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BHK calls me on the phone from work.

“Is your internet down?”

Apparently in her office, there was no internet access. This caused her techno-illiterate coworkers to panic. Cell phone service doesn’t funchtion well in the building either, so the cave-people panicked.

I did a quick check, and yes, of course, my cell service and internet were working fine. (I did a quick search for fashionable monkey to ease BHK’s mind that I wasn’t viewing a cache.)

I was feeling rather cruel – told her to let them sweat for a bit, but she mentioned that one of them started making crazy “this is how it started with 9/11″ comments, I thought better of it.


It *did* surprise me that nobody thought to go to the parking lot to test cell-phone reception.

I pity my poor sweetheart working with such ignorant, fearful people.


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Feb. 23rd, 2015 06:13 pm
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Snuggles were the high point of the weekend for me. Got to love curling up and being comfy lovey with my family.  Quality time with them is the way things should be.

A little hyper-sensitive and emotional this weekend. – Mr. Morton made me cry.

Frozen Pipes – thankfully it was caught in time, and judicious use of hair dryer, light bulbs and hand-wringing prevented a burst. We have water again, and not in icy sheets across the floor.

Played a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition multi-player – used mic for first time with nice people. Made a few new party members to play with in future. Older dudes, like myself, rather than the kidlets I’m used to hearing on the air. Maybe this party chat thing has something to it after all!

Went to the DC / Baltimore Extra Life guild meetup. Pretty much just DC, primarily due to weather and driving conditions. It was nice to see Aladdin and Chelsea ( not to mention Denyse and Alyse! ) I got to introduce Allison to some folks, too.

Several  Xfinity wifi hotspots did not allow me to log in from silver spring yesterday at 2pm, and again last night at 7pm in North Beach, and again in DC this morning at 6am. When I first logged in, I got a bit worried about being the subject of a man in the middle attack, (don’t do it, kids) so I promptly changed my password via cell phone.

I contacted them and dealt with a dolt who was unable to do the most basic outside of the script thinking. even though I told her that I could connect, fill out a login and got a response saying that I did not have permission to connect, she wanted to tell me it was due to low signal strength or my mistyping my account and password.

After dealing with her for about a half hour, I was ultimately transferred to the WiFi support department, and phone connection was lost – I suspect my initial contact could not dial the phone. My second contact routed me almost immediately, and understood quite well the department I should visit -Comcast WiFi / hotspot support is 1-855-308-9453, by the way – she gave me the number before transferring me, just in case of another dropped call. Maryann, the codename for my third tech contact, mentioned that Xfinity WiFi hotspots are currently not working *ANYWHERE* for Comcast customers, returning the same error for any user and password – and to try connect in 6-8 hours from when I place the call (during my lunch hour, so sometime about 8pm when I get home – thankfully there is an access point next to the house… more fortunately, my personal internet and router are working fine. )

I’ll be interested to see if this is even an issue, and not a blow off item. I haven’t seen anything mentioning an outage on Comcast’s sites, or from an admittedly cursory Google search. Best I could find was -

If you still cannot get online and your Comcast Email or username and password are correct, it is possible that we are having a service issue. Please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-800-XFINITY and select the High Speed Internet service option.

Thanks for nothing, sport. On my poor customer service dual thumbs down to both Verizon and Comcast, at least in the Delmarva and South Florida regions where I have experience.


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I was totally beat yesterday. Long ride home, sore joints, feeling a bit frayed at the edges, the works.  Came home and tried to decompress but wasn’t too successful.

Allison and I split a leftover salad, and added some gruyere quorn “chicken” cutlets for protein. Pretty tasty.

We watched a little bit of Happy Anniversary. Allison zonked out from boredom about 20 minutes in. (Probably also because I was rubbing her feet, and she was bleary / weary, too.) I lasted maybe another 30 minutes, and when I realized she wasn’t waking back up right away,  I decided to try out Transistor. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t up to Bastion levels of fun. It is pretty, and has a nice soundtrack, too.

I fatigue finally got me at about 10 pm and I hit the sack a bit earlier than usual. I imagine that it wasn’t soon enough.

Got my present of jeans & chinos from the in-laws.  3 new pairs of jeans and 2 khakis. Nice, and was needed. They also brought Allison back some coffee from red rooster, and snacks from the co-op.

Today – Hawk(s) at Ben Franklin Circle area of DC via

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A letter sent to Allison -

I don’t know why I did not think to email you earlier about this event!  Westminster is celebrating Poe’s birthday with an event called “Behind the Mustache: The Lives of Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe” with John Astin and Victoria Price, daughter of Vincent.

 Was wondering if you and Scott would be interested in volunteering – you both would be inside the Hall.  The program is scheduled to begin at 4:00pm with the doors opening at 3:00pm.  Here is the website:

Sure, I’d dig doing more Poe work! Plus, backstage stuff is always fun at Westminster. .. It’s already sold out, too!

The program will feature John Astin presenting a selection of Poe’s most famous poems and excerpts of his well-known tales of horror, along with commentary about Poe’s life and works. Victoria Price will offer a behind-the-scenes look at Vincent Price as she shares personal anecdotes about growing up with her famous father. She will be selling & signing her book,Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography.

The evening will culminate with a Toast to Poe. Other attractions include an exhibit of rare Poe memorabilia (lock of Poe’s hair, piece of Poe’s coffin, and more).

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Tuba Christmas. Flamethrower tuba idle. Active pix incoming in a bit. 


from Scott von Berg @ Google+






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Coughing a little rough this morning. Had to hit the ol’ breathing treatment twice this weekend. Drinking a lot of seltzer and ginger ale… maybe too much.

knight attacking dragon, saying yah-ho this is your end, you belching monster

For anyone who needs the list: Hazelnut, Mystify, Cuttlefish, Lark, Lurk, Robert, Anglican, Pheromone, Halter top, Marmalade, Hardware, Laser, Pepper, Release, Kneecap, Falafel, Period, Chaste, Chased, Leggings, Wool, Sweater, Heartbeat, Heartbeat, Heart, Beat, Heart, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat.
Had a nice time last night playing old Atari 2600 games and watching Friday night videos with Allison. Mostly played space invaders, Yar’s Revenge, and Bowling. Music included interstitials by Justin and Jason Bateman from 1981 – the cars, phil collins, dire straits, prince, madonna and a plethora of others.

Thought of the day -

In every desert there is water somewhere. When you find it, drink your fill. (Reminded by @carocrow on ello)

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Calvert marine museum. Don’t get seasick. Tiny Chris and Larry on the ledge.


Larry with megalodon
My sweetheart and me.

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image Newton and felt day of the dead ornaments

imageNew old holiday lamp house


Yuletide Model A Fords


Cute snow bunny seen by the cars


Christmas ornaments flying from paint cans

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At amazon in chester, va.

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I’m hanging in there by trying to continue writing rather than the photo a day deal. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this in varying degrees for almost 13 years.

My dream last night evaporated in the shower this morning – I think it was a good one, though.Not like I wove an amazing narrative yesterday or anything. Yesterday was mostly uneventful. Standout points were a lot of working out and eating way too many 3 musketeers bars.

Shopping for thanksgiving this weekend… we nearly went to Brian Boru for the holiday… not sure why it got sacked, but I’m easy. Goodies we’re picking up are a Quorn roast, some root veggies and the makings for lots of comfort food.

I’m continuing to cycle about 15 miles a day, and trying to walk and get legs back to comfy when it doesn’t mess with broken toe. Holding off on the swimming for now, though I might head back there soon.

Random awesome comic of the day – since we have a million of these guys cruising the neighborhood today:

By the way, Frog fractions is amazing. Really. I loved going to mars.

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I woke up this morning with a fairly vivid remembrance of my dreams… for the first time in quite a while.

It’s faded some since I’ve had breakfast and my morning shower, but here’s the gist of things.

Allison and I were not married yet or living together full time. We were in Fort Lauderdale, in my old apartment triplex. We were talking about when we’d be sharing one roof – Allison decides to go out for a walk, and I join her. Somehow we’re back in my current neighborhood, and she somehow uses a ping-pong paddle to pick the lock of the garage next door. she sneaks in and starts rummaging around while I’m calling to her sotto voce to get out of there – I see she’s trying to make of with the air conditioner (a window shaker unit) and instead of fighting her larcenous ways, I point out to her that there’s one uninstalled on a shelf. She takes the unit, and an aquarium full of fish… the neighbors awake and come after us with shotguns. (two adults and a 10 year old.) We were split up during the escape, and somehow I fell into a ravine / moat / body of murky water. I finally made it home, with a catfish under my arm in a bundle of towels to keep it moist. Allison was back in bed, watching the fish swimming in the tank… I put the catfish in a magically neighboring tank, and one of the golds seemed very enamored with it… the catfish leapt into the water and all of the other fish save for the adoring one immediately died, going belly up and vanishing into dust as they hit the water’s surface. I then submitted a bill to Allison for having broken my window to get back into the apartment.

I have no idea what that means. time for me to do my walk – until later, dear journal!



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Nov. 13th, 2012 09:52 pm
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Mostly just puttered today. Not sure why the lack of energy the last couple of days… perhaps I’m fighting off a bug.

I don’t think that I wandered too far off the ranch… certainly not beyond the pavement of the road leading into town. Allison and I had a pleasant diversion talking about uncle cockroach, cousin Erasmus and the revenuers.

Midweek is tomorrow and I plan to be more productive.

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Nov. 12th, 2012 09:25 pm
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Spent the day with Allison and Chris.

After my doctor’s appointment we went to hit Mothers Grille for a touch of lunch, but they’re not up for midday feeds yet. Instead, we visited Brian Boru, the local Irish pub. The food was really good – a bit pricey, but worth it. Fish tacos for me, turkey reuben for A, fish and chips for C. I drank about a liter of diet soda. 

I’m going to try to get back to journal writing but I’m very out of practice… might be a while before I develop the habit again. I think that if I put into rotation in the morning, it will come naturally. 

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Jun. 14th, 2012 01:32 pm
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Random stuff that comes to mind:

3 Cool things about BHK -(there are many, this is just the smallest sample)

  • She digs old time radio (at least some of it – Especially Phil Harris shows, My Favorite Husband, Fibber McGee & Molly)
  • Amazing kindness to animals (including a willingness to stop on a major highway to help round up a lost and distressed tribe of ducklings)
  • Savvy in law, tech and crafts, yet is still a sweetheart to those outside of those fields. (Those can be pretty exclusive clubs.)

Things about me that confuse BHK (also cool, come to think of it )-

  • My fondness and knowledge of Elvis Presley
  • My curmudgeonly ways though I have a lot of love inside.
  • How I sweat completely different stuff than she does… and vice versa.


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Oct. 31st, 2011 10:28 pm
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IMAG0055, originally uploaded by scottobear.

BHK and penn station eagle.

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Weekend went past faster than I could track. I was feeling really poorly on Friday, so after the doc, I went home and crashed out.  Spring was really in the air, though, so the flowers were starting to bloom. I couldn't resist stopping to admire some of the first flowers of the season.

I go back to the doc in another week - hopefully I'll have the meds down so I'm not as sick as I am now, soon. I also discovered weatherspark - (I set up Interactive weather graphs for North Beach, MD, 20714, USA.

Saturday - Chores, did a little fallout 3, BHK ,the in-laws and I went out for a late meal.  We ate a little hummus and felafel at the pizza joint between our house and Annapolis - not bad, but they got our order wrong - I got tomatoes on my hummus, and Larry got cheese on his hamburger.

Sunday - we got up early to make an exodus to Savage Mill so BHK and our gang could hit the the yarn party (primarily BHK's thing, though I had a nice time too. She got loads of loot that she'll no doubt post to her ravelry page. :)

Also at the mill was The Family Game Store - Robin was a very helpful host - Games  obtained - Gore Years expansion for Chrononauts, Mr. Jack Pocket, and Qwirkle Cubes. (Not to mention a renewed love of Cheapass Games. ) They have a *lot* more items in stock than are listed on the website, and many are open and playable - I really like the place - it's family run, and they appear to know their stuff!

The  Curmudgeon Bookseller,  on the other hand could've used a lot more help with displays. It was a pretty standard collection of older books - I think that anything I'd have purchased there would have been a happy accident, rather than by an active search.

Whatchamacallit - Bleh... overpriced café-style shop at Savage Mill. The restaurant specializes in breakfast, light foods and baked goods. Bagels, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, toast, pies and cookies are all on offer here, but at $1.30 for a diet coke in the can, I was happy to head to Piece A Pizza

Ended on a happy note at Piece A Pizza. Mozzarella / Basil / Roma Tomato pie was good, and the white pizza was also excellent. Cookies are great, but 4 for$5

Polished off the day at Cosmic Comics & Toys (While BHK went to Cloverhill Yarn for a little more textile fun) , sadly, about 5 minutes before they were due to close.

I was a bit put off by the Christian rock on the speakers... and the relatively cool reception I received, given how nice the other guy was the last time I visited. I'm going to chalk it up to him being antsy to go home, but I didn't really feel very welcome this time. I'll be back, but we'll see If I return for a fourth time.  When met with a friendly smile, I dropped a nice pocket of cash - this time, I left quickly, without making a purchase.

We got home ok - though I think the sheer amount of time out and about wore me to a nubbin.

Today - Lots of running around and putting out fires. (or, a typical Monday.) Now that the dust has settled and I'm heading home, I thin I may hit the hay early, just to get my energy back up for tomorrow.

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Well, back to the smithy to repair my computer again. Woke up on Tuesday to discover that the system was corrupted, and couldn't be repaired. Thankfully, I have an external hard drive backing up the most vital of items. Now just to set aside the x number of hours to bring it back to the shape and feel from before. Fortunately, lappie will keep me entertained, and I can write a journal entry while I swap disks.


(pic swiped from SW!)

Speaking of smacking things that are broken - they're blasting next door to my office every few days. It's pretty entertaining.... every time they go to detonate, there's a waring horn about 20 minutes prior, then 10, then a manic honking... silence for about a minute and then a building-shaking *KA-THOOM*. I'm a big fan of the *KA-THOOM*.

We haven't exchanged gifts with our neighbors yet - well, halfway. Mandy drew a picture of our house, and gave it to us at the new year's party... we still are behind on bringing loot over to them... Schedules, sickness and whatnot on both sides have caused delays.

This past weekend, BHK and SW went with me to the Lego store... I benefitted greatly from that trip - got a Police command center for $20 (usually $45),

A few mystery minifigs - mine were:

SW got an aviator, an elf archer, snowboarder, Tribal Chief and some miscellany. BHK picked most of her loot at B&N - notebooks and folders and magnets.

I've activated my goodreads account - I've added a few friends that I know on there - if I missed someone, hopefully they'll find me. primarily tracking the books I read on my kindle, but more so the self-challenge of 52 books in a year.

Scott's bookshelf: currently-reading

Holy Blood, Holy GrailThe Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume Two: Our WorldThe Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your StoryGhost StoryMean StreetsBackup

More of Scott's books »

Scott von Berg's currently-reading book recommendations, reviews, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists

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Now playing: Strongbad- The System Is Down

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