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Danger, just a whiff

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Got my shots - minor reaction, but nothing tragic.

Met up with the in-laws, and headed to selby sub shoppe - pizza for all, I got a black bean burger and fries. Tasty as all get out!

We planned on heading to Annapolis after to go see Wall-E, but instead we stopped at Toys-R-Us, and picked up Marvel Heroscape and Good Ol' Scrabble.

Heroscape is cute.. sort of like heroclix or D&D miniatures. The fun thing is that it's cross-genre, so you can have cowboys shooting at zombies, fighting robots, ninjas, superheroes and cavemen all on the same board. (and if you like, you can make custom cards for units very easily - so you can have spongebob fighting a paperclip, if you want.) Basic rules are quick and easy... advanced rules look more fun, and maybe another moment or two to learn.

BHK and I opted to head back home after getting our loot - there was a storm brewing... even tornado warning, and we wanted to be curled up at home anyhow.
We swung by the ATW man - done up as a prospector - I'll try to get better photos of him later.

Watched some tube, lounged, and the in-laws came over - we half watched Micheal Clayton while we played scrabble - Chris dominated.. and she was half asleep. I'd hate to think of what sort of opponant she's make at full mental charge. Chris scored 258 to my 247 and BHK's 162 - and Chris laid all of her letters down first turn... accounting for 63 of those points! I was feeling a little sour-grapey, but not too much... our dictionary is a bit on the lightweight side... time to get something unabridged. The plus size was that it caused me to rethink words I'd use in a pinch... like "QI", but instead, items that are in more everyday language.

The folks went home, but BHK was still up for a wordgame, so we went with another - BHK dominated me at upwords - beat me by more than 40 points.

My brain is melted a bit.. until later, dear journal!

Upgrading the computer in the newtcam room at home - ordered 2 GB more ram for my system (Crucial 2GB Kit (2 x 1GB) DDR2 PC2-4200 UNBUFFERED NON-ECC 240-PIN DIMM, to be specific) -ups my desktop box to a proper 4 gig for less han $50, and a new video card - (EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB DDR3 Superclocked Edition PCI-Express Graphics Card (512-P3-N802-AR) - got it for less than half what it usally costs - $300 card for $160, less anothera $20 rebate for a total of $140

Super saver shipping means possibly slower send times, but the price was right, and I don't need it super soon.. I can wait a week or two.

SWAT team kills 2 dogs in raid on Md. mayor's home

BERWYN HEIGHTS, Md. — A SWAT team raided the home of a Washington, D.C.-area mayor, killing his two black Labrador retrievers and seizing an unopened package of marijuana delivered there.

Prince George's County Police said Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo brought a 32-pound package of marijuana into his home that had been delivered by officers posing as delivery men. The Tuesday evening raid was conducted by county police narcotics officers and a sheriff's office SWAT Team.

The package was addressed to Calvo's wife, Trinity Tomsic. His mother-in-law had asked the supposed delivery men to leave the package outside. Calvo has not been charged, though police said he, his wife and his mother-in-law are "persons of interest" in an ongoing investigation.

"We never opened the box. We have nothing to do with this box," Calvo said.

Sheriff's office spokesman Sgt. Mario Ellis says deputies "apparently felt threatened" when they shot the dogs.

Calvo said officers entered about 7:30 p.m., first shooting 7-year-old Payton. They then pursued 4-year-old Chase, who ran away and was shot by police from behind, he said.

Calvo said he doesn't have any idea how the package ended up at his house. He called the raid "the most traumatic experience" of his life.

Calvo, who called his town "Mayberry inside the Capital Beltway," gets a small stipend as mayor and works at the SEED Foundation, a nonprofit that runs public boarding schools for at-risk students. His wife works as a state finance officer.

"These were two beautiful black Labradors who were well-known in the community. We walked them twice a day; little kids knew their names and would come up to them and pet them," he said.

So... the police brought drugs to the house, and then raided him... but then didn't arrest or press any charges? They *did* however kill his two dogs.

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No movie last night - instead we went to dinner with the in-laws, and after BHK and I played some boardgames. She won Labyrinth, and I took Oshi. (also discovered that the oshi set has one extra two-point piece, and one too few one-point pieces. we may play with pyramids in the future. (or penny, nickel, quarter as towers, for that matter)

Both were our first time playing - BHK got labyrinth for $1.61 at the thrift store yesterday... we've more than made our entertainment money back in a single sitting. We picked up Oshi from Aardvark a little while back, but hadn't gotten to play until last night.

Other goodies BHK picked up from the store -

  • Green Orvis Mosquito-repellant shirt for Larry
  • Green lounge pants for Chris
  • Pink Bucket hat for herself
  • Green striped shirt for me
  • a few books, including Stephen Fry's The Liar for me, and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbook
  • a couple of puzzles, still sealed in the box. (corvette 1000 pc, spacewalk, homer simpson and an irish hutch)

Dreamt last night that I'd signed on to join the army for six months. Not really a dream of mine in waking life - a lot of the gang from high school were there - Steve Jacoby, James Dawsey, etc... we were all in training as sort of a semi-serious laugh. My big concern wa sthat I had to bring my own toiletries... like the army wouldn't provide deodorant or shampoo.

thanks, ecto -

The first 2 parts of the “lost” film Italian Spiderman has been up for a week or two now and it looks to be just as ridiculous — and awesome — as the trailer had indicated. Give me Franco Franchetti (R.I.P) with his porn-star moustache and pump-action shotgun over Toby McGuire any day.

Italian Spiderman Movie - Episode 1 and Episode 2 [YouTube]

via rejectomorph -

SurLaLune, a huge website full of fascinating stuff about fairy tales:
"SurLaLune Fairy Tales features 47 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, modern interpretations and over 1,500 illustrations."

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BHK made a fantastic and healthy supper of bean/spinach salad and spicy stir-fry tofu "beef" and broccoli. Delicious and nicely filling.

Chris and Larry are heading out of town this weekend... and they're taking Tigger with 'em. No real Mother's Day things happening this weekend after all - maybe a nice day of painting some pottery, instead?

The latest and greatest version of VZ Navigator (4.0), which tosses in traffic avoidance for 75 cities, along with 3D view plus some other nifty stuff is live right now. (Includes Baltimore and Washington dc!)

I'm looking forward to seeing how solid it is!

I'm still on the phrase "STEAMED CATFISH IN BANANA LEAVES!"



Not Sorry.

I'm alternately happy and sad that LJ has finally disabled this stalker feature - Users will only view the number of entries they are allowed to read in calendar views. (Source)

Volcanoes spewing lightning? Wizard war, more like.

Speaking of same... I forget if I've mentioned it or not, but save for a little too much fanboy junk, I pretty much dig the Dresden files books... but I can't seem to get into Jim Butcher's Codex Alera "Horse and Swords" fantasy stuff.

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Newtcam (Now also featuring Pye and BHK as well as Newt and me) is live again, at least for a bit - Office and Loft, depending on if Lappie of big brain is more active.

Snow Day Pictures!

the bay is as calm as can be post snow the jetty - snowy with jogger 1 foot snowman - closeup - complete with baby carrot nose! 1 foot snowman -  complete with baby carrot nose! 1 foot snowman - complete with baby carrot nose! My wife makes me warm, even with snow outside. blue house porch - snow! scoups on the bay... brrr 261 south marker by marsh - w watertower mailboxes by the marsh frosted trees more tree frost

Happy 101st Birthday, Robert E Howard.

In just about one year, the Spidey video has had almost at half a million hits -

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