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January 14, 1967.

I wasn’t born for about another 2 years.


Dad, Father… Mooney? Gibbons? and Uncle Billy


Grampa von Berg, Mom, Dad. You can see how giant Grampa was. My mom and dad were no shrimps.


Just Married. I don’t think that car made it to my arrival. I remember the dark caddy and the corvette as our early vehicles.


Mom at 21? dad at 23? something like that. 2017 would’ve been 50 years. (not that they stayed married past the 1980s) I think they split in ’85 or so.


Wedding toast. It’s funny that I can see hints of my brother and myself in both of them, though I think that we took different parts, both physically and mentally from the source material.


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Pickup from the Special Olympics crew in Roanoke.


Chris, Larry and yours truly posing with our catch.

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Weekend went past faster than I could track. I was feeling really poorly on Friday, so after the doc, I went home and crashed out.  Spring was really in the air, though, so the flowers were starting to bloom. I couldn't resist stopping to admire some of the first flowers of the season.

I go back to the doc in another week - hopefully I'll have the meds down so I'm not as sick as I am now, soon. I also discovered weatherspark - (I set up Interactive weather graphs for North Beach, MD, 20714, USA.

Saturday - Chores, did a little fallout 3, BHK ,the in-laws and I went out for a late meal.  We ate a little hummus and felafel at the pizza joint between our house and Annapolis - not bad, but they got our order wrong - I got tomatoes on my hummus, and Larry got cheese on his hamburger.

Sunday - we got up early to make an exodus to Savage Mill so BHK and our gang could hit the the yarn party (primarily BHK's thing, though I had a nice time too. She got loads of loot that she'll no doubt post to her ravelry page. :)

Also at the mill was The Family Game Store - Robin was a very helpful host - Games  obtained - Gore Years expansion for Chrononauts, Mr. Jack Pocket, and Qwirkle Cubes. (Not to mention a renewed love of Cheapass Games. ) They have a *lot* more items in stock than are listed on the website, and many are open and playable - I really like the place - it's family run, and they appear to know their stuff!

The  Curmudgeon Bookseller,  on the other hand could've used a lot more help with displays. It was a pretty standard collection of older books - I think that anything I'd have purchased there would have been a happy accident, rather than by an active search.

Whatchamacallit - Bleh... overpriced café-style shop at Savage Mill. The restaurant specializes in breakfast, light foods and baked goods. Bagels, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, toast, pies and cookies are all on offer here, but at $1.30 for a diet coke in the can, I was happy to head to Piece A Pizza

Ended on a happy note at Piece A Pizza. Mozzarella / Basil / Roma Tomato pie was good, and the white pizza was also excellent. Cookies are great, but 4 for$5

Polished off the day at Cosmic Comics & Toys (While BHK went to Cloverhill Yarn for a little more textile fun) , sadly, about 5 minutes before they were due to close.

I was a bit put off by the Christian rock on the speakers... and the relatively cool reception I received, given how nice the other guy was the last time I visited. I'm going to chalk it up to him being antsy to go home, but I didn't really feel very welcome this time. I'll be back, but we'll see If I return for a fourth time.  When met with a friendly smile, I dropped a nice pocket of cash - this time, I left quickly, without making a purchase.

We got home ok - though I think the sheer amount of time out and about wore me to a nubbin.

Today - Lots of running around and putting out fires. (or, a typical Monday.) Now that the dust has settled and I'm heading home, I thin I may hit the hay early, just to get my energy back up for tomorrow.

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Joke heard today - Three of the Spice Girls are pregnant. Probably the work of a guy who wanted to be Sporty's lover, but had to get with her friends.

I'm feeling a bit better today -BHK and I got home, and fairly zonked on the couch before going to bed.

Hopefully, the insurance issues are resolved - supposedly will take 3-5 business days, so I'll be calling back on Monday if I don't hear from them beforehand. It only took an hour of being on the phone, with the bank, hr, and the insurance company.

Saw the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus train go by - no giraffe heads sticking out the top, but there were some neat setup cars.

Pretty day outside - took a little walk at lunchtime to stretch my legs, and it was well worth the effort. My knees and sciatica have been acting up, so the little bit of midday movement in the fresh air was  needed. Still sore, but at least I got a peek at the world.

Thinking about arcades... weird that they still exist. I miss the days of playing Gorf, Berserk and Battlezone at the skating rink (or the bowling alley, behind the pool tables.) Going with my grandfather to the bar and my brother playing Joust with me while Grampa got slowly blotto, passing dirty jokes on cocktail napkins to other Marines

I have a lot of housework to catch up with tonight. No silverware and hardly any plates left to eat from.

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Hey there, dear journal.

I've come to realize that my writing skills have atrophied terribly. I think some of it is due to being busy, and some due to just lapsing into the lazy convenience of twitter and pictures over content with more substance.

I've taken a few strides toward getting back in the saddle, though there are still quite a few excuses I could make to myself to skip. I'm officially installed at though I will still read my friends list and forward my entries to LJ... I'm too attached to livejournal to turn my back on it.

Pyewacket went to the vet today - he still wasn't doing so well, so BHK drove him to Annapolis, and the doc gave him a tummyful of barium. The vet techs observed him for a bit, and assured BHK that he was AOK. MIL went along, so while they waited, a trip to Tuesday Morning was in order. The vet was one that BHK is very comfortable with - was quite sensitive when Kona was having issues back in the day, too. The outcome after three different x-rays, he sounds like he's doing well, but we're going to keep an eye on him.

I want to repair the crazy-brain.

Lots of anxiety and distress have been appearing to affect my system physically lately...  I'm looking for new  ways to process those feelings.  A worst case situation includes elements of stuttering, sweating, stomach distress, being unable to breathe, panic, anger, irrationality, fear, headache, dizziness and joint pain.

I have to remind myself that it's all just a ride. Not only that, but I have a lot of wonderful blessings in my life - my wife, the lads, good friends... not to mention all of the positive, but intangibles. BHK was thinking it might be a form of ADD - I'm skeptical, but will keep an open mind - if only to seek the best possible remedy to the frequent unpleasantness.

Now playing: The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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Goodbye, Grammy.

Virginia L. Randall

CROSSVILLE — Oct. 27, 1922 — Nov. 23, 2010

Viginia Lucille Randall, 88, of Crossville, passed away Nov. 23, 2010. Funeral services and interment will be held in Palm City, FL at Forest Hills Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens.

Mrs. Randall was born Oct. 27, 1922, in Lynn, MA, the daughter of Louis and Isabelle McDermott Manning.

After retiring as a secretary with the Raythen Company she moved to Crossville to the Lake Tansi Community.

Survivors include her son, Doug Randall and wife Teresa of Crossville, daughters, Linda Vita and husband Wilton of Deerfield Beach, FL and Dianne Cooper and husband Doug of Cambridge, IA; grandchildren, Scott VonBerg, Derek VonBerg, Inger Cooper, Kelly Patton, Doug Randall Jr. and Jeff Randall; great-grandchildren, Brittany Randall, Matthew Randall, Kory Randall, Kayla O'Brien, Jake O'Brien, Alyisa Patton, Amber Randall and Jayla VonBerg.

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Goodbye, Grammy.
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Snoozed much of the day today, post road trip - in-laws came over, as did Mandy - Chris next door was feeling ill, so he couldn't make it. It  looks like BHK has converted another person over to knitting addiction in Mandy! I suspect they'll be spending more time together in the near future. :)

Grilled pseudo chicken breast on the grill with spicy bbq sauce - in-laws brought over steaks, and Mandy did spaghetti - we all had awesome corn on the cob, zucchini sticks, bread, brownies, garden cucumbers with dip! I was surely packed full by the end.

Watched James May's Toy stories -  the train set episode - all were interested save for mother in law. Doctor Who is done now, until the Christmas Episode - We liked this season a lot, I hope they keep it fun and fresh. Maybe we'll start having Amy Rose, Shaun  and Sean over to watch sometime? The only regular SciFi watched now is Warehouse 13 and Eureka... As for fantasy, I'm not too amazed by Haven yet, but the next season of Being Human is airing here soon... that was fun.

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Quite a trip to Roanoke and Salem last week. First time to Salem since January of '07 - Not a great deal has changed in the area since then... it is as enchanting as it was then - pictures under the cut.peek for many pics! clicken to embiggen )
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Happy St. Patty's, Dear Journal!

Spring is becoming more and more evident every day.

I forgot to mention a few things yesterday, given the photo/video nature of my limited entry. Father in-law toddled off to New York this week, so BHK and I are playing cruise directors to the mother in law. BHK stopped at Ch'NaCa for a pair of #6 needles, and I  finally used store credit and a gift card to pick up God Of War III and Wii Sports Resort.

Chris took us out to supper at 3 brothers pizza a salad and Sicilian style- half meatball for BHK the more omnivorous, and half mixed veggies for Chris and myself. We planned on doing a little minigolf, but it closed before we could get around to playing. Instead, the gang promptly headed home, and Chris enjoyed beating me at the sword "chop duel" game. BHK excels at Basketball / Archery , and my games of preference are the air combat and wake boarding. Golf is pretty keen, too.

BHK and I got a little wanderlust this morning, and went to take a peek at Aardvark... I was pleasantly surprised to see they were still open, though they're moving at the end of the month, and stopping all video rentals - just comics & games now. Upside, we got a fistful of movies for $7 (~a buck each) - Not too bad - I've only ever seen the first and last of those films.


A, we went to Play'n'trade and I swapped some old controllers, software and $20ish for Infamous, Drake's Fortune, and Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Games are buy two, get one free - basically I bought one, and got one on credit, and got one free.) Not sure if I'd go to PNT unless I had loot to swap out, but they do price match game stop, and take best buy / game stop gift cards! I'm pretty good for a *LOOOONG* time for PS3 console games.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Shaun and his sister there - I don't thing we'd seen him since the polar bear swim... and we still have some of his stuff at the house. We made plans to play a little Ticket to Ride or Small World with them both sometime soon.

BHK got a little nibble to eat at the local fried chicken joint / Japanese grill - not as good as My Grill was up in Deale, but it was quite yummy and good-sized portions.

Came home, and picked up Chris - watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil while having a nibble of Chinese food.  BHK had never seen the whole thing .. it makes me want to go back to Savannah (our Georgia journey pics are a bit out of whack, it seems there are a couple of FL pix in there, but most are properly tagged)

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Brunch with BHK, In-laws, Adam, Dave Nelson, and Rorey – Adam made a heart-shaped biscuit for anna, who was absent (Adam is going to VA this afternoon to settle some court issues there)


No Snow today, but the bay is still nicely iced!


Visited Nailles a bit, chitty-chatted for a while

Big Kahuna when we got home – nearly to the end by now – our zoo animals haven’t given birth yet.

New fondness for the IT crowd TV show – nice mindless foolishness, with some of the boosh gang hanging about, too.

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.Fwd: Photos of Jayla today at the park:).Fwd: Photos of Jayla today at the park:). Fwd: Photos of Jayla today at the park:)  Fwd: Photos of Jayla today at the park:)

Family pics - My neice is a year old now - Bro looks like he's doing ok.

Nice to have a kind update about that neck of the woods for a change.
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0724091948.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

at the in-laws - we have to get up extra early tomorrow to get bugah home. bedtime early tonight after a grill feast!

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Third of July. The twin beaches always celebrate a day early, because everyone likes to go to DC or someplace else for the 4th.

Andrew was looking dapper, and the fireworks were a-ok by me. we spent the day grilling - thankfully, it was cool and comfy at windward key. I grilled the dogs and etc, while bhk made a funfetti cake.

We played some Can't stop, Huggermugger and of course, apples to apples. I was hoping for a little try at dictionary dabble  (aka Balderdash, but dabble has much cooler pawns)

.S6303983.S6303982.S6303981.S6303980.S6303979.S6303978.S6303977.S6303976.S6303975.[1] Desktop, 100SSCAM, 9 images, S6303974 - S6303982 - 8444x5073 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6303974.S6303973.S6303972.S6303971.S6303966.S6303965.S6303963.S6303962.S6303958.S6303954.S6303950.S6303949...

BHK took most of the Dock pics, I experimented a bit with the camera settings for the fireworks.
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DNA test came back, Bro is the father - Shannon (The Mother) is using, and there is a warrant out for her arrest. Greeeeat.

BHK in garden with Chris - Newton in here with me fuss with this and that... and watching movies.


front garden left 1

front garden left 2


We watched Crank - High Voltage and it is both ridiculous, offensive, violent and funny. I'm going to have to see the previous installment , now.

Going ot be a dagwood sammich dinner night soon... until later, dear journal!

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Back to work - saw Franklin - he was very populare with a group of Asian tourists at the hotel. I got a moment to give him a little head-rub and visit before work, though.

Pleasant news of the day found my cousin Inger on facebook... amazing - last time I saw her, she was something like 7 years old - now she's a college sophomore! I'm looking forward to reconnecting, and hearing what that neck of the family has been up to in the midwest.

Additionally, we bought $4 worth of scratchers after work - we won $7... $3 profit! We promptly squandered our earnings on diet soda and corn chips.. with a few pennies to spare!

Some issues happening at the Condo in Florida - we may lost our renters over it - I hope not, but we'll see what goes down.

No news about Bro - he should be out of the pokey in about a month, Shannon and the Baby lately - I hope bro is ok - If the renters move out, I'm happy to give him the furniture at the condo to get started off again (a bed, dresser, futon, dining room table, some chairs, box o' drawers w/ dishes & utensils, tv and tv stand.

BHK made taster veggie-brats & kraut for supper - I'm full as a tick.

Hitting the sack early - no tv tonight, maybe just a little book time before bed.

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Bro's girlfriend / possible mother to his kid Shannon has been found, and she and her baby are doing OK - Momster is distancing herself from the situation - and I think that's a good thing.

Google voice - free phone goodies - - That sounds amazing... google... I hope you don't turn too evil on me!


Ran a query to update about 20000 drivers for a client - amazing what a little snippet of code in the right place at the right time will do.


update driver_details set timestamp='2009-03-18 20:10:00'


driver_details.MC_ACCT_NO =  '**account number**' AND

driver_details.DRV_TERMINATED_DT is null


 That'll earmark all the active users for that group and send an update file to everybody. Hooray for Triggers !


Chasing potential errors after, now. Seems to be working within parameters, save for one not splitting properly.


Chinese food from the Octagon tonight - this was try #2 - I suspect BHK'll be leery of a third try, unless Little Panda or Grace's are closed.


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BHK gave me a lift in to work this morning - let me sleep in an extra hour or so. I repay her by going over her accent on the way in - we were talking about someone's "pen collection", and With BHK, Pin & Pen sound alike - and I had no context cues to work with. so I innocently asked if it was the writing implement or the sharp thing that pierces fabric.

That devolved into a Rosetta-stone style communication back and forth - She doesn't pronounce the difference between pin or pen. Long story short, we just were silly and giggly on the ride in - perhaps you had to be there, dear journal.

[update - noonish]

Found out this afternoon that my brother's girlfriend Shannon has had a relapse and has vanished with her baby (Bro's daughter). Bro is still in prison for the next few months (out in May) - My Mom is understandably upset - had bonded some with the child and is looking into legal recourse. I really don't think that they've even established paternity yet, so I doubt she has much to work with.

I am a bit cold about the whole thing - saw this coming (heck, I dealt with Derek's bouts back and forth with rehab, and know how that whole deal works), but there is not a lot I can do for any of them.

She's made a good decision not to pursue custody or guardianship or anything like that and I feel she made a good, if very difficult choice.


Tomorrow, BHK and I are attending the United Way Mardi Gras - we got comp tickets from the Maerten's Gang!

We're taking a limo, with the whole crew, and it'll be like BHK and I are going to prom. I'm looking forward to it all!


Picnic at home night! BHK and I are going to have fun with a light supper of veggies, fruit and cheese ... just lots of fun and relaxation - just what a Friday night should be! Starting in a little bit... until later, dear journal!


goes nicely with  Instant Crickets ,sad trombone and instant rimshot .


Hmm.. I wonder if I will have time to make some paper dinosaurs this weekend? A triceratops , at least?


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Got my allergy shots - down to only needing them every other week, now!

Still feeling yucky - took a nap today from 3-6 pm, and my crown feels a little loose. Maybe an infection under there is messing with me? Or maybe it's the big dose of meds today.

In-laws came over, and we had tasty soup and sammiches. I'm still not eating much, but can certainly enjoy what I am eating.

After eats, we finally finished hanging the ornaments on the tree. All that is left now is to set up the train... and maybe a few fun bits of landscape. The green beaded string didn't show up too well on the tree this year, so we strung our holiday cards over the living room window, and it looks sharp. I think we may do this in years to come.

The in-laws headed home a little while ago - they stopped out front of our house with the engine running, and called inside to let us know that Chris lost an earring - while we were looking for it, BHK heard yelling on the phone - it turns out a pedestrian walked up to the truck, opened the door, and then took off when Larry yelled at him.

Chris and Larry went home, but BHK got the guys description and called the police. I suspect it was a drunk looking for a ride - that's still not the sort of thing you want to take place in your front yard. We talked to the sheriff, and they sent prowl cars around, but he didn't turn up.

[EDIT - Later that evening, just up the street (about 5 blocks closer to the bay) -

"Dep. Daniel Deakins investigated a burglary to Nice and Fleazy Antiques on Bay Ave in North Beach on December 19 at 3:27 a.m. The unknown suspect(s) cause $1125 in damage. The business owner is conducting an inventory to determine exactly what
was taken. Inquires regarding this burglary should be directed to Lt. Steven R. Jones at 410-535-1600 ext. 2462."

I wonder if it was the same guy?]

Still fatigued. If this doesn't let up soon, I'm calling the doc to see what can be done.

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Thursday...just about done watching the first season of  Dexter. It's interesting, but I think the sister should've worked out the deal, long ago, no matter how well trained he might be, or her lack of curiosity.

Feeling a bit fatigued lately, but getting there. I need to send my brother a card or something, congratulating him on being a father, I guess. Somehow, I'm not feeling too festive about it. Ah well - I don't even know if the little girl will carry his last name or not. Momster is elated about having a grandchild under any circumstances, which is a good attitude, I think. The baby is healthy and happy, as far as I know - can't ask for much more than that!

Got our first holiday prezzies - Oranges and other citrus from folks in Florida, and an amazon box from Kev. BHK made sure that I did'nt see the invoice slip - He sent his gift wrapped, I neglected to put amazon wrap on the stuff we sent him - I hope my stuff makes it to Cuba in a timely way.

Tomorrow is the holiday party at the office - we'll see how the terrible twosome of BHK and Scotto do at party games for gift card winnings!

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