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there will be a link – here


*-phone/tablet, ^-ps4, %-pc

  1. Tiny Tower (Also Tiny Tower Vegas, Tiny Death Star, Disco Zoo, Nimble Quest, Pocket Trains  and everything else by NimbleBit, it seems) *
  2. Fallout 4 ^
  3. Pokemon Go! *
  4. Adventure Capitalist*
  5. Hearthstone *%
  6. Minecraft *%^
  7. Plague Inc *^
  8. Pixel Dungeon *
  9. Words with Friends *
  10. Prison Architect ^
  11. The Fall ^
  12. Furi ^
  13.  Crossy road (Disney Crossy Road) *
  14. Pac-man 256 *^
  15. Peggle (Peggle 2, Peggle Blast)*^%
  16. Ingress *
  17. Fallout Shelter *
  18. Pixel Dungeon *
  19. Triple Town *
  20. Star Trek Timelines *

Planned for the days ahead –

  1. No Man’s Sky ^
  2. GTA V / online ^
  3. Wasteland 2 ^%
  4. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate
  5. Pure Chess
  6. Lego Dimensions
  7. CounterSpy
  8. Ticket to Ride *%
  9. SmallWorld2 *%
  10. AudioSurf
  11. Batman: Arkham Asylum ^%
  12. FarCry Primal / FarCry 4
  13. Ironclad Tactics
  14. Hearts of Iron IV
  15. Psychonauts
  16.  Xcom 2
  17.  Red Dead Redemption (on the ps3)
  18. The Bioshock Series
  19. Carmageddon
  20. Skyrim

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#nomanssky ! Many thanks to contacts I’ve made in the gaming community. 🙂 If I get another, I’ll surely pass it along.

I can’t wait to play it in August! I suspect it’ll get a lot of play during the extra-life marathon, later this year.

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Nerd block usually gets things right, but this was terrible.

A lackluster t-shirt,2 pencils, a little note pad, a deck of cards, some character coins, MTG action figure, geek and sundry bumper sticker, dungeons and dragons comic book  and  a novelty die  (all ones d6 in a blister pack).

Lots of filler, not a lot of “meat”. I’d say the only thing that will get much use is the notepad, because I use those things like potato chips.

I have really no idea what the character coins are used for.

No way in hell is that worth $50+shipping.

Won’t be buying anything with the G&S brand again anytime soon, and I am sorely disappointed in nerd block for this sub-par offering.

Did *anyone* like this block?

So disappointed, I’m considering filing with BBB. Nerd Block is a bit notorious when it comes to customer service.

Edit: Followup – 

 I was given the invoice for the “wholesale” prices of my items.

  • T-shirt $11.50
  •  Vinyl Toy – $4.00
  • Bumper Sticker – $2.00
  • Toy Tokens – $6.50
  • Toy Dice – $4.00
  • Notepad – $3.48
  • Comic Book – $4.50
  • Pencils – $4.05
  • Playing cards – $3.46

According to NB that MTG figure, costs the same as two, very standard/simple, pencils. Wholesale. These are supposed to be wholesale prices!

In what world do two pencils cost that much?  Or a novelty die that has all ones?


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Fallout 4 now allows you to have gorillas patrolling your compound as security. I want to dress them in all my leftover suits…. I’d really love for Harvey Ape to show up in one of my settlements as the Mod Gorilla Boss.


See Also –

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I found out today that fellow Extra-Lifers Maria and Jason West are expecting a child… due on Extra-Life 2015 (November 7).  Two really great people – I’m very happy for them. I wonder if I’ll get a chance to meet the third West come the next Extra Life United?

Speaking of which, I really like this logo – covers all the gaming aspects, from dice, paper, pencil and video-type.



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Commute Discussion:

  • Pippi Longstocking - Why isn’t she held up as an awesome geek girl role model? pirate gold, super-strength, common sense, not hyper-sexualised vigilante-ish hero.  (maybe with a bit of aspberger?)
  • Leprechauns (no female Leprechauns?)
  • Darby O’Gill & the Little People
  • The Sand Fairy (apparently it has great actors but is blah)

Kind compliment received of the day – “You think quickly on your feet – and you always have something witty to say.”

Don’t Forget, I’m doing Extra Life again this year, Dear Journal! I’ve tested the PS4 on twitch, and for some reason, even with the google DNS settings, I can’t seem to get it to stream there. Maybe when the 2.50 update rolls out. If not, I do have an Extra-Life USTREAM channel set up… I’ll test that out this week.  Meanwhile, I’ll be periodically testing my streams here and there, so feel free to add my Twitch Channel, if you like!

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24 hours of gaming going to help sick kids.

Please help, if you are able.

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Feb. 23rd, 2015 06:13 pm
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Snuggles were the high point of the weekend for me. Got to love curling up and being comfy lovey with my family.  Quality time with them is the way things should be.

A little hyper-sensitive and emotional this weekend. – Mr. Morton made me cry.

Frozen Pipes – thankfully it was caught in time, and judicious use of hair dryer, light bulbs and hand-wringing prevented a burst. We have water again, and not in icy sheets across the floor.

Played a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition multi-player – used mic for first time with nice people. Made a few new party members to play with in future. Older dudes, like myself, rather than the kidlets I’m used to hearing on the air. Maybe this party chat thing has something to it after all!

Went to the DC / Baltimore Extra Life guild meetup. Pretty much just DC, primarily due to weather and driving conditions. It was nice to see Aladdin and Chelsea ( not to mention Denyse and Alyse! ) I got to introduce Allison to some folks, too.

Several  Xfinity wifi hotspots did not allow me to log in from silver spring yesterday at 2pm, and again last night at 7pm in North Beach, and again in DC this morning at 6am. When I first logged in, I got a bit worried about being the subject of a man in the middle attack, (don’t do it, kids) so I promptly changed my password via cell phone.

I contacted them and dealt with a dolt who was unable to do the most basic outside of the script thinking. even though I told her that I could connect, fill out a login and got a response saying that I did not have permission to connect, she wanted to tell me it was due to low signal strength or my mistyping my account and password.

After dealing with her for about a half hour, I was ultimately transferred to the WiFi support department, and phone connection was lost – I suspect my initial contact could not dial the phone. My second contact routed me almost immediately, and understood quite well the department I should visit -Comcast WiFi / hotspot support is 1-855-308-9453, by the way – she gave me the number before transferring me, just in case of another dropped call. Maryann, the codename for my third tech contact, mentioned that Xfinity WiFi hotspots are currently not working *ANYWHERE* for Comcast customers, returning the same error for any user and password – and to try connect in 6-8 hours from when I place the call (during my lunch hour, so sometime about 8pm when I get home – thankfully there is an access point next to the house… more fortunately, my personal internet and router are working fine. )

I’ll be interested to see if this is even an issue, and not a blow off item. I haven’t seen anything mentioning an outage on Comcast’s sites, or from an admittedly cursory Google search. Best I could find was -

If you still cannot get online and your Comcast Email or username and password are correct, it is possible that we are having a service issue. Please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-800-XFINITY and select the High Speed Internet service option.

Thanks for nothing, sport. On my poor customer service dual thumbs down to both Verizon and Comcast, at least in the Delmarva and South Florida regions where I have experience.


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Created by Steve Mathis, this video highlights the first ever Extra Life United event held in November 2014 at Disney’s Coronado Springs. Gamers from all over the United States and Canada came together for three days to support sick and injured kids in a first-of-its kind tournament and experience. Rather than competing for personal prizes, the gamers instead competed to bring home life-saving funds to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. All of this, while connecting with the kids we serve.



you can see my goofy mug at :58 to 1:00 or so, with the wonderful Wests

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Installing and running this game on Windows 7/8 requires some work arounds, as the installer and game was not designed for these new OS’s. The game also needs some INI tweaks if you have a dual or multi-core processor even if you have XP. The tweaks are simple, and can be summed up as followed:

1. Change the install path (not required for XP)
2. Install the updated Games for Windows Live client (just for initial validation)
3. Make some simple ini changes
4. Avoid mods until you know the game works after leaving Vault 101.

Of course now, here is the wordy explanation so that you understand why these are needed.

Install Path and UAC

If you have Windows XP, then ignore the install path considerations, just let things happen where you normally put your games.

This game is best not installed in Program Files or Program Files (x86) under Windows 7/8 unless you disable Windows security. It’s a UAC thing. It is much better that you create a directory called C:\Games, or similar, that is not controlled by the UAC. And then create folders in there to install all your older games to that. This will eliminate UAC issues on older games, and let you keep your system secure. You can disable the UAC and other stuff if you want, but that is not recommended.

So, for this game, install to C:\Games\Fallout 3 (or similar) with the disk. If you have Steam, then you can add this directory to your Steam Library. You add the folder in Settings, Downloads, Steam Library Folder and then add folder. Note, you may need to restart Steam, and make sure you are not updating anything else in Steam when doing this.


However, I even have Steam installed C:\Games\Steam. This way, any older games that I get from Steam I can run and not have UAC get all upset. If you already have Steam installed in a similar non UAC directory, then you can let Steam install Fallout 3 where it wants if you are getting the game from Steam.

If you choose to, here is how you would move Steam to a folder not controlled by the UAC. It’s pretty easy.

Moving Steam

Games For Windows Live

The game looks for Games For Windows Live at initial launch, it is not required to play the game once it has initialized. The Games for Windows Live that ships with FO3 is outdated and no longer works.  Get the latest Games for Windows Marketplace Client from the link below and install it (if you bought the game from Steam, that version still requires it).  That should fix you right up.

GFWL Client

Note, you do not have to create a GFWL account, or even log in. The install scripts just want to see this installed. Once it is initialized GFWL does not ever have to run. I don’t think GFWL even runs during first boot of the game, but it may set itself to launch with Windows. So you might want to stop that in MSCONFIG Start Up.

INI File Changes

After installing, launch the game through Steam or the Game Loader until you get to the Launcher window where you can choose your Video Options and Data Files. Choose your options, you can change them later, your just giving the game a reason to create the ini files. After making these and other changes you might want, exit out of the launcher without launching the game. Now you should have some ini and Prefs files to work with. If not, then try to launch the game, and exit out as soon as you have a choice to, and then you will have the files for sure:

The next item is required to make the game run:

Open up the fallout.ini file in: My Documents\My Games\Fallout3

Find the line:


change it to:


Add another line after the one you just changed and insert:


The first line allows the game to use multiple cores, and the second line you add limits the game to 2 cores and prevents the engine bug from causing the game to freeze.

Note, sometimes the game will overwrite the derived ini files in My Games. Like after you validate the local cache. To make sure these changes are always in the game, you must also enter them in the root (where you installed it) directory Fallout_Default ini file. If you change the defaults before you launch the game, you can just launch the game the first time around as the derived files will already have the changes. Neat.

Important Note: If you hose the default ini, you will have to reinstall (re-validate?) the game. So, make a back up copy of the file first, just in case.

The following are optional tweaks and may or may not be needed depending on your system, mouse and keyboard:

For Keyboard/Mouse users, if you have massive stutter when you move around. Open the Fallout Prefs files, located in my Documents/My Games/Fallout 3, addthe following line to the [Controls] section and make it look like this:


If your having mouse weirdness, then you can make these changes to tame the mouse acceleration. My Documents\My Games\Fallout3, in the INI file, make sure your Controls section looks like this the INI files.

You have to add the mouse stuff, the Always Run line is created by the game, leave it alone. (OK, the Always Run is a personal choice…… :smile:

bAlwaysRunByDefault=1 (this is set by the game options, leave it alone)
bBackground Mouse=0
bBackground Keyboard=1

You might want to carefully add these changes to the default ini also.

Mods, don’t jump into them just yet.

Do not add any mods to the game until you have exited Vault 101 and been in the wasteland for an hour or two real time, at least until you have made it into Springdale. Not all the shaders and graphics are loaded until you exit the Tutorial and that will give you a couple of cell loads to verify game operation. Once you know the game is going to run stably, then you can add mods. Note, this initial unmodded character is perfect for testing mod mixes and new mods with. You will not mess up your main characters, and you will know if the mod mix is the problem or the mod mix with your save is the problem. Just never save over these first character slots, archive them if you have to. You can use the console to buff up the stats for higher level mods.

Mod Install

This is not the post to discuss how to install mods. Just keep in mind you are not adding content, you are adding or changing game code with mods. Mods need care and thought to be installed so they work together with the game. If your familiar with modding Oblivion, Skyrim, New Vegas, then the techniques are similar. The tools are even almost the same.

If you are not familiar with the basic use of FOMM or Wrye Bash for FO3 or BOSS, then please learn about those and good mod install practices before you install any mods. Start with this thread:

Fallout 3 Mod FAQ


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Extra life United – This was a triumph! I’m making a note here: Huge Success. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. #ftk #extralifeunited

I met a huge hive of wonderfully swell folks, and hope to see them again as soon as time allows. I’d really like to bring Allison with me next time. There were a few married couples there that showed it could be done handily.


It really pleases me that the folks were a nice cross section of the gaming community. Young adults, elders, all genders and races represented and behaving well together. The stereotypical 13 year old spewing epithets and slurs was nowhere to be found. No worries or talk about gamergate or the like… just people working together to help sick kids and to have a great time. 

Arrived home safe and sound to my much missed Mrs. and the lads. There is something delightful about returning home and seeing Allison by the stained glass crab where we first met, years ago.

Tomorrow is the first day of my new contract with DOT / FHWA. The folks there seem quite pleased to have me signing on with them for a bit and I love the location. More or less to follow as I work there.

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It's that time of year again!

I'm on a mission to save kids and I need your help. My local Children's Miracle Network Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few.

In about a month, I'll be participating in this huge worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's! It's my sincere hope that you'll find it in your heart to support my efforts with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to my hospital.

Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.
I need your help to reach my goal for the kids. Please make a safe, easy donation online today. Click the "Support This Participant" button on this page to get started. Thank you so much for supporting my efforts!

Scott von Berg

A fundraising page for Scott von Berg

from Scott von Berg @ Google+

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Sick all day Wednesday. I couldn't even focus enough to play fallout 3 for very long.

Ate a cinnamon muffin and a cheese sandwich - neither stuck with me for very long. Took my anti-nausea meds and zonked out.

Allison came home late, and brought me a banana pudding milkshake to settle my stomach.

Neighbors called an let Allison know about the little critter - I was so out of it, I didn't hear them or Larry come by to check on the little guy under the house. Larry checked, didn't see anything, and closed the opening where the grey and white guy snuck under our house... apparently, it wasn't good enough, as we were awakened later that evening. At first, Allison thought it was the roof collapsing, and I though tthe house was settling, but it was just the cat trying to get out via a grated entry under the house. I went outside with a flashlight and screwdriver to let him out. All seems well now.

I'm still feeling rough, but work needs doing, so to work I went.

That might've been a mistake. I got really ill at work, and I don't think I'll head in tomorrow before visiting the doctor in the afternoon.


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Now playing: Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

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Get your Portable ID!

PS3 Trophies

2667-2084-2657-3823 on the Wii
xbox live gamertag – scottobear

steam – scottobear

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10-Die Poker

By James Ernest and Joshua Howard

Players: 4-7

Equipment: 10 six-sided dice for each player in two colors (These rules assume Red and White), and some Poker Chips. To play $1.00 ante, as described below, players should start with at least $40.

To Begin: Each player antes $1.00.

Rolling your Hand: Each player rolls his starting hand as follows: Your dice are always locked in pairs, one red and one white, so you can't just roll all your dice at once. Instead, you roll five pairs of dice, one pair at a time.

Arrange your dice so that there is a clear Red and White hand. It is helpful to put the better hand on top, so you can more easily compare hands with the other players.

The Value of Hands: The Hands in 10-Die Poker are the same as those in Poker, except that there is no Flush. The rank of Hands, from lowest to highest, is: High Die, Pair, 2 Pair, 3 of a Kind, Straight, Full House, 4 of a Kind, 5 of a Kind.

The value of your whole hand is always equal to the better of your two sets of dice. For example, if your Red hand is a pair, but your White hand is a straight, you have a straight. If two players have identical high hands, they compare low hands. If both hands match, which is very rare, those players are tied.

Challenges: The best hand is the "leader." The worst hand now becomes active, and may elect to either fold, or challenge the leader.

If you fold, you are out of this round, just like in Poker. If you challenge, it costs you an amount equal to half the pot, rounding up. So for example, if there is $5 in the pot, it costs $3 to challenge. This brings the Pot to $8, making the next challenge cost $4.

If you challenge, you may re-roll some or all of your pairs of dice. You must pick up all these pairs before you roll any of them; you can't decide piece by piece. And you must roll both dice in each pair, not just one or the other.

If your new hand beats the leader, you become the new leader. If not, you have lost and you drop out.

Winning: This process continues, with the low hand always challenging the high hand, until everyone either fails a challenge or folds. Then the survivor takes the Pot.

Tied Hands: If two players are tied for high, they split the pot. If two players are tied for low, they must choose randomly which one of them will challenge (or fold) first.

Ending the Game: Like Poker, this game is continuous and cyclical. Any player may enter or leave the game after any round. If you finish with more money than you started with, you're winning.

Strategy: A Straight probably isn't going to win the game, and it's a very tough hand to improve. When deciding whether to challenge, be aware of the dice in both hands. If you have a decent hand on both halves of the pairs you are keeping, your chances of beating the leader are pretty good. Otherwise, think twice. Also, be sure to note the chances of the leader coming back to beat you, even if you do win the challenge.

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Mental note - small, boxed 2-player games to look for at the dollar store - We already got Balloon Cup (which is a hoot), Kahuna (which is fun, though BHK whomps me at it all the time) and Crocodile Pool Party (which we haven't played yet)

Now playing: Bay City Rollers - It's a Game

cover photos -

Cover Photos

Read more... )
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Happy President's Day! Happy Belated Year of the Tiger (GO NEWT!)  Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Recapping yesterday:

valentines breakfast at bob evans w/ nailles - it was tasty, but I think my order was the only one that wasn't goofed in some way.

Sean came over for a moment - brought us popcorn and a movie to watch!

The picture I took of my footprint in the snow looks weirdly inverted when viewed small.

BHK officially got her Vallies Day Gifts - a couple of handmade cards, a hat made of llama yarn (black, with knitted pictures of bunnies and weather on it. ), a llama pin made from fimo, and Style Savvy for the DS. If you want to visit her pretend-play fashion store, it's in Velvet City at the Chiffon Mall, Floor 16 - Green La .  Buy lots of goodies , dear journal!

Speaking of goodies, I now have Little Big Planet (game of the year edition) for my ps3. Looking to game with me, dear journal? look me up as scottobear in the ps3 community.

I got new pair of Jeans for Valentines day from the in-laws - nicely timed, as one of my old pair of chinos tore about an hour before. Larry and Chris had Ice cream and cake for Chris's B'day, and we lounged about and watched some of the olympics.

So far today, all I've done is look for work, update my journal, and notice that my beard is just about all grown out, thanks to the recent snow.

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