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Hap-Pye New(t) Year!

Something I post at the top of every new year, and I appreciate the words more with every additional trip around the sun.

Love is
is not rude,
it is not self seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices in truth.
It always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.

-1 Corinthians 13:5&6

453 entries in 2008. (417 in '07,618 in '06, 975 in '05, 716 in '04)

At this rate, I'll break 10,000 entries by this time next year... of course, some entries are beefier than others.. I've been cheating a bit with the picture posts - still haven't done a breakdown of my holiday loot yet!

But for now, a recap of recent history -

BHK took Amy to Urgent care last night, as her dog bite was getting more infected - worried about swelling and red marks. While they were at the doc's, Shaun and I played Easter Island (I won!), and watched Bones on TV with my in-laws. The girls got back about 45 minutes later, and Amy's wound was freshly cleaned and re-wrapped with gauze.

After the ball dropped, the in-laws headed off, and the rest of us played witch trial into the wee hours. (BHK took that one, but Amy wasn't far behind. I really thought I would win! d'oh!)

Amy, Shaun W, BHK, the in-laws and I rose at about 10am, (after staying up until 3ish) and headed off to Gina's Cantina for a nibble on some tasty brunch. No sign of Tyson or Gina, but the food was tasty and abundant, as usual.

BHK napped a bit and then did some work while Amy & I play Lego star wars / Mario Land 8 on the wii for about 4 hours. I feel pretty guilty about that - I wish we had another controller, or could have played something amongst the three of us.

Amy grew concerned about her issue - BHK went out to get some fresh bandages for her, and if she doesn't feel significantly better by tomorrow morning, she'll probably head home.

My earache also started kicking up - could not eat dinner tonight as it hurt to chew. Going to the doc tomorrow, so my appointment timing is good.

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Farewell, 2008! It was a pretty nice time, all told.

In attendance to watch the ball drop (and play some Arkham horror, Witch Trial, If Wishes were fishes, Easter Island, etc)

[edit - I won Easter Island, Either Amy or BHK won Witch Trial(I have since forgotten) , Nobody won Arkham Horror(AIEE!), and Shaun won If Wishes Were Fishes.]

BHK, the in-laws, Shaun W, and Amy all made it to hang out, eat snacks, and stay up until the extra :60 rolls over.

until I recap more, have some spooky christmas decoration photos taken up the street.


and a few more not so scaries, including caveman scotto's first window display.


Cheers, and much love in the new year, dear journal!

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A quick lunchtime fill-in.

More Flurries this morning - I've been having a rough time lately with my back and the cold, but it's getting a bit better as I go.

Moodwise,  I've been feeling pretty down here and there for the last month or so - Stress, back issues, and some poor gut-level stuff. I'm working on feeling better about things - I just have to remind myself that there is a positive destination in sight. I'm glad that BHK and the kitties are on my team, and that my teeth are all fixed.

Some good things ahead - 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming, Computer seems to be working well.

BHK and I have made some headway with new friends - The Manspergers and Shaun W. It's always nice to meet nice people and goof with them. Alice came out of the woodwork, and we spent the day with her at the museum after a spot of lunch at papermoon.

One or two of our other friends have dwindled into the mists recently - Who knows if we'll get a chance to hang out for the holiday(s) in the next month or so? I haven't really seen hide nor hair of Tina or Cyn - maybe BHK and I can lure some folks (new or old) up to Gina's Cantina for some snackies sometime soon.

Speaking of snackies - BHK made some pea soup, with a side of boca burger sammich (replay of yesterday's foodies).... good stuff, just right for the weather today. I'd best get on that.

In other news -
I still have no beard.

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Let's see - what's new?

Well, Shaun W came over for supper with BHK and me - veggie/stuffed cabbage, mac & cheese, and a ton of snacks.

Played -

Monty Python Fluxx - Cute game, I like it! Shaun Won.

Early American Chrononauts - A classic - BHK won.

The a-MAZE-ing labyrinth - BHK won, yet again.

Me, I got a good dinner and some fun chitty-chat time with folks. I'm good :)

Oh yeah, and Obama swept the presidential election! Good on you, Big O! He's got a lot of work ahead of him - I hope he's up to the task!

We may make game night a semi-regular occurrence, but I can't do the past 11pm thing on a "school night". Staying up late for the election was a special circumstance, and I'm glad I did.

Additional - looks like it's time for a new power supply for D1000y ( ) . While I was dressing for work this morning, BHK called me over to have a whiff - the poor guy smells like burning christmas tree lights. I rather hope it's just the PSU - and nothing else major. Until a fix or replace, surfing from pyecam lappie, I guess!


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