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I like that I live somewhere that still uses horse-drawn carriages alongside the jets. 

BHK and I finally viewed Watchmen last night – not bad.. I actually think I prefer the revised ending, though the characters itself needed a lot of explanation to BHK. I give it a 6/10… Better than it might’ve been.

BHK still has her cold – looks like it’s moving down from her sinus to her chest now – hopefully, it means she’s getting better.

Got Heron: Steam Machine for the Wii – or “Yet another pipes game” – it’s a lot of fun, and stress levels are high, especially in multiplayer.

Off to the grocery - going to get some filling for tonight's quiche feast!


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Slow to get up - Aiee monday, indeed. It took me a good hour or two to shake off the morning sleepies.

Made it to work with time to spare, I was welcomed by Franklin-cat - I'm going to get treats for him later.

Batman Brave & the Bold continues to be exceptional  - I really liked the recent Joker's 50's design is ... also "brake, choke, throttle, " my kind of car! comment was perfect.

Speaking of Throttle - Comcast returned - didn't call BHK to let her know they had come by - seems they had throttled down our connection because they couldn't figure out how to properly bill us? What? Anyhow, it is  back up to speed now. Just as well - Verison's service isn't in our area - our only other alternative is satellite-type stuff - Hughes net. That's the price we pay for living in a rural-ish area, I guess!

Grabbed subs, did $2 worth of scratch-off tickets (and won$2! - broke even), and headed home to watch Hancock  tonight - I thought it was pretty enjoyable, all told. I think the thing was to not expect "meteor man - drunk hero" throughout the whole film. I do have to wonder about the other super though... why was Hancock the only person being a hero? Just seeing the movie made me wonder if a Damage Control film was a viable thing - a ton of collateral damage.

I just figured out the cartoon I was whistling the song to earlier (singing to pyewacket and newt) - An Itch in Time - about 1:30 into the video

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Date night! Where are we off to? Christmas Lights in Annapolis, I think. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with BHK - it seem slong overdue.

I suspect that JJ Abrams will make it tough for me to interest BHK in the new star Trek movie. (She wasn't too crazy about Cloverfield... or Lost. or Fringe... or.. ) For that matter, I gave up on Season 2 of Lost, episode 1 of Fringe, and Swarm of the Snakehead is more my idea of a fun monster movie than Cloverfield. - all of which fairly split me from most of the Science Fiction fans out there.

However, I still want to see the new trek, even if it is 90210 in outer space, with Winona Ryder, and Bana as a Romulan with a Scottish Accent. I think I've got her sold on the gal who plays uhura and the guy from Harold and kumar.
per Kat - Google is hosting LIFE photo archives, free to view & print (as long as you're not trying to making money at it.) e
If the translation to English is to be trusted, Egypt's strongest man generates 240 horsepower, is medically exempt from working because he might hurt someone in the workplace, and, well, it just gets better from there. Oh, and HE'S NEVER SLEPT. (via delicious ghost)
misc thoughts recently, most from today -

Scott is ready for date night!

Scott is impressed by sublimation. (
It is a common experience to observe the disappearance of snow from the ground even though the temperature is below the freezing point and liquid water is never present.)

Scott believes that any tool is a weapon if you hold it right. (and vice versa).

Scott frequently prefers leftovers to the first time "put on the plate" food.

Scott loves working on the 11th floor. Snow is falling UP past my window.
Scott wouldn't bother with silver bullets to fight werewolves. Silver buckshot, maybe. 
Valve was offering Half-Life for just 98¢ in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company's debut title - I had to pick it up - I'm only a decade behind for not playing it! Even my brother had it for about 2 years, and I just never got around to it.

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Got my shots - minor reaction, but nothing tragic.

Met up with the in-laws, and headed to selby sub shoppe - pizza for all, I got a black bean burger and fries. Tasty as all get out!

We planned on heading to Annapolis after to go see Wall-E, but instead we stopped at Toys-R-Us, and picked up Marvel Heroscape and Good Ol' Scrabble.

Heroscape is cute.. sort of like heroclix or D&D miniatures. The fun thing is that it's cross-genre, so you can have cowboys shooting at zombies, fighting robots, ninjas, superheroes and cavemen all on the same board. (and if you like, you can make custom cards for units very easily - so you can have spongebob fighting a paperclip, if you want.) Basic rules are quick and easy... advanced rules look more fun, and maybe another moment or two to learn.

BHK and I opted to head back home after getting our loot - there was a storm brewing... even tornado warning, and we wanted to be curled up at home anyhow.
We swung by the ATW man - done up as a prospector - I'll try to get better photos of him later.

Watched some tube, lounged, and the in-laws came over - we half watched Micheal Clayton while we played scrabble - Chris dominated.. and she was half asleep. I'd hate to think of what sort of opponant she's make at full mental charge. Chris scored 258 to my 247 and BHK's 162 - and Chris laid all of her letters down first turn... accounting for 63 of those points! I was feeling a little sour-grapey, but not too much... our dictionary is a bit on the lightweight side... time to get something unabridged. The plus size was that it caused me to rethink words I'd use in a pinch... like "QI", but instead, items that are in more everyday language.

The folks went home, but BHK was still up for a wordgame, so we went with another - BHK dominated me at upwords - beat me by more than 40 points.

My brain is melted a bit.. until later, dear journal!

Upgrading the computer in the newtcam room at home - ordered 2 GB more ram for my system (Crucial 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB) DDR2 PC2-4200 UNBUFFERED NON-ECC 240-PIN DIMM, to be specific) -ups my desktop box to a proper 4 gig for less han $50, and a new video card - (EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB DDR3 Superclocked Edition PCI-Express Graphics Card (512-P3-N802-AR) - got it for less than half what it usally costs - $300 card for $160, less anothera $20 rebate for a total of $140

Super saver shipping means possibly slower send times, but the price was right, and I don't need it super soon.. I can wait a week or two.

SWAT team kills 2 dogs in raid on Md. mayor's home

BERWYN HEIGHTS, Md. — A SWAT team raided the home of a Washington, D.C.-area mayor, killing his two black Labrador retrievers and seizing an unopened package of marijuana delivered there.

Prince George's County Police said Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo brought a 32-pound package of marijuana into his home that had been delivered by officers posing as delivery men. The Tuesday evening raid was conducted by county police narcotics officers and a sheriff's office SWAT Team.

The package was addressed to Calvo's wife, Trinity Tomsic. His mother-in-law had asked the supposed delivery men to leave the package outside. Calvo has not been charged, though police said he, his wife and his mother-in-law are "persons of interest" in an ongoing investigation.

"We never opened the box. We have nothing to do with this box," Calvo said.

Sheriff's office spokesman Sgt. Mario Ellis says deputies "apparently felt threatened" when they shot the dogs.

Calvo said officers entered about 7:30 p.m., first shooting 7-year-old Payton. They then pursued 4-year-old Chase, who ran away and was shot by police from behind, he said.

Calvo said he doesn't have any idea how the package ended up at his house. He called the raid "the most traumatic experience" of his life.

Calvo, who called his town "Mayberry inside the Capital Beltway," gets a small stipend as mayor and works at the SEED Foundation, a nonprofit that runs public boarding schools for at-risk students. His wife works as a state finance officer.

"These were two beautiful black Labradors who were well-known in the community. We walked them twice a day; little kids knew their names and would come up to them and pet them," he said.

So... the police brought drugs to the house, and then raided him... but then didn't arrest or press any charges? They *did* however kill his two dogs.

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Opened the morning with Pancakes at the in-laws. I helped Larry remove the awning from the upstairs bedroom, to make room for french doors. I suspect the awning will be relocated to the bottom floor.

We all hung out and gabbed most of the day - I scoped out Larry's 30-30 and .22 pistol, and the model of the U.S.S. Constitution. I think that I'd like to head toward Baltimore sometime for a walking tour of the actual ship. (Hm, I may have to wait until 2010 for an underway demonstration with the restoration taking place, but walking tours are still good.)

Came home to rest and relax together for a bit - got a call from Danny - Janet has a gig! Working there for 2 weeks now, doing graphic design for an advertising company that produces campground maps (surrounded by business-card style adverts). I'm glad she found something, and hope that it's profitable, challenging and fun for her.

He liked Get Smart and Evan Almighty - Both of which he saw this weekend though he's not a bit Steven Carrell fan. I suspect that Get Smart will be something I enjoy - he does the "idiot in charge" role well... but I don't imagine I'll bother with Evan Almighty, unless something comes along to further interest me about it. He really liked Wall-E, too, but I imagine that goes without saying fro me.

BHK and I watched Cloverfield today. I'll say it from the get go.... it wasn't my thing. The shaky-cam didn't bother me at all, but the movie itself was pretty stinky, in my opinion. I'm glad I waited for netflix, and didn't bother catching it in the theater. The synopsis of the film reads better than the movie played out.

The viral marketing of Cloverfield was excellent - but I just wasn't engaged by the film. The characters bored me, and the monster seemed unimpressive both in design and implementation, even for a "giant beast". It made 78% on rotten tomatoes, or 5.8 out of 10 on metacritic, which makes me think that I must be in the minority for disliking it so much. It seems that the movie critics liked it more than the bulk of "civilian" viewers.

In my opinion, if you want a good, fun horror movie with monsters and a sense of fun - Skip Cloverfield, and get your hands on Swarm of the Snakehead, instead. If you want a cool *giant* monster movie, try The Host. Cloverfield just didn't have what it takes to impress me.

In other movie news - Hancock is rated 35% at rottentomatoes. I wonder what's killing it for most folks - I haven't seen it yet. That's less than Get Smart and Harold & Kumar, which I'd figure were worse.

Flicks out now that I want to see:

Wall-E (wins over any other item showing right now.)

In no particular order - (except that of my memory)

Hellboy 2
Take Out
Dark Knight (ok, I'm tired of making links - cut and paste as needed, dear journal.)
Space Chimps
Indiana Jones 4
The Fall - (has it gone out of theaters yet?)
Gonzo - (Hunter Thompson pic, not the muppet)
Visitor (has that left?)

Is there something I missed? I imagine BHK wants to see the Sex in the City and The American Girl flicks, both of which are ok by me too.

We had Dagwoods at home for dinner with the in-laws...sat around and watched Oxford Blues, which really did nothing for me. I avoided seeing it in my high school years, so I guess a 25 year reprieve is about the most I could ask for. The sammiches were delicious - I made a stack of zucchini and cheese on fresh bread that was fantastic. sweet bread and butter pickles, some honey mustard, and lettuce from the garden made for a monster sammich, but the corn was the clear winner. Certainly the freshest and most tasty of the year thus far. I went through 3 ears.

The local neighbor (the one that was looking for $11 a week or so ago) came by again, looking for garlic to make chicken alfredo, but we didn't have any for her.

Abba will ‘never’ perform again - Swedish supergroup Abba will “never” perform on stage again, two of the band’s members have said.

Random thought - If I were invulnerable and professional superhero, I'd never wear shoes unless I was someplace that they were required by law.

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May. 18th, 2008 10:09 pm
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cranky - I'm a sensitive / moody boy today -

slept a lot

watched finale of the office - nice closer.

played with newton and pye - frog on a string, mostly

I was more cranky - discovered that it's primarily due to fears about health - back issues and surgery, especially. BHK helps me figure out why.


went to mexico for dinner

wal-mart for after - got a happy, friendly galactus & human torch,(on discount, no less) bhk got a bubble baton

also - green and yellow t-shirts, socks, animal crackers, kitty litter.

came home

relaxed and watched our last psych - first season long missing tim curry / american idol episode

watched the soup

watched fruit carving

went to bedski, not cranky now.

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Netforum meeting all day today. Networking, educational, etc. After a little issue that challenged my urban orienteering skills, I made it with plenty of time to spare. The place was bunker-like, no cell phone or wifi card use could escape the clutches of the building.

Learned a few little details about magnetmail, a lot of good Sharepoint / WSS & MSS stuff, met a lot of excellent contacts, and drank a lot of diet coke.

Notes for next time - don't bother to wear a tie, bring a laptop for in person review of what's on the screen during demos.

After work, we hit Iron Man, and it was enjoyable - probably a solid 8/8.5 out of 10 for superhero flicks. BHK liked it, even though she prefers supernatural stuff to gearhead superheroics.

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BHK made a fantastic and healthy supper of bean/spinach salad and spicy stir-fry tofu "beef" and broccoli. Delicious and nicely filling.

Chris and Larry are heading out of town this weekend... and they're taking Tigger with 'em. No real Mother's Day things happening this weekend after all - maybe a nice day of painting some pottery, instead?

The latest and greatest version of VZ Navigator (4.0), which tosses in traffic avoidance for 75 cities, along with 3D view plus some other nifty stuff is live right now. (Includes Baltimore and Washington dc!)

I'm looking forward to seeing how solid it is!

I'm still on the phrase "STEAMED CATFISH IN BANANA LEAVES!"



Not Sorry.

I'm alternately happy and sad that LJ has finally disabled this stalker feature - Users will only view the number of entries they are allowed to read in calendar views. (Source)

Volcanoes spewing lightning? Wizard war, more like.

Speaking of same... I forget if I've mentioned it or not, but save for a little too much fanboy junk, I pretty much dig the Dresden files books... but I can't seem to get into Jim Butcher's Codex Alera "Horse and Swords" fantasy stuff.

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18 month anniversary today. After work, BHK and I headed out to Silver Spring to meet up with Sirenity, Leagle_beagle555 and Chrishaas. Friendly folks and meeting was long overdue.

I forgot my camera, so I'm depending on Sirenity for picture documentation later on. We had a nice time and conversation over supper - more to follow as I think of it.

Ultraportable / subnotebook comparisons

New back drugs are - Lyrica, Cyclobenzaprine and Nabumetone. I want to do a bit more research on 'em before I take them. Nabumetone in particular had a lot of nasty, scary warnings in the information text.

I am glad that they're not habit-forming, and have a lot of pretty decent write-ups so far.

Dell will be offering Windows XP pre-installed on their computers past the June 30 cut-off date. Computers purchased with Vista Business or Vista Ultimate past June 30 will come with a copy of XP Pro. Dell plans to simply install that copy upon request to save users a step. Perhaps this will help Microsoft officials make up their minds about another extension.

According to F-Secure, over 500,000 webservers across the world, including some from the United Nations and UK government, have been victims of a SQL injection. The attack uses an SQL injection to reroute clients to a malicious javascript at, or, which use another set of exploits to install a Trojan on the client's computer. As per usual, Firefox users with NoScript should be safe from the client exploit, but server admins should be alert for the server-side injection. Brian Krebs has a decent writeup on his Washington Post Security Blog, Dynamoo has a list of some of the high-profile sites that has been hacked, and for fun you can watch some of the IIS admins run around in circles at one of the many IIS forums on the 'net.

I need to remember that free comic book day is coming May 3... next weekend! Will I forget? Probably. But it's exciting to not write it down anywhere else and then rediscover. I wonder what loot Aardvark will have for us? I hope issues of Gumby and Hellboy (and maybe an Iron Man heroclix figure?) will be left.

I should scope out umbrella academy - probably my fave freebie book from last time - I could go for a trade paperback, if available.

Just so you know - I have never, ever pistol-whipped anyone, dear journal. Please don't make me change that situation.

more question memealeemadingdongs
Read more... )

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.

Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts still occur. Read more... )

"It's real. Just yesterday here, there was a man who was a victim. We saw. What was left was tiny," said 29-year-old Alain Kalala, who sells phone credits near a Kinshasa police station.

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After work yesterday, we intended to visit to Larry's School and watch The Scarlet Pimpernel. No such luck- timing was against us, so we just grabbed some Mama Lucia's pasta, and went home.

I've had very restless sleep lately, maybe getting only 2 or 3 good hours in a night. I'm hoping to play a little catch-up this weekend, and get my body back into a reasonable schedule.

Hard to say for sure, because it is dang nice outside lately.

BHK trotted out Hacienda today, and we played the analog (rather than online ) version.. she beat me soundly (by >40 points!), but now I have a better grip on the rules. She'll continue to beat me, no doubt, but it'll be more of a challenge for her.

Still waiting to spring Wishes Were Fishes... maybe tomorrow!

So... what ever happened to the Doom Patrol Movie, anyway? The TBA was set for 2008 . Hm. Says 2009 here. (They bought the rights in 2006.)

Ah Well, it'd be hard for me to see Cliff Steele and Negative Man (plus whatever other combo they dream up) in a live-action setting. Too surreal, maybe.

I'm still all for it, in almost any permutation, as long as it has Robotman, and Monsieur Mallah & The Brain. (Of course, I'd prefer Grant Morrison's Team of Crazy Jane, Rebis, Robotman, The Chief (Not the Head) and with backup of Dorothy Spinner, Joshua Clay and Danny the Street, if possible.) Please leave all of the Rachel Pollack aping of Morrison's run out, especially how she snuffed out Cliff and Jane's relationship.

Sure, while I'm at it, hire me as an extra for a million dollars a day, plus craft service.

Side Note - it was rather neat to see a Larry Trainor cameo in Justice League: New Frontier.

Doom Patrol and GP's more oddball games were some of my favorites - Z-squad, FOCUS and the like (Even HHH, for its brief existence) added a touch of the sinister and surreal to otherwise fairly boring fare. Funny how back in the day I'd have enjoyed identifying with Cliff or Josh, or even RPing an analogue - Rebis would be something too alien or powerful to be anything but a GM device, I think.. unless you were playing a very low powered one, and just let the ref take control every here and again. (Of which I'm also not too partial - I prefer to play my own characters.)
Best times were with miniMAX, but Zero, Run-around Sue and Le Grenouille were not too bad for a one or "two shot" quickie. I hear that they're doing a Brave & the Bold cartoon - teaming Batman up with an assortment of "Hero of the week" types - Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Aquaman, and whoever else they can toss in there. Funny about no mention of Superman. I really like the look of the art - silver-agey - kid friendly but still cool. Maybe they'll work in elongated man or the Martian Manhunter, for a nice light hearted but solid detective episode. Looks like Batman will be in every episode, so it's unlikely I'll ge t acool Hawkman / Atom story, but who knows where it'll go if successful? I really dug the Justice League and the transition it took to JLU - maybe lightning can strike twice.

Those were some of my most enjoyable games, GP running while Kat and I played - solid "Buddy Movie" dynamic, with plenty of time to get characterization and limelight in for everyone, every episode. Green Lantern & Dr. Mid-nite (I always wanted to see her Doc Mid-nite get together with Robin - perfect wholesome super-couple, miniMAX & Ghost, Trism & Kyoko (with sidekicks). I miss those games, sometimes - it was good, clean fun - you didn't have to beat something up every session, and it wasn't a bunch of fan wank, either.

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Ah, the end of another week... I'm looking forward to a gentle weekend, this go 'round. Sleepy This morning.

Recent doodles -

Me in the office, post saying Shazam! Regarding Uncle Dudley/Uncle Marvel. During the classic era, an old man named Dudley (who was clearly modeled after W. C. Fields) claimed that he was not only a relative of the Marvels but also a Marvel himself, although neither was true. The Marvels took a liking to him and decided to humor him, and "Uncle" Dudley became Uncle Marvel, the Marvel Family's manager. He'd make his "transformation" along with one or more of the others, but not by magic; rather, by quickly removing his break-away garments (under the cover of lightning that the real Marvel(s) called down) to reveal his homemade Marvel costume underneath. He explained his lack of super-powers by claiming he suffered from "shazambago". In modern continuity, Dudley H. Dudley is simply a janitor at Billy's school who finds himself involved in Marvel Family adventures, although in one story he was temporarily given Shazam powers to help round up the escaped Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.

Oh, my Shazambago!

Green monkey-alien in a bubble. He's wearing his bubble summoning-belt, of course. He's been climbing a lot, note his filthy hands and feet. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a damn, dirty ape, however. I was thinking a little bit of Rescue on Fractalus recently, thus the cheesy lines and markings. The hammerhead alien Jaggi had great pop-up spook value in his day. Soft hearted for Planet of the Apes, Martian Manhunter, and Bubble-force fields all unwrapped into that, I guess.

Dealing with "customer service" regarding bugs, bug fixes, and time lines. I seemed to get only one word answers, with no detail as to where, when or how items would be fixed. I ultimately got it worked out, via my own trouble tree and specific questions, but it was like pulling teeth... on a rampaging hippo. I'm just glad that it's now mostly functioning.

Dreamt of our bathroom being tiled with Hershey bars, and grouted with marshmallow. Hershey bars aren't my absolute fave... why not milky ways, or mars bars? I guess the flat rectangle looks more like tile to my sleeping mind. Last night after work Chris, BHK and I went to Maerten's, to check out the sale preview. Chris bought a ton of nice stuff... BHK got a cute pair of sterling bumblebee earrings and a little silver bean / bead on a box chain. Honestly, I like what BHK got more, though Chris's items were pretty, too. Post sale, we hit Thai Inter for some yummy feed. It was a bit of a hike to return home late afterwards, but I think it was worth it - the gals had fun.

I can't say as I've ever referred to anything as "a real corker." I'd think that I might've, but probably not. I prefer "it's a hoot!" or the like.

Pleased that we did get the 2007 homestead exemption after all, but looks like 2008 is a no-go. at least we have time to save up a wee bit before 4/15/2009.

Something to make BHK happy -

"The Walt Disney Co. said Tuesday its Pixar animation studio will commit to 3-D by releasing all of its movies in the format beginning with "Up" in May 2009. Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter made the announcement in New York at a presentation of Disney's upcoming lineup of animated movies."

The Wall Street Journal says that a video production company that earned 90% of its revenue from taping Walmart's internal meetings over the past 30 years has lost the Walmart account—but retained the rights to the video library.

Now the videos are available to anyone who wants to see them —for a price. Lawyers, reporters, activists and journalists are lining up at the production company's tiny new office, cash in hand.

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We went to the aquarium last night! pictures and details later - what a nice idea of BHK though... open until 9pm friday night.

Things on the agenda:

Allergy Shots.
Alice's Party.
Dinner out - Maybe Paper Moon or some Baltimore location.
Rest, relax, recharge.

Got Next Friday off - BHK and I are going to check out the cherry blossom festival or some other fun thing as a little spring fling. I'm almost more interested in people-watching than taking in the beautiful blooms. Hopefully, going on a weekday will reduce mob issues. (Friday's cherry blossom events ) I wouldn't mind paying the Jefferson Memorial a stopover, or riding a paddle boat in the tidal basin.

via 4thletter - Re-imagining of the old avengers cartoons: The Newer, mightier, more Ultimater Avengers!... waning, some foul language and a blurred out, but naked Hulk. (I was also amused by the "24 in 1994" pilot.

The Examiner reports that Metro’s oldest rail cars have become so worn, their aluminum floors are cracking under the carpeting. Metro says the cracks pose no immediate safety risk to riders, and that when cracks are spotted, cars are pulled from service and the aluminum is welded back together. The old cars aren't due to be replaced for at least five years.

50 things you've done meme continues at 45 - I...

45.' have been in few physical fights in my life, and most have only lasted a short span... as a result of those melees, I've discovered that it is better to fight tactically with a cool head, than when angry... of course, if you've got a cool head, who wants to fight? I've never had much choice, as I'm a poor runner - easier to take down an opponent than to run away at a speed where I'll be taxed and overcome, anyhow. When overly emotional, I'm a more frightening combatant. Unless common sense overrides fear or rage, I will continue to attack an opponent (no matter what they're condition is in) until I'm exhausted. It's a wonder I never killed anyone including myself during puberty.

These days, and for a long time now, I'm quite passive. I can still get the short hairs on my neck up if life or loved ones are threatened, but for the most part, I try to channel my energy into more useful pursuits. My skill at fighting is poor... I could stand some updated martial arts training, even boxing would be good - my primary strengths are the ability to take a hit, grappling and hitting my opponent hard and heavy.

The last time I was in a real fistfight was more than a decade and a half ago...and that one was more of a "grab-punch-done" sort of scenario. I was working at the bookstore, helping a woman out in the kids books. A guy, probably in his late 30s, early 40s (I was maybe 23?) comes over, grabs my arm and says "you've helped her long enough, it's my turn". His physical contact caused me to tense up, and I told him if he didn't let go of me, then I'd punch him in the nose. He responded with "yeah, right"... I counted to three, and then popped him one in the face. He landed square on his backside, and I told him in a phrase littered with profanity to get out. He did, but he also contacted the store manager. Despite my feeling that I was in the right, I was fired the same day. My next job was assembling furniture while I finished off my Bachelor's Degree.

Since then, I've been in a few low-level conflicts, but nothing that would cause me to "go in swinging", usually because the issue was defused befor eI had time to build up a full head of steam. I've been hit in the face with a pool cue... but it was an accident. That did stop us from kicking the guy off the grounds, but I didn't press any charges.

Worst fight in my life was with a jerky in my freshman year of high school. I really had no experience in the HS arena, and the guy sucker-punched me in the gut and then kneed me in the privates. I pretty much keeled over immediately. He dropped out before I got a chance to plot any great revenge on him - I suppose it's just as well, because I'd probably be doing time to this day if I'd done any of what went through my mind that week.

My favorite encounter involved the end of my senior year in the cafeteria during 2nd lunch. A fellow senior and I were doing the ape behaviors of open-palm pushing one another, building to a bigger fight. My brother, looking to protect me, took one of the aluminum food trays and slammed it loudly over my enemy's head. It was loud, but didn't do any real damage, save to break up the fight with laughter on both sides.

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Midweek, already, eh? Good for us, good for us. No fire, flood or blood to worry about on any of the major fronts of my life.

I agree with Apelad. Hummus *is* the new salsa. I can't believe we had 3-layer hummus as an appetiser *before* breakfast of french toast on Easter.

BHK sent me a beautiful card via the John Adams minis series... picture of a tree in front, with the quote:

"I am, and till then, and forever after will be your Admirer and Friend, and Lover" , John Adams, April 11, 1764.

I love her so much - she's the best thing about my life!

The 6 cutest animals that can still destroy you. (contains profanity.)

Especially telling is this line -

On four recorded occasions in the last 50 years, chimpanzees have abducted, killed and eaten human babies. That's human with an H, as in Homo Sapiens, as in a human baby getting wrenched out of its mother's arms, dragged off into the forest and devoured by a chimp. We are not making this up. (Note, link is not for the weak of heart.)

See Also - The 5 most horrifying bugs in the world.

Lego Plastic Man, you say? Awesome, I say. See also, the Justice League Museum Project.

50 things I've done meme continues with #42. I...

42.'hauled butt all over the office yesterday. I don't think that there was a stretch of more than ten minutes where I was sitting the entire time. I think I get to mark down at least 30 minutes of light activity for that... but probably worth more. Funny how sedentary a computer job can be, and then up and out and run around! My most active job was roofing, back in the days when I had a strong back and could tolerate working in the florida sun in august, surrounded by drunks. Best shape of my life, though.

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End of the week, at last, at last. Back is feeling a bit better... must've slept on it right on Thursday night, for a change! Maybe, if all goes well, we can hit the Carl Barks exhibit in Baltimore. We have midday plans for Saturday (see below), and who knows what Easter Sunday will bring - but if not this weekend, perhaps sometime before the end of the month... I don't have a strong need to visit - the review is not the most complimentary (mainly due to the fact that most of his early stuff that I like is long gone, trashed back in the day)... but if we're in the neighborhood visiting the Art Museum, or the Aquarium, why not? (more on Carl Barks )

I don't think the the lj content strike is going to make a difference, and I'm more interested in seeing how much of my reading list changes, if at all this weekend. If lj poops out, there are plenty of other sites that offer similar functionality... and my RSS reader will allow me to collect feeds from whoever wants me to read 'em.

Regarding teamorange - the first colorwar2008 scrimmages will begin in a few days. I'm interested to see what sort of project Ze has in mind. So far, I've found teams blue, verygreen, puce, chartreuse, purple, gold, plaid, red, pink, white, clear and brown in addition to orange. If any other players are reading this, let me know, so I can follow you on twitter! #FF6600, baby! [update: See also - colorwars - there's a team octarine!]

It seems ol' Ze has quite a following - but I knew that. I just hope he uses his mighty net-powers for good, rather than evil.

Lunch tomorrow with Adam and his twin bro Eric. It's always interesting to see them together, because they were raised in different households. Adam, at his mom's (and more to the point, mostly at Larry & Chris's), Eric at his pop's. Adam seems to be the more together kid, athletic, better in school, less shifty. Eric is the party guy, partying hard, skipping class and spending more time looking to mate than to study; I.e. typical 18-year-old male.

Nature vs Nurture, live and in front. Both are basically good guys, and similar as brothers can be - but hardly duplicates.

I sneakily added a video to the lunchtime rendezvous entry about a week or so back. Filmed with the palm-cam, the image is warmed, grainy, and silly, not to mention in quicktime format. For some reason, google video doesn't transfer sound properly form the palm video during the conversion, so I'm hosting it in my old lj archive location on my website. Speaking of which, I have a palm doodle there that reflects that there's still a lot of rain happening at the ol' bus stop, but I don't mind.

windy, too, though I don't have that much length anymore, hair-wise.

Best worth1000 competition in a while. Superhero ModRen some are better than others. I'm partial to this one.

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Chinese food tonight! Yum, and Hooray!

BHK and David went to the thrift store today - brought home some treasures :

She got me a comic book of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham's first appearance in Marvel Tales (Tails). I actually dug Steve Mellor's art in Goose Rider and the cover even more than the main story.

A black embroidered shirt, and a yellow sweatshirt, both in excellent condition.

Also picked up a pretty broad assortment of books - to be cataloged later.

Also, squid shake.

Cancel that.

After Din-din, we jammed a bit - David on acoustic guitar, Larry on mandolin, and me on the bass. It was fun, but I was full of food and very sleepy, so we cut it pretty short.

The DORmino concept uses an oversized mousepad to soak up the bleedout warmth of a laptop, which embedded electronics convert and transmit to power a wireless mouse. No need to recharge, no dead batteries to pollute the environment.

I need something like that to charge my electronics, based on the warmth I throw off... If I can knock out a baby or a small animal with my temperature, surely the therms could keep my blackberry and digicam juiced up for when I want to use em! How handy would that be for other stuff... a trickle charger in the sofa to keep the remote powered!

I'm just saying.

Looks like the one over-enthusiastic and socially frustrated gamer-type on the icehouse mail list is taking an indefinite leave of absence. I wonder what it'll be like with a better signal-to-noise ratio ? Half the reason I lost interest in pyramid games and participation on the list was due to that guy... maybe the group will get back into friendly design mode rather than debates about wiki formatting and award shows.

Note to self - make a ghost statue.

Pretty keen - Microwave glucose sensor.

For diabetics, the daily routine of pricking their finger to check blood-sugar levels can be an annoying and inconvenient task. But now, a Baylor University researcher has developed an electromagnetic sensor that could provide diabetics a noninvasive alternative to reading their blood glucose levels, and new research shows the sensor works and is effective.

Today's search engine hits of my journal - someone really wants to see bunnies melt!

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Went to the train show with Larry and BHK after my shots - Fortunately, the ice has melted, leaving just water all over the place to drain... not a lot to photograph that wasn't there last year, but I took a couple of small shots. (see the far more plentiful photos from feb 25, 2007, for the better stuff.)

We returned home, and we were all pretty good about keeping purchases to a minimum.. Larry got some Rolling stock and a cool soundboard.

Most exotic food item of the day... Larry shared his lunch with me.

He made a peanut butter, banana, mayo and potato chip sammich. Knowing this, I still took a big, healthy bite.

It wasn't bad! Not something I would make for myself, but maybe reduce the banana and mayo by half, and I'd do it again easily enough. I've done pB, banana and honey before to good results, but this was a new level.

Hmm... Champions online, since marvel pooped out. Not a bad idea. I wonder how well it'll do as a sequel to City of Heroes? More "whack a mole", or will there be some cool Champeens roleplay?

Meme-sheepage, via Applelard

1.How old were you in 1980? 11 years old

2. How old were you in 1989? 19 years old

3. Were you a Toys R' US Kid? Sure!

4. Did you watch Transformers? Not really, but I was familiar with 'em.

5. Did you see E.T. on the big screen? Yes... back when G-men had guns, not walkie-talkies, dang it!

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Gung Hei Ft Choi! Happy Year of the Rat! (From a loving Earth Monkey)

BHK  made a fantastic ravioli dinner in cream sauce with peas and broccoli... nom nom nom

Nice video on the difference between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama: from Lessig on choosing candidates - well put. (via wickenden's twitter ) Transcript here. (Unrelated, but cool, he put me onto the sandy reminder service, too)

Chest issues are clearing up nicely after visiting the doc, also queried about a few other items pending on the health checklist.

Confirming times for David's visit at the end of the month. I think that we'll have fun hanging out - He's got some pals to visit in DC, too.

Say.. when'd they add terrain to google maps? I just noticed the button, looking at what drive he migh thave to do.

Read the graphic novel Superman/Batman : Absolute Power. It did nothing for me.

Synopsis: Three time travelers eliminate members of the Justice League, except for young Superman and Batman, whom they raise as their own children. Batman and Superman are raised to be dictators of the world, eliminating all opposition and killing people who would otherwise be their friends. During a fight with the Freedom Fighters the timeline is thrown into chaos, and the two men travel through alternate time lines. Darkseid makes a deal with them in one reality to send them back through time to stop the super-villains who raised them from altering history. Superman and Batman restore history, but the murders they committed haunt them.

Nah. Not for me. Even with Hex showing up and the Legion... it still didn't inspire, impress, or provoke any thought. Picked it up on impulse at the library while waiting on my prescription. I hope the Marvel Westerns book is more to my liking.

To whom it may concern - If you play CounterStrike, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life: Death match or other online type fps games, I'm scottobear on Steam. Add me to your buddy list, and I'll happily play a game with you sometime. I'd rather play with folks I know, or at least Internet-know than total strangers... more fun to put a personality to the people I'm shooting alongside or at.

Of course, if you don't like me, add me anyway, and you can either shoot me in the face in game, for maximum catharsis. No legal ramifications for killing a little avatar!

This is my kind of protest. Not violent, just a guy in a polar bear suit in a little paddle boat. Of course, sans permit, he was arrested... but not before getting a basic point across.

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Downright Balmy today - 70 degrees! Last year it was snowing.

I have to say that I agree with District Diaries... *many* buses (Especially the C7 and R2, in my experience) are just not very weather tight.

Got my ducks in a row at the doctor today... some cough syrup type stuff, an antibiotic to fight infection due to the irritation, and apparently I can get my pneumonia vaccine (renews every 5-10 years) after I've mended up a smidgen.

Dinner at Mexico... BHK got steak flautas, and I got a burrito loco, full of all the veggies BHK isn't crazy about. (Mushrooms, onions, green peppers)

Got home and watched nat'l geographic special on mountains and one on tidal life.... Snow Leopards / Rams and Surfing snails / Jellyfish!

Gifts from Danny - sort of an acid-washed / tie dye t-shirt with mama gator & piggy back baby gators, a frog pin made in USA from Austrian crystal, and some tasty Tassimo chai tea. Thanks!

Latest comic book sighting - Helen Killer. - "In 1901, twenty-one year old college student Helen Keller, with the aid of a fantastical device invented by her friend and mentor Alexander Graham Bell, regains her sight and hearing as well as near super-human strength and agility. Helen is enlisted by the Secret Service to protect President William McKinley, who has been targeted for assassination by anarchists."

Well, it's about time a super-powered ex deaf-mute took on Czolgosz! Coll-gosh is the new Mix-yez-pittle-ick, no doubt!

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BHK made tasty pizza for the in-laws and me tonight... mine had eggplant and garlic with ricotta, and the other was true pepperoni. good stuff.

Presenting a doodle for the coloring book done on the palm while on the subway, then fiddled with GIMP once back home. I was thinking about making him more beveled looking, but rather dig the 2D vs 3D vibe going there. I'd like to see the coloring book community revitalized again.

peradouro drops pictures in there now and then, but aside from that, it's pretty quiet. Same for the Oekaki board in the scottobear toybox.


There were many meetings at work today... I think the bulk of them were solidly productive.

In Health news -

Started coughing this morning, and it continues into the night.

Rescheduled dentist, and am waiting to hear scheduling for the back guy. Trying to get an appointment for presiden't day if I can, but if not, maybe on one side of the weekend or another for maximum comfort.

I still need to schedule allergist remeet. Maybe I can do a doctor hat trick!

The Hulkout list - all the reasons Banner turned into the hulk during the course of the tv series.

Personal faves, (Thankfully, none have ever happened to me):

8. Being mauled by a bear

34. Handcuffed to a woman who is falling over the cliff

36. Somehow running into a bear trap

56. Somehow getting himself into a belfry and then realizing that a bell is there, just as it strikes the hour

78. Being thrown under a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade float by a mean guy in a gorilla suit who gives David a few kicks for good measure

95. Falling out of a plane without a parachute, then being given a parachute (which causes the person who pushed him to be told "That guy has nine lives", to which the mean person responds by pulling out a rifle and saying "Yeah, but I got ten rounds"), and then having the straps to his parachute shot off when he is still 30 feet above an empty house so that he falls through the roof and hurts himself

106. Being fed poisoned sushi

112. While paralyzed for the episode, somehow getting caught in the middle of a barroom brawl, and while trying to quietly wheel himself out of the room, being hit by a flying body and knocked down the stairs (what David is even doing in such a situation goes unexplained)

"'The LEGO brick turned 50 at exactly 1:58pm today. This cool timeline shows these fifty years of building frenzy by happy kids and kids-at-heart, all the milestones from the Legoland themed sets to Technic and Mindstorms NXT, as well as all kind of weird curiosities about the most famous stud-and-tube couple system in the world.'" - Via Slashdot.

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9009- mon

Oct. 1st, 2007 10:15 pm
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Cathy and Dave over tonight for Lasagna, conversation (they're moving to Colorado once the house is sold) and a couple of games of apples to apples. BHK swept the night by winning both games, despite Cathy's extending the winning conditions from 8 to 10, and then 12 cards on the 2nd game.

Oddball winner of the night - "Cuddly" - Al Pacino, Quicksand, and Warts. Pacino won over Quicksand by a smidgen.

True or False - unasked for help is interference.

via lore - Hey, I didn’t know that there was a blog devoted to redesigns of superhero costumes. That’s neat. Some are serious (in a fun sort of way), while others are a little more invested in subverting the superhero paradigm (also in a fun way).

Current meme thingie -

Comment on this post. If you're interested, I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Christin picked - animal rights, exotic cuisine, horror, libraries, pyewacket, roadside attractions, vikings

  • animal rights - Critters have been a pet project for me for as long as I can remember. Something just feels fundamentally wrong when folks don't hurting something - why not, if it's only a "stupid animal". I've been around a number of creatures that are more than just food or clothing, and would prefer that they be neither in a perfect world. I understand that it isn't a perfect world... but I try to treat critters well.

  • exotic cuisine - I like new foods and flavors... it seems like every place has a different idea about what is tasty and what flavors work well together. I've developed a special fondness for some of the more commonly available ethnic foods... Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Ethiopian, German, Italian all bring something spiffy to the table both in traditional and Americanized forms. Nothing that walks on more than one foot, or less than six to eat, though... thanks.

  • horror - I enjoy the genre. More in literature than in film lately, though I can get into a scary movie here and there. Some of the best books I know shine a light at odd angles on stuff that lurks in my imagination, making the shadows large and frightening.

  • libraries - worked in one the better part of high school and college. great places, lots to see and do - plus there are books out the wazoo. I have many fond memories from the library. It's where I first gamed, back in 6th grade.

  • Pyewacket - he got his name from bell, book and candle (which in turn got it from this Pyewacket) - He's the baby of our family, 4ish to Newton's 7ish years old. He's very laid back, and when you pick him up, you can cradle him like an infant. He's been a wonderful addition to my family, and I love him dearly.

  • roadside attractions - BHK and I stopped at a number of Ripley's Believe it or Not locations on the side of the road during our honeymoon, and there's something equally fascinating to me about oddball bits of Americana... Urban Ruin plus Muffler Men = wonder to my mind. Weird water towers, tourist traps and whatnot. The chintz factor bleeds over a little bit into horror for me, too. Best place for a zombie uprising is an old mini golf course. See also recent entries on the ATW man, or

  • vikings - Some people favor pirates... I lean to the more Norse cousins... the romanticized version, of course... sailing to new worlds in ships with serpent heads, burying an axe in your oath-breaking cousin, casting runes and thinking about times when the world was a still cooling body of a giant. What's not to like? The Norse Eddas are some of my favorite old stories.

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