House, CSI, and Psych all in the same week. (The in-laws do the CSI thing) - They must have good managers!

Supper was what we meant to have yesterday - spaghetti and meatballs - pasta was good, but the sauce was just ok - not worth $6... can get better or at least similar for less than half that at safeway.

We didn't leave the house all day... rather a blessing.

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9648 - sat

Mar. 14th, 2009 11:59 pm
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Happy PI day! To celebrate, we went out for pancakes at the Main Ingredient with Duncan, J, and Sean. A nice time, and we piddled around the stationary store next door to digest afterward. (Picked up a set of cute barrettes for BHK!)

For the record, Pyewacket could care less if it was PI day, Pie day or Pye-day.

Midday, we headed home, swung by the candy store and got our mail, a brief stop at Coffee, Tea & Whimsy for a wine-tasting (well, I was there for the snacks), picked up some crabby crackers, a loaf of italian brad and some pasta sauce, spent $10 to support breast cancer awareness (BHK got a homemade pin, I got a sleeve of sugar cookies)

and watched Mr. Meaty. BHK said that it's like that show is in my head... episodes today were about Zombies and a Planet of the Apes sort of parody.. the show just hits things right on the nose. Thanks, Canada!

This evening, we had a minimalist supper (nibbles above), and watched the 2008 Bangkok Dangerous - I was a little disappointed, and BHK was more so.

BHK enjoyed the Sex in the City movie in part tow of our "flush out our old netflix" film fest more, and I thought it was a passable chick flick based on a girl's TV show, but not much more than that.

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Got home from work, and had more homework to do before bed - I think I'm pretty prepared for tomorrow's meeting, though.

Not much to say, save that I'm sleepy, and tonight's Big Bang Theory was pretty weak. They're on a train and Summer whoozit from Terminator / Firefly is there. Bleh. Best thing about the episode was the end title card.

From BHK -

"Funny story about this morning. I made a bagel and went upstairs to sit on the bed and eat it and watch the news. I kept hearing this rumble. I couldn't figure out what it was---maybe my stomach or something 6am??? On the bed was my jacket which I'd taken off after curling up in yesterday when I wasn't feeling well and I was cold----the sound seemed to be coming from there---I touched the coat and felt a lump---trying to figure out if it was Newt I picked it up and----he had WRAPPED himself like a burrito A BURRITO in my coat and he was purring like CRAZY!!! He's so silly!!!!"

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We woke very slowly today- it was a pretty exhausting day yesterday, and this morning.

Grabbed a bagel and a bowl of cereal and took a nice walk up to the bay - it was 80 degrees at our house, but the wind off of the bay (once we made it down there) made it feel about 65. Thank goodness for cold water! BHK prefers the warm, I'm sure... but I was certainly refreshed by the bay breeze.

Finished the season finale of Burn Notice - There were some odd elements for the charater, but I suspect next season will be good too. To put it in spoiler sand hero terms - I sort of figured he had a code vs killing, and his hunteds got bought up or down, depending on how you look at it. My favorite line of the show was his mom's - "How are they going to find me in Miami? A 60-year-old bleach blond? That doesn't exactly narrow it down"

After that, I caught the end of  Willie Dynamite- pleasantly awful. I had it on in the background while I worked on the computer.




















My Flickr upload program was slow, so here are more mardi gras pics from yesterday - rolled over at midnight, so these are labeled 3/8/09.

Also of note are a couple more Newton pictures, and I like the shot of Chris with her hands in the air. I may make the "scotto-hand-mask" picture an icon... not sure.


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SNOW DAY! Working from home - snow is still pretty fine... swirly dust that gets picked up by the slightest breeze. Lots of deadly-looking icicles on roof-edges, too. I imagine sand behaving in a similar manner during a desert storm.

Working inside while there's so much wintry wonderland is tough... but it's easier because the ol' back is sore - I'm more than a little fearful of falling down and not being able to get back up on the unsteady footing outside. That said, I still managed to take a little midday break and see the white stuff before it decides to all melt away tomorrow. (or not? Tomorrow is sunny, but only supposed to be about 25 all day?)

Tonight, we relaxed and picked up some more leftover tube while I worked on some projects with the tiny laptop.

Poor Middleman- on Dollhouse? That's sad.... I miss Middleman and don't much dig Dollhouse's Mind-rape vibe so far - But then, I'm not a huge Whedon-fan, either. It's fine to have going in the background while I work on code or other elements.

More Pictures, bonus video of Newton being sleepily petted near the bottom.

S6302943 S6302941.S6302940.S6302939.

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