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longer day than expected, though shorter than it might`ve been. i had a productive day... finally got some issues ironed out that had needed doing since before I started there.

the red line driver is in full tourist mode- speaking like a conductor from sometime during the turn of the century.

hopping on the ft totten soon - everyone aboard is just a bit moistened by the misting rain and oppressive humidity.

not sure how well formatted this entry will be, dear journal - entering it on the phone from the mobile website.

arrived at fort totten - has the distinct aroma of sweat and maybe corn chips. many people with bikes getting on the green line headed to greenbelt.

got psyched out by a no passender blowby that turned into a yellow line. green is far in the future at 5 min away.

gently going forward `cause i can`t find reverse

muscles and bones - skin and hair... so many types of people in so many combinations... i marvel a bit that there was a time that I`d never seen people that spoke another language, or had eyes that weren`t blue.

i still wonder about "everyone has a double"... i`ve been confused for someone else on several occasions, and i am a pretty distinct person... or is it because i`m not of average height or weight that people assign fewer details to me or my doubles?

i`m dang hungry.

one of my coworkers was mugged by his cab driver on friday night - he stopped at an atm to pay and the driver got greedy. it seems. you`ve got to wonder if the cab company is liable? he filed a police report - lacerated and broken ribs.

bhk made tasty oatmeal cookies with chovco chips last night... made a good snack while playing poker with graypumpkin & katt in red dead redemption.

i brought a plate of `em to mr wood next door... he was in the hospital for a week with a collapsed lung... it has since been reinflated and he`s able to walk without oxygen.

since i started working, i haven`t seen too much of chis and mandy... we`re overdue a game night. maybe sometime when van or shawnw is visiting we csn do a little poker or morris. (or kings table?)

today, my brother turns 38. i haven`t heard much from or about him lately.. most news from mom is about her granddaughter these days, though bhk has my mom knitting again.,

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Went to Verizon to get new phones, but that just didn't happen. Too much "used car salesmanship" at that dealer- maybe we'll go to another location. I'm due a phone upgrade. BHK, Chris and I have different approaches to the hard sell - I just don't want to deal with them. Give me a soft soap, and no moroccan banter... just a bottom line, thanks.

Job Search is going pretty well this week already - Got a call for an interview on Friday.We'll see how it goes!

Caught up my LJ - a little cheating, but I didn't want to forget those items.

Writing project with Ray, Kat, Pam, Robert and others on a RPG / collaborative fiction idea. I'll be interested in seeing where it goes.

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