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Hey there, dear journal.

I've come to realize that my writing skills have atrophied terribly. I think some of it is due to being busy, and some due to just lapsing into the lazy convenience of twitter and pictures over content with more substance.

I've taken a few strides toward getting back in the saddle, though there are still quite a few excuses I could make to myself to skip. I'm officially installed at though I will still read my friends list and forward my entries to LJ... I'm too attached to livejournal to turn my back on it.

Pyewacket went to the vet today - he still wasn't doing so well, so BHK drove him to Annapolis, and the doc gave him a tummyful of barium. The vet techs observed him for a bit, and assured BHK that he was AOK. MIL went along, so while they waited, a trip to Tuesday Morning was in order. The vet was one that BHK is very comfortable with - was quite sensitive when Kona was having issues back in the day, too. The outcome after three different x-rays, he sounds like he's doing well, but we're going to keep an eye on him.

I want to repair the crazy-brain.

Lots of anxiety and distress have been appearing to affect my system physically lately...  I'm looking for new  ways to process those feelings.  A worst case situation includes elements of stuttering, sweating, stomach distress, being unable to breathe, panic, anger, irrationality, fear, headache, dizziness and joint pain.

I have to remind myself that it's all just a ride. Not only that, but I have a lot of wonderful blessings in my life - my wife, the lads, good friends... not to mention all of the positive, but intangibles. BHK was thinking it might be a form of ADD - I'm skeptical, but will keep an open mind - if only to seek the best possible remedy to the frequent unpleasantness.

Now playing: The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times

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I'm reviewing some public domain music for hold at the office - pretty fun listening to stuff to help work out -

Currently leaning towards the Brahms, but my first asked person in the office leans to Beethoven.

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testing lala -

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thurs - meme - The design is simple: choose a musical artist and select an appropriate song title from their oeuvre for each question.

I suppose I should go with They Might Be Giants!

Are you male or female:
"Mr. Xcitement"

Describe yourself:
"Mr. Me"

How do you feel about yourself:
"Which Describes How You're Feeling"

Describe your current boy/girl situation:
"She's an Angel"

Describe where you currently live:
"The World's Address"

If you could go anywhere you wanted to go:
"Road Movie To Berlin"

Your favorite form of transportation:
"Someone Keeps Moving My Chair"

Your best friend(s) is/are:
"Certain People I Could Name"

Your favorite color:
"Purple Toupee"

Favorite time of day:
"Whistling in the Dark"

If your life were a TV show, what would it be called:
"Finished With Lies"

What is life to you:

What is the best advice you have to give:
"Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head"
"Stand on Your Own Head"

Thought for the day:
"Narrow Your Eyes"

How I would like to die:
"I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die"
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Hard to believe it's only been 3 years since I was first planning to visit BHK on her birthday. Funny to me how little I can think of life prior to being married to her, and having our crew of four under the roof.

I'm in the office now, taknig a brief break from gig-searching to catch myself up on LJ. Larry is setting up BHK's Best Birthday Present Ever (tm)- a widening of the closet door in our bedroom. For the record, I also proposed to BHK on her birthday, 3 years ago in two weeks. Heck, she'd have wanted closet spasce, even if single.

33333333333333333333333333333333  - Newton's left foot on the number pad says hello. Pye is sleeping on the purple chair to my left, and Netwon has leapt to the couch on my right (newtcam couch) and will be in sleepytown soon.

Here's a breakdown of my music via Media Go -

music layout

According to my SenseMe playlist - the fastest/happiest song is a three way tie -

  • Get a Job - The English Beat

  • The Famous Polka - They Might Be Giants

  • B-52s Cosmic Thing.

Slowest Saddest songs are also a 3-way tie -

  • Matt Lauer can suck it - Michael Gaicchino (Land of the Lost Soundtrack)

  • Running to the Rain - Peter Gabriel

  • Ballero - War

I seem to have mostly happy, mid-speed songs in my library.

I am really interested in a few new looney labs releases - Aquarius 2.0 and Chrononauts: The Gore Years expansion

(Chrononauts 1.4 The Gore Years: Like Aquarius, Chrononauts is also about to get upgraded to the new uniform box. But although it will feature a couple of new cards and a new rulesheet, the new edition of Chrononauts won't be very different from the original. For this reason, and since it's the fourth printing, they've decided to call it version 1.4. However, since a lot has happened since 1999 and Chrononauts is really showing its age, theyere also creating an expansion product that brings the TimeLine into the 21st Century. This packet of 11 cards will feature 5 new Timeline cards (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2008) along with 3 new Patches and 3 new characters who need to change recent events in order to get home. (Of course, it's called the Gore Years because that's what the last 8 years are known as to certain time travelers.). Release date: October 23th.
(Martian Fluxx, too, but not as much as the other two)

Additionally - I'd like to try Apophis sometime as a game. Looks neat, and I have all the pieces already to play!

from the lj status page, earlier -

LiveJournal may be inaccessible at the current time due to network issues. Our Operations staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Don't panic.

6:06 pm GMT (Friday, August 7)

LiveJournal is up and working, although due to particularly heavy site traffic you may occasionally see a network timeout or slow loading times. Our Operations staff will continue to work to ensure the site remains available for you.

8:06 pm GMT (Friday, August 7)

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Tasty Salad at lunch, with lots of work on either side of it.

Made a date with BHK to see the Pietasters in May! A little Ska never hurts! Also made plans to go get some pancakes with Duncan, J, and Sean this weekend!


Bloody Fun Day is a strategic arcade game where players control the Reaper as he plows his way through little critters. Every time Death sticks his scythe into one of the creatures, he gains points but loses health. Destroying red creatures will bring his life back up.


Each set of creatures killed leave behind eggs which need to be left alone to hatch into even more critters. Building up points also gives Death special abilities which can be activated in order to grab even more points. It's all about bagging as many points as possible before you run out of life.


The game mechanics work really well and it's a very nice concept. There's a tutorial to get you going and a couple of game modes to choose from. Play it over at Kongregate. (via

News from BHK today - Migratory waterfowl counts over 5 years New bill to require insurance companies to disclose slave records from the 1800's. One of the proponents is a Law prof from MD---Professor Ifill Wind power available in Maryland? Who knew!!!! I'm not comfy with a 1 to 2 year contract though AND it probably isn't even available in our area!
By the way--YOUR son was sleeping IN the trash can upstairs this morning!!!! It didn't have trash in it but it did have a plastic bag liner-----he's a nut!

(Whenever Newton is weird or naughty, he's MY son. Whenever Newt is cute and adorable, he's OUR son. Pye hasn't been given the same treatment yet, but he's the baby of the family.)

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Newton slept on my hands - must've been seeking bonus warmth, or he was jealous of my rubbing BHK's arm.
meme-time - snagged from Sean

Think of 15 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world. When you finish, tag 15 others, including me. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good. Tag, you're it!

Here is my list, narrowed to 15.
(Scotto isn't tagging anyone, but is happy to see any other entries)

Let's see... this could be fairly tricky - I'm not sure of music that changed me forever... I've never really been one of those folks to play the same album over and over again... a few that come to mind -

Stuff that was significant to me, and I still dig -

1. Beach boys - I went through a major Beach Boys phase as a kid - Pet Sounds was something that got a lot of play both in my home and on my walkman. The album still cheers me up quite a lot.

2. Beatles - Yellow Submarine / Octopus's Garden (not really an album, but the first music I had as a kid.. that I remember. It wasn't even the Beatles, it was the Sesame Street Version) If I had to pick an actual Beatles  album, I really liked Rubber Soul.

3. Talking Heads - Little Creatures Great album - started me on that Band, and despite the "art student snob" aspect, I really like 'em.
4. Tubes - Outside Inside Got this form a yard sale - I was very pleasantly surprised. (Wild Women of Wongo is what got me to drop 25¢ for it. ) I figure I've gotten well worth my penny a play just for that track.
5. ELO - Time - first Album bought with my own money, played a *lot*

6. Steve Martin - A Wild And Crazy Guy Not really a music album, though it had banjo and The KingTut single.

7. B-52s - Whammy Discovered them late - mostly via gaming with Ray & Kat. (Specifically for Trism)

8. Zombies - Odessey and Oracle This one keeps coming back, and I love it every time. (Most recently for "This will be our year")

9. XTC - Oranges and Lemons  So Sue me... I like Mayor of Simpleton.

10. They Might Be Giants - Lincoln I first heard them on Dr. Demento when I was in High School - I've been hooked since. Hard to believe it's been 20 years+

11. Genesis - Selling England by the Pound Very different stuff than the Phil Collins-centric bits in later years. It may be my all-time fave Genesis Album.

12. Chuck Mangione - Chase the Clouds Away - One of the five 8-track tapes I had for my first car, the blue bomber. played repeatedly, because we only had 5 albums, and eventually the AC/DC and Beach Boys tapes wore out.

13. Rusted root - When I Woke - first really fun time with the hippies - post concert. I like them quite a lot.

14. Poi Dog Pondering - Poi Dog Pondering - "and I said YEAH!" - discovered by accident. Thanks, tape-traders in college!

15. Queen - Flash Gordon Soundtrack - FLASH ! AHAHHHHH! HE'LL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US!


This site could contain the Ultimate List of software created by Microsoft for Office 2007.

Free Office 2007 Software from Microsoft

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See also - for more of her stuff.
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Quickie from the EEE on a random wavelength on the bus - let's see how this posts out.

newtcamperch2 .newtcamperch

Recent pics make me think of a new newtcam icon. now that the EEE has a webcam... I wonder if I should make a scotto-cam page?

current memealeem

You've been tagged.

"You can tell a lot about someone by their music. You must skip through your iPod/Mp3 players shuffle feature, and list the first 25 songs to come up. No skipping embarrassing songs!

Play Peter GabrielBig Time    
Play Wang ChungEverybody Have Fun Tonight    
Play Bruce HornsbyThe Way It Is    
Play Men at WorkDown Under    
Play Kenny RogersCoward Of The County    
  The SpinnersCupid / I've Loved You For A Lone Time    
Play Christopher CrossSailing    
Play The BanglesManic Monday    
Play BananaramaVenus    
Play Atlantic StarrSecret Lovers    
Play Diana RossMissing You    
Play The Power StationSome Like It Hot    
Play 'Til TuesdayVoices Carry    
Play a-haTake On Me    
Play Lionel RichieHello    
Play The CarsYou Might Think    
Play Stevie WonderI Just Called to Say I Love You    
Play Culture ClubKarma Chameleon    
Play YesOwner of a Lonely Heart    
Play Night RangerWhen You Close Your Eyes    
Play Duran DuranNew Moon on Monday    
Play Matthew WilderBreak My Stride    
Play RockwellSomebody's Watching Me    
Play KajagoogooToo Shy    
Play Ollie & JerryBreakin'...There's No Stopping    
Play Lipps, Inc.Funkytown    
Play John Lennon(Just Like) Starting Over    

Well, that's two more than 25, but it's close enough. I suspect some BHK interference there.

current music - Gomez - Airstream Driver
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Nov. 30th, 2008 02:22 pm
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1130081344, originally uploaded by scottobear.

How I spent most of Sunday - with Larry playing guitar. We came over for pancakes, and stayed until dinner time.

Note that my leisure costume these days is blue jeans and a green short-sleeved t-shirt. I'm notorious at this point for it being standard weekend-wear.

Chris made the feed - all of it good, as always! BHK and I spent much of our time there watching TV and just hanging out with the crew - Larry, Chris and Miss Tigger, who is back to a much more healthy weight since they put her on a diet.

I've pretty much got the G F B C chords down, but practice will always be preferable to letting myself rust out. It's a shame to let the Gibson go to waste, so I may try to get access to a few videos online to assist, as well.

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oh, dear U-pop - how we miss you from our element. soon, you'll be gone due to Christmas music taking your xm car slot... I hope you return after the holidays!

Saw Tropic Thunder tonight - it was better than it might've been, but I was fooled by previews, and didn't get as good a show as expected. Jack Black and Ben Stiller didn't do much for me, but I was impressed by ol' Downey and Nolte. We had a nice Thursday night date, anyhow! BHK got her allotment of popcorn and I enjoyed a soft pretzel and some crunch bar bites.

An analysis of the three major types of gravestone motifs used in eastern Massachusetts during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The earliest of the three is a winged death's head, with blank eyes and a grinning visage. Earlier versions are quite ornate, but as time passes, they become less elaborate. Sometime during the eighteenth century -- the time varies according to location -- the grim death's head designs are replaced, more or less quickly, by winged cherubs. This design also goes through a gradual simplification of form with time. By the late 1700's or early 1800's, again depending on where you are observing, the cherubs are replaced by stones decorated with a willow tree overhanging a pedestaled urn.

Pay special attention to the graph of the popularity of each motif and the slideshow of example gravestones. (thx, peterme)

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Two years ago today I arrived in Maryland and was picked up at the airport by BHK. Pretty much a life-changing experience for me. Now, we've been married, I've been up here at the same gig for over a year, and most of the dust has settled in our home.

Despite a few stresses, I love it here, and would never want to be far from BHK's side. Newton and Pye are pretty great pals, with no real signs of antagonism between them. Work has its difficult moments, but for the most part, it's a very good gig. I can honestly say that BHK has been nothing but wonderful, supportive and loving the entire time.

At the moment, we're browsing the idea of looking at houses... we may or may not stick with the one we're in now. The possibilities are improvement, knock this one down and rebuild from the ground up, or hit a third location. All options seem equal right now.

BHK brings me so much joy and happiness... even when I'm feeling low or hurt, she pulls me up and keeps me going. The marriage proposal and response was certainly the best thing to happen in my life for a long, long time. I feel happy knowing that I'll be spending the rest of my life with her, through thick and thin.

I am thankful to Allison for making my world a better place. Everything that I perceive is a bit more wonderful because of her presence.

Today, we got up a bit later - in-laws came over to hang out. Chris and BHK went through BHK's jewelry box... she's got a lot of funky stuff in there, all of which is pretty dang keen. BHK did her best to keep her mother from acting the magpie and stealing sparkles, but it looks like a few items have floated back over to the mama-nest. We'll have to swing over there in a month to liberate some of them back. Meanwhile, Larry and I sat in the office area, and talked about his life on the farm, dogs, cats, hunting and so on. It was a nice bit of gab from Larry, who is normally very quiet... he everyone else first dibs on the conversation, usually.

We were going to do Korean BBQ for lunch, but that got ruled out in favor of another trip to the Selby Sub Shoppe. BHK and larry split a half pepperoni/half meatball pizza, Chris got a big ol' burger, and I got a black bean burger sub... it was all delicious, as usual.

We took the scenic route back, and picked out bits of ragweed, marsh mallow, and assorted sea grasses while taking in all the houses out back between Annapolis and home - some are really magnificent.

First few games on audiosurf - a fun little game that uses your music (or streaming audio) to build a racecourse to place klax-dr mario sort of brick building. Website explains it better, or the wiki here - it was on sale for $5 today, so we snagged it after playing the demo.

Inch Worm
The Sandpipers

Play Never Will I Marry
Linda Ronstadt

Punk Rock Girl
The Dead Milkmen

Play Happy Boys & Girls

Play Shreveport Stomp
Jelly Roll Morton

Unsurprisingly, I'm the #1 top scorer for Shereveport stomp. I'm also the only person to have used it in the game. We'll see what happens if/when BHK tries with her own login. You can see what tracks I've played at my computer here. (at least the ones it can recognize)

An AP story about the thousands of voting machines gathering dust in warehouses across the country after states such as California, Ohio, and Florida have banned their use. Many of these machines cost $3.5K to $5K each. Local election boards are struggling to find ways to recover any of the cost of the machines, or even to recycle them. The picture in Ohio is the most confusing, as multiple court cases limit the state's options and result in a situation in which the discredited machines will nevertheless be used in the presidential election coming up in November. The state's new (Democratic) attorney general has just issued a rule banning the practice of election workers taking the machines home with them the night before elections.

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Woke up slowly, played a bit with Garry's Mod, which I find to be hilarious, went over to the in-laws for hanging out listening to the Eagles and O.A.R. with Adam and the gang, and then we had hot dogs, quick pickles, chips and etc for tasty happy fun time.

The quick pickles were from our garden -
today's harvest  <FW>

The cukes were a little stubby, but BHK's mandolin made short work of slicing them.

BHK and Larry took the Element up to the mechanic for repairs - It'll be out of service for 10 days, getting the windshield fixed and the hood / bumper dents removed. The trees still haven't been removed form our yard yet, but the time is approaching to do so. We've got the green ford as a loaner until the element comes back.

Planning for 3 big events coming up next month - BHK birthday, Larry's Birthday, and Larry & Chris's wedding anniversary. (not in that order.)

Larry's a tricky one - I suspect that a trip to see Good Deale Bluegrass (though Chris doesn't want to go) would be the best gift for him. New Neil Diamond album out, too. There's the Christmas Show at the Ram's Head... but that's usually reserved as a Christmas Present. Maybe at the Bluegrass show in Deale.

Larry and Chris is easy - a card and food.

I'm not going to spill any beans about BHK's b'day, as she reads this... and I want it to be a surprise. I'll let you know what happens later, dear journal.

BHK got back comfortably - we watched an episode of Fawlty Towers, and one of Burn Notice - now it's time for bed!

Until later, dear journal!

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Random Thought - My niece (via Momster's younger sis Diane & ) Inger is 17.... I can remember when she was born, and wore the candle headdress at age 4! How the heck did 13 years skip on by that fast?

We watched the most thinly-veiled possible telephone ad / infomercial on the tube last night.. Picture This. Poor Kevin Pollak. Ah well, I was happy just to relax on the couch and veg for a little while. Note - It is not a "hilarious coming of age teen comedy."

Today's Harvest - Okra and three kinds of eggplant!

today's harvest via bhk

recent listens -

Bjork - odd duck and Grinspoon - gone tomorrow

Mamihlapinatapai:considered the hardest word to translate.

It describes a look shared by two people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start. This could perhaps be translated more succinctly as "eye-contact implying 'after you...'". A more literal approximation is "ending up mutually at a loss as to what to do about each other".

at the suggestion of MGK - I've added Zero Effect to my netflix.

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Opened the morning with Pancakes at the in-laws. I helped Larry remove the awning from the upstairs bedroom, to make room for french doors. I suspect the awning will be relocated to the bottom floor.

We all hung out and gabbed most of the day - I scoped out Larry's 30-30 and .22 pistol, and the model of the U.S.S. Constitution. I think that I'd like to head toward Baltimore sometime for a walking tour of the actual ship. (Hm, I may have to wait until 2010 for an underway demonstration with the restoration taking place, but walking tours are still good.)

Came home to rest and relax together for a bit - got a call from Danny - Janet has a gig! Working there for 2 weeks now, doing graphic design for an advertising company that produces campground maps (surrounded by business-card style adverts). I'm glad she found something, and hope that it's profitable, challenging and fun for her.

He liked Get Smart and Evan Almighty - Both of which he saw this weekend though he's not a bit Steven Carrell fan. I suspect that Get Smart will be something I enjoy - he does the "idiot in charge" role well... but I don't imagine I'll bother with Evan Almighty, unless something comes along to further interest me about it. He really liked Wall-E, too, but I imagine that goes without saying fro me.

BHK and I watched Cloverfield today. I'll say it from the get go.... it wasn't my thing. The shaky-cam didn't bother me at all, but the movie itself was pretty stinky, in my opinion. I'm glad I waited for netflix, and didn't bother catching it in the theater. The synopsis of the film reads better than the movie played out.

The viral marketing of Cloverfield was excellent - but I just wasn't engaged by the film. The characters bored me, and the monster seemed unimpressive both in design and implementation, even for a "giant beast". It made 78% on rotten tomatoes, or 5.8 out of 10 on metacritic, which makes me think that I must be in the minority for disliking it so much. It seems that the movie critics liked it more than the bulk of "civilian" viewers.

In my opinion, if you want a good, fun horror movie with monsters and a sense of fun - Skip Cloverfield, and get your hands on Swarm of the Snakehead, instead. If you want a cool *giant* monster movie, try The Host. Cloverfield just didn't have what it takes to impress me.

In other movie news - Hancock is rated 35% at rottentomatoes. I wonder what's killing it for most folks - I haven't seen it yet. That's less than Get Smart and Harold & Kumar, which I'd figure were worse.

Flicks out now that I want to see:

Wall-E (wins over any other item showing right now.)

In no particular order - (except that of my memory)

Hellboy 2
Take Out
Dark Knight (ok, I'm tired of making links - cut and paste as needed, dear journal.)
Space Chimps
Indiana Jones 4
The Fall - (has it gone out of theaters yet?)
Gonzo - (Hunter Thompson pic, not the muppet)
Visitor (has that left?)

Is there something I missed? I imagine BHK wants to see the Sex in the City and The American Girl flicks, both of which are ok by me too.

We had Dagwoods at home for dinner with the in-laws...sat around and watched Oxford Blues, which really did nothing for me. I avoided seeing it in my high school years, so I guess a 25 year reprieve is about the most I could ask for. The sammiches were delicious - I made a stack of zucchini and cheese on fresh bread that was fantastic. sweet bread and butter pickles, some honey mustard, and lettuce from the garden made for a monster sammich, but the corn was the clear winner. Certainly the freshest and most tasty of the year thus far. I went through 3 ears.

The local neighbor (the one that was looking for $11 a week or so ago) came by again, looking for garlic to make chicken alfredo, but we didn't have any for her.

Abba will ‘never’ perform again - Swedish supergroup Abba will “never” perform on stage again, two of the band’s members have said.

Random thought - If I were invulnerable and professional superhero, I'd never wear shoes unless I was someplace that they were required by law.

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This week seemed to go more swiftly than imagined, and today was pretty dang full of stuff.

Shots, then swung by Trott's farmers market for corn, zucchini (we need zucchini?!?) and eggplant (we need eggplant?!?)

BHK is veggie-crazed, and wants more of the tasty stuff than our victory garden is producing. Mystery veggie is pumpkins after all - we'll have some gourds to carve for Halloween! (they sprung from the seeds of the rotting pumpkins we tossed into the garden area last November.)

We picked up the in-laws, and hit the Selby Sub Shoppe - white pizza for Chris, Hamburger for Larry, Chicken Parm for BHK, and a black bean for me. They make their own bread, and it was all really tasty!

Came home, cooled our heels a bit and then went to go see the US Navy band play a free concert on the boardwalk by the bay. The bluegrass band went into more mainstream country and southern rock - they were quite skilled, though still had a little newbie edges on 'em. The singer was 2 days into the band, and his voice was excellent. I wonder what the difference between "Musician, 1st Class" and "Chief Musician" is in rank and pay grade for the Navy? The Banjo guy was my fave of the lot.

Mother in law, reading the local news while we were at the free concert on the bay.
Note the vital sombrero placement in the picture.

We all came home, and had ice cream while watching Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. (I hadn't seen it since the theater.)

The folks left, and now BHK is asleep, leaning on me while I watch and old Episode of Star Trek - The Cloud Minders - I don't even remember this one, and it seems for good reason... the writing and acting were of a lower par than usual.

mp3 link to current music (no relation to the band we just saw) -  - mp3 -jersey-walk

MIT scientists just figured out how to make solar energy forty times more efficient in a manner that allows one to upgrade old solar cells too!

Ray Gun Puts Voices Inside Your Head - The Sierra Nevada Corporation claimed this week that it is ready to begin production on the MEDUSA, a damned scary ray gun that uses the ‘microwave audio effect’ to implant sounds and perhaps even specific messages inside people’s heads.

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Dick Martin died. Why does this make me feel bad or nostalgic? Laugh-in was old hat before I was born, but I loved seeing it on Nick at Nite.

Forgot to mention the awesome sub/pizza shop discovered on Saturday. Selby Sub Shoppe - found when we took a wrong turn looking for Thai food. Best mistake we could've made. Larry was especially happy that he didn't have to consume anything involving curry or green beans. He got chicken wings, while BHK, Chris and I gobbled down some white pizza... with red sauce on the side.

So good. Also good was the lemon coconut cake, lemon pie, chocolate mousse pie and the lemon cookies. We seem to have an inordinate amount of lemon fondness in our desserts.

Random statement - I don't think that Andy Kaufman was very funny, even in a meta-way. Entertainingly random, at best.

Current music - The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

'cause I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.
If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

'cause I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine if you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

'cause I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.

BHK got her first filling today - her personal tooth-care is far superior to mine.

Dreamt last night of being at the Disney lagoon - BHK and I were swimming with giant sharks, eels - no fish was smaller than half my size, most of them were between 30-40 feet long. At one point I was kidnapped, and was told that if I escaped, my entire family would be killed. I grabbed the person and immobilized him by snapping his arms and legs off like dried twigs - when I went to finish him, the police showed up and told me that his brain shouldn't be damaged, as they needed it to ge tthe information on how he would hurt folks. I didn't care to see him live, but I relented - though only if I could pack his head with salt and ash. That was ok with the police, who decapitated him, and put his noggin in a clear tube for analysis... the head was somehow still alive, but as long as he couldn't speak, he couldn't hurt us... some sort of vampire, or lich, maybe?

Adam is home from Haiti - note form MVW

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your prayers! Adam returned home safely this past Saturday evening. He did have his Dad take him to the Hospital late Saturday evening because he was not feeling well. He had something called "Acute Pharyngitis" but he is feeling much better now!
I finally was able to catch up with him at our friends home, Sven and Mary Thulin's, last night. He promises to catch up with us soon and let us know some of the highlights of his trip.
A few things he did mention last night were:
Haiti has a 4% employment rate. 80% of the people are under the poverty line. 55% make less then a dollar/ day. He went to a town called Petit Goave for 3 days. They had no bathrooms to use, but only the Caribbean Sea for these 200 people. Adam's team helped build a shelter out of tree branches and metal.
He was impressed with the local church they had in the center of the little town. He said "their faith is very strong and their worship is very intense." One of the most important things I heard him say was that "As poor as they were, they were very content considering their situation".
I guess, sometimes we just need to hear these things to remind ourselves of how blessed we really are.[...]

A small group in Santa Fe, New Mexico is claiming that the city is discriminating against them by having wireless networks in public buildings. How are these buildings discriminatory? Simple. These people are allergic to Wi-Fi.

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Originally published at The Scotto Grotto. You can comment here or there.

“I Hope That Something Better Comes Along”

(Rowlf & Kermit–both voiced by Jim Henson–sing their laments about women after Miss Piggy just walked out on her date with Kermit)

(Dialogue Intro)
Rowlf: Lemme guess: broken heart, right?
Kermit: Does it show?
Rowlf: Listen…when you’ve been tickling the ivories as long as I have, you’ve seen a broken heart for every drop of rain, a shattered dream for every fallen star!
Kermit: Exactly. She just walked out on me.
Rowlf: Ah, typical. That’s why I live alone.
Kermit: You do, huh?
Rowlf: (plays piano) Yep. I finish work, go home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take myself for a walk and go to bed.
Kermit: Nice and simple.
Rowlf: Stay away from women. That’s my motto.
Kermit: But I can’t.
Rowlf: Neither can I. That’s my trouble…

You can’t live with ‘em, you can’t live without ‘em.
There’s somethin’ irresistabullish about ‘em.
We grin and bear it ’cause the nights are long.
I hope that somethin’ better comes along.

Kermit: (spoken): Yeah, I know what you mean…

It’s no good complainin’ and pointless to holler.
If she’s a beauty she’ll get under your collar.
She made a monkey out of old King Kong,
I hope that somethin’ better comes along.

Ah, but what could be better than a saucy Irish setter
When puppy love comes on strong?
Or a collie that’s classy, a laddie needs a lassie,
A lover and wife gives you a new leash on life.

Kermit: (spoken): Uh, Rowlf, was that a new ‘leash’ on life?
Rowlf: (spoken): Oh yeah…sorry about that.

I don’t mean to scare ya, my friend, but I betcha
Come “Father’s Day”, the litter bug’s gonna getcha;
The urge is righteous, but the face is wrong.
I hope that somethin’ better comes along.

Still, it’s fun when they’re fetching,
And agree to see an etching
That you keep at your lily pad.
There is no solution, it’s part of evolution,
You’ll sooner hear the soles,
The little feet of tadpoles.

Kermit: (spoken) Ah, Rowlf, tadpoles don’t have feet!
Rowlf: (spoken) Oh. Sorry about that…. 2, 3, 4.

There’s no limitation to mixin’ and matchin’
Some get an itchin’ for a critter they’ve been scratchin’.
A skunk was badgered the results were strong.
I hope that somethin’ better,
I hope that somethin’ better,
I hope that somethin’ better comes along!!!
Rowlf: Beep bop bidder da dum dum bum bum bum!

Rowlf: (spoken): It’s not often you see a guy that green have the blues that bad!

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"I Hope That Something Better Comes Along"

(Rowlf & Kermit--both voiced by Jim Henson--sing their laments about women after Miss Piggy just walked out on her date with Kermit)

(Dialogue Intro)
Rowlf: Lemme guess: broken heart, right?
Kermit: Does it show?
Rowlf: Listen...when you've been tickling the ivories as long as I have, you've seen a broken heart for every drop of rain, a shattered dream for every fallen star!
Kermit: Exactly. She just walked out on me.
Rowlf: Ah, typical. That's why I live alone.
Kermit: You do, huh?
Rowlf: (plays piano) Yep. I finish work, go home, read a book, have a couple of beers, take myself for a walk and go to bed.
Kermit: Nice and simple.
Rowlf: Stay away from women. That's my motto.
Kermit: But I can't.
Rowlf: Neither can I. That's my trouble...

You can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em.
There's somethin' irresistabullish about 'em.
We grin and bear it 'cause the nights are long.
I hope that somethin' better comes along.

Kermit: (spoken): Yeah, I know what you mean...

It's no good complainin' and pointless to holler.
If she's a beauty she'll get under your collar.
She made a monkey out of old King Kong,
I hope that somethin' better comes along.

Ah, but what could be better than a saucy Irish setter
When puppy love comes on strong?
Or a collie that's classy, a laddie needs a lassie,
A lover and wife gives you a new leash on life.

Kermit: (spoken): Uh, Rowlf, was that a new 'leash' on life?
Rowlf: (spoken): Oh yeah...sorry about that.

I don't mean to scare ya, my friend, but I betcha
Come "Father's Day", the litter bug's gonna getcha;
The urge is righteous, but the face is wrong.
I hope that somethin' better comes along.

Still, it's fun when they're fetching,
And agree to see an etching
That you keep at your lily pad.
There is no solution, it's part of evolution,
You'll sooner hear the soles,
The little feet of tadpoles.

Kermit: (spoken) Ah, Rowlf, tadpoles don't have feet!
Rowlf: (spoken) Oh. Sorry about that.... 2, 3, 4.

There's no limitation to mixin' and matchin'
Some get an itchin' for a critter they've been scratchin'.
A skunk was badgered the results were strong.
I hope that somethin' better,
I hope that somethin' better,
I hope that somethin' better comes along!!!
Rowlf: Beep bop bidder da dum dum bum bum bum!

Rowlf: (spoken): It's not often you see a guy that green have the blues that bad!


Jun. 16th, 2000 09:38 pm
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I thought I spent yesterday driving through the night, my eyes on fire, burning into the heart of your love, but April told me I just passed out listening to Whitesnake.

Originally published at The Scotto Grotto. You can comment here or there.


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