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Chris's Merto car conked out - (re-parked with the ignition on) BHK got her from the metro prior to my pickup. She couldn't reach Larry - his cellpohne was turned off. As a result, Chris came with us to dinner with Tina, at Mexico.

Supper was good, we all chit-chatted a bit - Tina's going to the inauguration - I'm passing - too crowded and mobby for me. Best to just stay home and enjoy coverage via the news while I relax in my jammies.


Newton leaping down from his perch - BHK relocated Pyecam for a more worm's eye view. Newtcam seems less active these days - time to open the windows, maybe.

A demo for Kloonigames' Crayon Physics Deluxe is now available for download (Windows XP and Vista only).
Only the first two islands (eighteen levels in total) are playable in the trial version. Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo and FAQ(Kloonigames)

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Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

Went to Matt's place for gingerbread decoration with Tina, Cookie, and assorted other folks.


BHK got most creative, for her Day of the Dead Skull on an upside-down snowman.

Batman was also pretty spiffy, too.

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Still feeling a smidgen overtired and generally weary.

I think it's just been from all the hubbub at work and family-wise. I think being stressed about the bro has given me some clenched muscles and attitude issues, which I am trying to work with, too.

BHK made some awesome quiche for supper... I know how spoiled I am. Two types - broccoli and cheddar, and soy-sausage with mozzarella. Sides of potato cakes, and more broccoli & cheese.

Comfort food for a cool temperature evening. Good stuff.

I'm going back to my 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 year ago archives soon - maybe this entry. I've been terribly lax about entries.. just been too busy.. or too tired from being too busy to write much.

Watched the first installment of Feasting on Waves. Alton Brown has a good gig going for him... getting his company to send him sailing around the Caribbean, sampling food and just taking in the life there.

doing archive now, reminded me that I got a flu shot again this year, last Saturday, along with allergy shots... and we saw Tina and Matt on the Boardwalk this time last year, too! When I mention getting a flu shot to people, most seem to say "Oh, I don't do that" like it's something terrible. I don't know... they seem to work for me.

I'll include more pictures from the ghost walk, corn maze and other goodies sooner or later - they're all at my flickr account already - just a matter of putting them here.

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Tooth is still giving me minor fits. Antibiotic seems to be taking it down, though. It was a little hard to chew supper, but it was quite tasty.

BHK went thrifting yesterday with Tina - got some good loot - a few chick-lit books for herself, a kepler and his mom on witch trial book for me, along with a white dress shirt, also for me - some brand new kitchen knives. (as opposed to what... bathroom knives? office knives?)

Additionally, when she got my antibiotics at the drugstore, she picked me up yellow and red canisters of drying model clay. could be handy to make some game pieces, or just silly fun sculptures and items. It'll be good practice for future sculpey stuff.

Seeing BQ.. erm, SaH reminded me that BHK and I are long overdue for a meal at the vegetable garden. Rockville isn't all that far away and despite what R.E.M. says, I could hit the Micro Center up there, too. I'd also like to visit Yuan Fu, which was our alternate plan if VG was closed.

I guess that since I do crab and shrimp that I'm more of a pescetarian than a true veggie.

One of the most nifty game ideas in a long time - levelhead - it uses a hand-held solid-plastic cube as its only interface. On-screen it appears each face of the cube contains a little room, each of which are logically connected by doors. In one of these rooms is a character. By tilting the cube the player directs this character from room to room in an effort to find the exit.

check out the video demo to get a good idea how it works.

Also - it looks like the Ghostbusters game is in a bit of trouble... may not get released - at least for a while. It looks good, and the chance for another year of development might even make it worth the wait.

Looks like LJ usership is drooping - Stats as of the moment -

How many users, and how many of those are active?

  • Total accounts: 16234592
  • ... active in some way: 1801088
  • ... that have ever updated: 9622881
  • ... updating in last 30 days: 973782
  • ... updating in last 7 days: 550314
  • ... updating in past 24 hours: 194650

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Since we saw the fireworks on the bay yesterday (fireworks at beaches are staggered - different cities do them on different days so you can attend them all week and weekend long), we did our own today. Matt and Tina came back over, as did Chris and Larry.

Matt helped me quite a bit with the grill and lighting of the pyrotechnics. We ate leftovers from the 3rd, still plenty of burgers, corn, and mac&cheese for the eating!

Not much aside form that, dear journal!

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Alan, JC, Denise, Tina, Matt, Chris, Larry - visited briefly by Adam, Joey, Jimmy, Amanda and Adam's School roommate next year (Mike? - No, Matt!) whose name I forget.

Special Guest was Chae-pooch! 10 year old chihuahua, looks like a little doll, but is feisty!


Fireworks were excellent - not as crowded as we expected.

Lunch at Tina's was good, despite the lateness - we can be a collective of procrastination... fortunately it is a known variable.

BHK has learned about expelling anal ducts in dogs... her desire for a puppy isn't as great as it was.. but that only redoubles the want for ducks, llamas and more kitties.

A good time was had by all.

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Went Yard-"sailing" this morning with Tina and BHK - Mostly a bust, but one stop got us a half-dozen unopened buried blueprints puzzles (forgive the ebay link - they're out of print.), copies of mastermind and upwords, a couple of good books, Max Payne 2 , recipe software, not to mention some other loot that BHK picked up for a total of $8.

I stopped off at the doc's for shots, bhk and Tina hit wal-mart for some supplies.

After, we hit fab brew, where I got an Italian Soda (cherry), BHK and Tina each got some sort of coffee drink, and then we bounced over to Gallo's Deli it just opened this week - I got a 3-cheese sub, bhk got meatball and Tina got Turkey & cheese. We'll be back - it's pretty average right now, but they're still getting things in order - it's no Selby bay sub shop, but they're three blocks away from the house, and there's a lot of potential there.

Came back home, crashed out for a nap.

Got up, hung out with the in-laws while they worked the garden, hot dogs, garden green beans and roasted corn for supper! We ate late, and I consumed far too much delicious food.

Watched some National Treasure, Fawlty Towers (drunk chef with a thing for Manuel episode), a moment of the Brothers Solomon (don't bother) and Army of Darkness.

If you’re heading out to the G-Fest in July, you’ve got a treat in store: the premiere of Godzilla Zero Hour, a high-quality fan film about Tokyo’s notorious mega-monster Godzilla fighting giant flaming, flying turtle Gamera.

Scientists think that Mars' alkaline soil might be able to grow asparagus.

Although he said further tests would have to be conducted, Mr Kounaves said the soil seemed "very friendly... there is nothing about it that is toxic," he said. "It is the type of soil you would probably have in your back yard -- you know, alkaline. You might be able to grow asparagus in it really well."

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Had a lovely time shopping for Alan's b'day present wrapping after my standard morning's shots. Got a haircut (contrary to photo, I don't plan on gelling it into a faux-hawk regularly), Lunched at Ledo's, but I think the stop off at *$ for a little coffee drink took gave BHK a bit of sourbelly, so we headed home, napped and listened to the gumball-sized hail fall unexpectedly from the sky. (There were also tornado warnings, but no sign of that.)

The weather eased while we waited for the in-laws to get ready for the party... we were aiming for a launch time of about 5pm, and we left circa 6:40. Fortunately, we took Chris's eternal case of time dilation into account, so we got there only about 10 minutes late.

Alan's party was nice - quite a diverse group of people there, drunks and non-drunks - I finally got to meet JC and Mamacita, but Mamacita didn't bring her Chihuahua with - maybe next time. I'd say the little house had about 50 people in it at prime time - they hired a doorman, bartender, and a few waiters - but it was a truly casual and pleasant outing... not a lot of seating, but standing wasn't bad, thanks to my epidural earlier in the week.

He didn't open his goodies - his true b'day is Sunday... I imagine he'll like the blooming tea.

Tina and Matt were there - looks like Matt's losing some weight - Good for him!

Interesting stuff. -(to me, anyhow) Built-in command line windows security tools.

RIP - Bill Elder.

for a quick minute of fun - played in browser. -Robokill.

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9054 - fri

Nov. 9th, 2007 11:05 pm
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BHK, Chris and I went to Ledo's for supper... Tina and Matt might've gone with us, but they opted not to go. I figure they'll be more interested in socializing later on down the line.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for an adult female in the United States is 63.8 inches (5 feet, 3.8 inches) and for a man it is 69.2 inches (5 feet, 9.2 inches)

That seems a bit shorter than the average women I see every day, but about right for men.

I wonder if the height difference between women and men contributes very much to gender roles?

random statement - I'm in the mood for popcorn.

another random statement - I'd like to see the northern lights.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


You're not Northern, Southern, or Western, you're just plain -American-. Your national identity is more important than your local identity, because you don't really have a local identity. You might be from the region in that map, which is defined by this kind of accent, but you could easily not be. Or maybe you just moved around a lot growing up.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Strange Maps reproduces a map from the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies showing UFO incidents per capita by county in the contiguous US.

Hm. Somehow, I'd have thought Florida would've been more populous.. or the whole east coast for that matter.

Two Reasons I know it's important for me to think long and hard before getting a tattoo. In addition to the artwork, I like the mottoes - "Malamor" and "Nehil" / "I should not be", respectively.

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All Halloween pix can be found here

A sampling - Pye made an Excellent Halloween Cat. Newt did better once he was holed up in the bedroom -  I kept worrying that he was going to take off every time we opened the door. BHK was very cute in her orange outfit and devil horns. 


I was very curious to see how many kids would come a-knockin'... we got a ton of candy, and I'd rather some tykes got it over me! Just as well that Chris and Larry brought reinforcements candy-wise... our two huge bags weren't enough! My Favorite costume was a kid in an Optimus Prime Transformers set-up.. all hand made from cardboard boxes and tinfoil.

Tina came by after work - she didn't want to go straight home as she had no candy to give kids.

Teeth too sensitive for hot soup / cold drinks tonight... I see the dentist in 2 weeks, hopefully we can fix it.

We got our money back into our account already! I'm pretty impressed at the speed, there. I'm really glad it was recovered without a hitch, and that the fraud was discovered quickly.

Even if My Name is Earl has jumped the shark, I still like the term "Sniper Puppet!"

I look pretty standard there - Test is here.

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Hm, approaching 9000 entries. How many days has this thing been active? Let's ask date and time.

From and including: Friday, May 19, 2000

To and including: Thursday, September 13, 2007

It is 2674 days from the start date to the end date, end date included

Or 7 years, 3 months, 26 days including the end date.

So, I'm still catching up to the old many quick posts a day to the newer, usually one-post per day. I still have an average of what... about three and a third posts a day if I take the whole into account?

Shopped for b'day presents tonight - we have gift cards from B&N, and we use 'em! We got our reward of a choco-chip cookie or two to take the shopping edge off, but zonked out as soon as we got home. I got to feeling a bit creaky near the end of our expedition... I really need to change out of work shoes once I've left work.

Ate at DuClaw and had the Brew sampler (You get a 4 oz taste of all the beers that they have on tap at that time.)- not bad! I rather liked a few of the microbrews, and getting an a lot of soft-pretzel related meal items made it quite the little pseudo-bavarian event. Twisted Kilt wasn't my fave, though BHK liked it - I think I was more partial to the BA Blonde Ale or the Misfit Red ale. The Crab dip was a bit spicy.

Planned for Saturday - Sept. 15
Deale Bluegrass Festival & Car Show: to be held at Herrington Harbour No. Marina.

Sponsored by: Deale Merchants Assoc.

Featuring: Mountain Heart, Blue Highway, Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain, Country Gentleman, and Good Deale Bluegrass Band.

Car Show: Cars Limited to 1975 and older. Registration 7-11 am. Trophies will be awarded.

Gates Open: 10 a.m. Admission: $30. Children under 10 FREE, Parking FREE

Info. 410-867-6707.

Chris isn't going, so it'll just be BHK, Larry and me. It'll be a full day and the weather looks great - low to mid-70s, low cloud cover.

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8930 - Sat

Jul. 28th, 2007 05:18 pm
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An abandoned village in Italy. The Village redux? (Found when looking for an abandoned radio facility near where I live)

I'm really happy that the coloringbook community is getting some action. Thanks peradouro !

Fantasy Island - minisode... what a great idea. trim all the fat out of classic tv shows, and distill 'em into 5 minute chunks. the one I linked to is a "Most Dangerous game" type plot - Chuck Connors guest stars as a big game hunter who wants to hunt Mr. Roarke like an animal.

quiz )

Girls (TM, Amy, and BHK) are off to watch tennis and do some shopping - I'm taking a little breather and slept in, and got a chance to catch up with some work that needed to be done at headquarters here. After Tennis - they stopped off at the Macaroni Grill.

BHK doodled me with my pyramid
nose on the provided paper.
<FW> from bhk's phone - me and my pyramid nose

Pye and Newt are getting along and chillaxing
with me on "Bachelor day" today.
8930 - 0728071543.jpg

When they get back, I figure we'll put in a few more hours of gaming, movie watching or what have you. I'll update on that tomorrow.

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Dreams of being in Colonial Williamsburg with BHK - pursued by the police in minuteman garb... muskets with bayonets, breeches, the full uniform of Paul Revere-type garb. Most disturbing were the tri-cornered hats and braided ponytail, tied with blue bows.

When we were spotted, they blew into a silver whistle - standard pipe style, and the tri-corner hats unfurled into flying stingrays, the ponytails becoming some sort of antenna or navigational aid - remaining attached to the hat rather than the colonial-style policeman. A high-pitched wailing rose up from them, not too unlike a police siren - fortunately they were easily dispatched by running indoors.

I have no idea what were were supposed to have done to warrant a chase. Maybe because we weren't dressed in period clothing?

Yeah, that's it... because colonist law enforcement used flying, screaming stingrays to fight crimes against continuity.

After work, BHK, Amy and I came back to the house and noshed on queso and pizza with the in-laws and TM - TM headed home before the pizza arrived, poor gal's beat after putting in a double time week. We watched Bridget Jone's Diary (the first time I'd seen it in one piece) and then after the in-laws left, the remainders put in a couple of rousing games of Chronoauts. It was better than I thought it'd be, and I had some fairly high hopes. I wouldn't mind getting Early American Chrononauts so we can play UberChronauts, now.

We still haven't done Chez Goth or Lunch Money yet, but perhaps tomorrow after the girls comeback from the tennis / shopping spree they have planned. I've started an account at board game geek just to keep track, at this point.

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Took Bugah & Co to Bob Evans for a farewell breakfast... MN was sneaky and footed the bill. We're going to have to work out some sort of system of permissions for bill catching! Poor Boog didn't want to head out, but Em seemed ready to head on home.

Relatively mellow after the fireworks on the 3rd. More grilling of hot dogs and veggie burgers (out of propane), Louise, Doug, Tina, Kendall, Adam and BHK all got together for some good eats and limited fireworks... every time we went somewhere to shoot off some airborne pretties, the police or a homeowner came out and said no sir, no sir. The fountains were quite pretty, anyhow. Areas we were blocked include the back yard, the private beach opposite the buildings, and "forbidden beach" which is public, but right next to some big homes. A fellow came out and took down the plate numbers of everyone parked there... sort of jerky behavior for the 4th. I can understand not wanting stuff too close to your house, but we were shooting the beach and it was just 9:30pm... not too late by any one's estimation. Ah well, the food was good and we all got to hang out a bit, and enjoy a midweek day off.

There was a tornado watch in DC - just as well that we didn't head to that mob scene. The National Mall was briefly evacuated around 5 p.m., forcing the thousands gathered for 4th of July festivities to take shelter in nearby monuments and federal government buildings. By 7 p.m. the Mall was re-opened, though everyone had to pass back through security checkpoints set-up in the area again.

We headed home - BHK and I just enjoyed a little peace and quiet come the end of the day... not a bad thing at all.

adam and em
[attach 4th of july google video here]

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Had a lovely night last night – BHK made falafel, (including marinated cukes and feta cheese) along with some really good potatoes with dill for TM, the in-laws and me… it was really delicious. Tina seems a little glum over DR’s absence, but he’ll be along fairly soon for vacation. They all left fairly soon after dinner, and we did some light chores hither and yon both before and after our visitors were at the HQ.

We still haven’t watched Borat… I suspect that it’ll get absorbed into us by next midweek, whenever TM can make it over for more than an hour in front of the TV. (And not watch Dresden )

Still getting used to some aspects of married life – seeing someone lurking (i.e. innocently petting Pyewacket in the living room) around the house in the middle of the night while I’m half-asleep, shutting down for the evening. That makes me yelp, which in turn makes her yelp, leading into a low-end feedback loop of startled-ness for a moment. Flipside, she also makes me break into hysterical laughter fairly regularly. (American Idol the night before last, as an example - I have no idea why I was cracking up so much.)

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Work is interviewing for the network position today. I wonder when or if they’ll be asking me to sit with them today? I’m curious about the number of applicants.

When playing punch buggy my eyes tend to detect color first, then shape. I’m much less likely to see a white, black, gray/silver or navy blue bug than standouts like yellow, red or the brighter variants of blue and green. However, The “toaster” look of the Honda element is a good standout for me over colors. I can lock onto one of those much more easily than the bug. The dual-color ones seem to be easier for me to spot than the one-tones.

I have to dig up my birth certificate in order to get my driver’s license. It seems that my Florida state id isn’t enough. Bah.

Didn’t mow the lawn, and didn’t roto-till the garden, as it was too wet from the lovely rainy weekend. That’ll probably happen next Saturday.

Tomorrow, I’ll have been working for the county a month. That seems odd to me, somehow. I guess Friday will be a true work-month due to days off, etc.

Tina’s back from points elsewhere today, so we’ll probably have her over for an early dinner of falafel tonight. After that, I’m going to have to get one the stick, regarding the quest for more continuous employment.

Limited News source says that there are 21 dead at Virginia tech [edit- 32 dead, 28 wounded] – I don’t get how this happens. How broken in the head does a person have to be to run around a campus and start killing people with twin 9mm pistols? Sadly, my first mental image was that of the Shadow, with twin .45s barking out hot metal justice, but he’s a pulp fiction vigilante, not an actual insane non-fictional type being.

Found out that bro is breaking his probation already – Mom and WV went down to where they’d set his apartment up, and discovered that the place was empty. His probation officer called her looking for him, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s back in the clink. Turns out neither his rent, cell phone bill, nor his car insurance have been paid, so he’ll be driving with a suspended license in an uninsured vehicle. I’ll be checking the net periodically to let me know if he’s back in the pokey. [edit - he was evicted on 4/11]

I think I like stones and jewelry made from organic substances more than inorganic.

Pearls, amber, mastodon ivory, bone in general all had some sort of life-aspect about them before they were put into settings or whatnot.

Could the ghost of an oyster / tree haunt pearls / amber?

JD offered me some deer meat that he got while hunting. He bagged 13 last season, gave 10 to the hungry, and kept 3 in his freezer. The county electrician is apparently a great butcher.

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easter eggs!
Coloring eggs with BHK and Tina!

Easter – Had a lovely dinner with the in-laws, Tina and BHK. Quite a large spread was put out by the crew… not your usual Sunday brunch. At about 5ish, we had all manner of foodies – deviled eggs, cheese & crackers, rolls, green beans teriyaki with almonds, squash/ eggplant/ green peppers, baby carrots, ham, turkey & gravy, new potatoes and yams. Burp. Got some lovely Easter baskets from the in-laws, too.. mine had a lovely plant and a nice collection of chocolate misc.

My favorite treat was from BHK – a jar full of blue jellybeans with little gummi-style fireflies inside. (Gumballs also lined the top and bottom). It’s really cute, and I’m a sentimental softie when it comes to fireflies in general.

After dinner, we watched the sweetest thing – a slow starter, but dumb-funny after it gets rolling. More oral references than I’d thought might be in a movie of that ilk.

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Shacks seen in SOMd while road tripping with BHK.

More karaoke – I came in last, then jimmy and bhk – Tina barely lost to Adam by the narrowest of margins. We played on random… you had to sing whatever song was pulled out of a hat and I got 2 really hard ones in a row… both were songs I’d never heard before or at least was unfamiliar with – one was rap, and the other had a Spanish bit in the middle. For what it’s worth, everyone had some serious challenges. I was impressed that Tina’s singing skill was that well-honed. BHK now wants to get other Karaoke CDs with a broader selection of tunes. We drove around and saw the most ridiculously over-decorated house by one of the many historical graveyards nearby – if I had to seek shelter somewhere, I suspect I’d opt for the graveyard first. Also shown is an example of some abandoned shacks not far from the graves and bunny-fest.

easter wonderland, with graves.

pretty interesting model testing the eternal question of "do you get wetter walking or running to your destination in the rain?"

Start a Calc spreadsheet and enter the following formula in any cell and press enter:

=game("StarWars") will pop up a clone of the classic Space Invaders game

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Rode with Tina and BHK to urgent care over chest congestion – seems like sinus infections related to allergies is the rule of the day. Larry fixed our fence, and paced out the back yard for the garden.

Saw Joe Magnolia at the pharmacy funny how “Joe Magnolia-y” he looks. Black tracksuit, gray hair held back with tonic.

Received this text message on April fool’s. I have a strong idea where it came from, but I’m not too concerned about the content -

"you live amid lies and deception. you're being used. all you've suspected is real."

I counter with a picture of a garden gnome looking malicious.


He's really not that bad. He's Dowsing!


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run forrest!

Run, Forrest!

A bit shorter than I'd planned, but I think it looks ok. certainly good in the warmer weather that's coming. Spring has pretty much sprung. Green shoots are coming out of trees everywhere. (Not to mention a lot of pink and white buds on plant life, as well.)

Not sure about the cause, but I've been coughing today... to add injury to insult, I coughed so hard that I threw out my lower back. Walking is a bit of a chore... we went to the Amish Market but I wasn't up for a long trek through uneven terrain, so we went on a driving tour instead in the love cube (after BHK picked up a shoofly pie from one of the vendors). BHK's got a little ickies chasing her down, too.

Swung by Arizona Pizza for a later din-din with Tina, but between my ickies, and the general food quality of the place - not much was consumed by me. The visual ambience and smells were fantastic.. maybe it just takes a better server and/or ordering something different from the menu next time.

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