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Today we wet on a quick trip to my mecca - Micro Center.  Picked up RAM for Chris's laptop, a cable tester for me, and a SD card for our Wii. I also have an extended life battery for the PSP now - the old one lasted 2 years of fairly constant use, so that's not too bad.

After the computer store, we were mighty hungry, so we decided to forgo game wizards and the consignment shop, and instead hit the vegetable garden. the crispy "beef" was fantastic as usual, the eggplant and sesame "chicken" were terrific too. I love eating someplace where I can nosh on anything on the menu.

I still want to try -


Ingredients: Veggie sable(made of soy protein), red onion & white mushrooms wrapped & baked in puff pastry sheets.  Garnished with steamed snow peas & carrots.  Served with organic maple syrup.

We were out for a much longer time than I expected... dark out on our return, so I replaced the memory and ran tests while we digested the rest of tonights meal.

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Today we'll be celebrating Adam's 20th birthday a day early.

I was born on the day of a full moon, 40 years, 5 months, 15 days ago, about an hour after sunrise on the 33rd day of 1969. Candlemas, Groundhog Day, National Change your Windshiel Wipers Day. (I really dig wolframalpha)

We've got to butter his nose today, and get him some razzles. Grill up some hot dogs, give him a cake to munch - maybe some ice cream.

It's cloudy, but hot as heck.. thankfully it rained to cool tihngs off during Adam's party.

We left so BHK could finish her studies - just as well, my back is really crimped today.

Walter Cronkite has died; he was 92. CBS News has a nice remembrance.

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Jul. 15th, 2009 01:37 pm
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job fair - some possible hits there!

After, we visited twilite zone comics and then games and stuff - got micro mutants. Wargame with a tiddlywinks mechanic. looks fun!

Lunch/ Dinner at Gina's Cantina - then off to Sam's club - It turns out that my card from work got understandably canceled - semi annoying since it took a year to get the thing, but it was deactivated withing a week of departing. trouble of a yearly schedule, I suppose.

Tomorrow I do a callback for Georgetown gig? Wish me luck, dear journal!

Nokia developing phone that recharges itself without mains electricity
A new prototype charging system from the company is able to power itself on nothing more than ambient radio waves - the weak TV, radio and mobile phone signals that permanently surround us. The power harvested is small but it is almost enough to power a mobile in standby mode indefinitely without ever needing to plug it into the mains, according to Markku Rouvala, one of the researchers who developed the device at the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge, UK.

The difference with Nokia's prototype is that instead of harvesting tiny amounts of power (a few microwatts) from dedicated transmitters, Nokia claims it is able to scavenge relatively large amounts of power -- around a thousand times as much -- from signals coming from miles away. Individually the energy available in each of these signals is miniscule. But by harvesting radio waves across a wide range of frequencies it all adds up, said Rouvala.

The trick here is to ensure that these circuits use less power than is being received, said Rouvala. So far they have been able to harvest up to 5 milliwatts. Their short-term goal is to get in excess of 20 milliwatts, enough power to keep a phone in standby mode indefinitely without having to recharge it. But this would not be enough to actually use the phone to make or receive a call, he says. So ultimately the hope is to be able to get as much as 50 milliwatts which would be sufficient to slowly recharge the battery.

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 Travelers insurance (worker's comp) wants to send me to one of their doctors in July to see if I need surgery and to get a second opinion regarding my back. I worry that surgery might be the way everyone is leaning. 

news story - moment of horror - "Daddy ate my eyes." not for the squeamish.

Opera 10, available for download now, is looking pretty keen - certainly one of the faster browsers I've used in a while. Under the chrome, much of Opera 10’s focus is on speed. Already no slouch when it comes to page rendering, an overhaul in the JavaScript engine means that intensive web apps like Gmail or Facebook load and respond considerably faster in Opera 10. In fact Opera, claims that the new beta has a 40 percent speed gain over its predecessors.

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Bro's girlfriend / possible mother to his kid Shannon has been found, and she and her baby are doing OK - Momster is distancing herself from the situation - and I think that's a good thing.

Google voice - free phone goodies - - That sounds amazing... google... I hope you don't turn too evil on me!


Ran a query to update about 20000 drivers for a client - amazing what a little snippet of code in the right place at the right time will do.


update driver_details set timestamp='2009-03-18 20:10:00'


driver_details.MC_ACCT_NO =  '**account number**' AND

driver_details.DRV_TERMINATED_DT is null


 That'll earmark all the active users for that group and send an update file to everybody. Hooray for Triggers !


Chasing potential errors after, now. Seems to be working within parameters, save for one not splitting properly.


Chinese food from the Octagon tonight - this was try #2 - I suspect BHK'll be leery of a third try, unless Little Panda or Grace's are closed.


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wednesday -what did we do today, aside from work, eat and now head off to sleep?? not a lot - just relaxed and snoozed by the tv with christmas specials going, and that is just fine by me.

BHK made some tasty Broccoli-cheese soup, and veggie taquitos, and it was scarfed down with great gusto.

In More interesting news - (via mental floss)

Ernest is a 15-year-old cat who lives at a shelter in Godshill on the Isle of Wight. He suffers from entropion, a condition where the eyelids roll inward and cause inflammation. Surgery might correct the condition, but veterinarians were concerned about how such an old cat would react to an anesthetic. The solution? Contact lenses! The lenses protect Ernest’s eyes from his eyelids. Before, he had trouble seeing where he was going, but now has a new lease on life, according to shelter workers.

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Just as FYI - the prior entry was that of a pair of clowns being sucked into a pneumatic tube.

Was late to the Metro this morning, so BHK rolled me all the way in - we had time to get a hot chocolate and a cinnamon cake, one or both of which made us both a little on the ill side come 10:30/11am. Last strike for that place - just as well, since *$ is a real money sink, and the tassimo makes better coffee and hot chocolate.

Work was steady today - and I'm brushing up on my Bash shell script powers - perl wasn't the way to go on one of my projects, it seems. I'm developing new skills in GPG as well, out of necessity.

Lunch of veggie "turkey" roast on pumpernickel with gouda and spicy mustard did just the trick. root veggies make me happy too. Pumpkin pie yogurt is still weird, but November appropriate. Banana was out of sync, but yummy.

Recently St. Lucie County in Florida announced that it has teamed up with Geoplasma to develop the United States' first plasma gasification plant. The plant will use super-hot 10,000 degree Fahrenheit plasma to effectively vaporize 1,500 tons of trash each day, which in turn spins turbines to generate 60MW of electricity — enough to power 50,000 homes!

- Is it wrong to think that it would be the source of a really perfect crime? What a solid way to dispose of a body, evidence, etc...

Topps announced that "WizKids will immediately cease operations and discontinue its product lines."

I guess that means no new Pirates, but it looks like Heroclix will survive.

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pictures taken 2 years ago - newt with the palm cam

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1024081449.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

server room at work with the lights out - it's easy to see without overhead, when all of those LEDs are flashing.

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Back to work. Busy busy, but BHK made an awesome vegetarian shepherd's pie and I got to snuggle while watching Eureka, so all is right with the world for the moment.

Both myself and Chris a Rita's cone on the way home - soft serve vanilla chocolate - Chris had straight up vanilla.

Not much else happened today (save for a possible big bang via graypumpkin), but that's a good thing. Time seems to be flowing front to back, as usual.

Oh! There was some really awesome weather today!

This Afternoon: Partly sunny, with a high near 74. Northeast wind between 11 and 15 mph.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 60. East wind between 8 and 13 mph.

That made it nice to go out and breathe.

The McCain campaign has accused Barack Obama of sexism, saying the Illinois senator was talking about Sarah Palin when he mentioned “putting lipstick on a pig.” Obama responded that the phrase is just a tired old joke, to which McCain shot back, “WHO’S a tired old joke???”

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Slept much of the day, but we did get some good walkies in.

Harvested some apples and grapes (BHK made pie, and inlaws made jelly) -  I just helped with long arm-reach.

Below are random shots from walkabout and the keys to the brown house. clicks embiggen, as usual.

We still have a few key-covers... just waiting to see what the next one will be.

S6302250.S6302249.S6302248 .S6302247.
S6302238 .S6302237.S6302236.S6302235.
S6302234my house key. woogity woogity!

"I'm in Your Google Docs, Reading Your Spreadsheets" from New York Times Blog - psa

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Beautiful day out this morning - we went for a nice 8am constitutional to check out the bay fest pre-opening. Lots of seagulls on the beach waiting in advance for folks dropping bits of funnel cake and corn dog, no doubt!

It got pretty hot by the time we got back - I left in a fairly creaky condition, but was ok, but tired once we arrived home. BHK and I lounged for an hour or two, and then I got a message that boiled down to my going into work on Monday. Too many issues with the project - can't in good conscience take the day off, under the circumstances. I think that I was more disappointed about not getting BHK's birthday off to treat her more than she.

After wrestling with that for a bit, we headed back to bay fest for some junk food, people-watching and a bit more exercise. While at the Bayfest I saw Kathy Bauer! I worked with her at Calvert county a little over a year ago, and she recognized me immediately. That crew was the kindest and most fun group of people I've ever worked with... a shame that it just wasn't affordable to work there. We didn't stay long, but got a couple of veggie egg rolls and some limeade and orangeade which really hit the spot. Between the 'fest and home, we took another A/c break at Coffee, Tea and Whimsey and ended up purchasing a bottle of wine for the evening's birthday celebration, some awesome horseradish/garlic dip, some goofy rubber monster key-toppers, and a keen Buddha eye-glasses holder for BHK's nightstand. Pictures of those... and the 'fest to follow.

More resting and just goofing around until six came... bhk and I were watching primeval and just soaking up some snooze-vibes with the kitties. I waited for BHK to hit deeper sleep, and went to sneak off to do some wrapping, but it wasn't stealthy enough - but she relented to nap while I wrapped.

We went to the in-laws for dinner - BHK got her desired Chik-fil-a strips and nuggets, and Chris made her a cake, too. She managed not to be buttered, but Larry psyched her out a few times. Aside from the tasty dinner (I had eggplant, zucchini, and the best corn on the cob of the summer), a little room was saved for the cake.. it was a reduced sugar yellow with chocolate icing... pretty yummy!

Loot BHK got was - card 1 from me - made her cry, but they were happy tears, cards from her grandparents on Larry's side - in-laws gave her a cat encyclopedia, a ruby and diamond heart necklace w/matching earring-studs, and $100 toward a sewing machine.... very, very generous and appreciated!

The cake - pre-ignition. Don't worry - BHK will be butter-nosed, yet, dear journal!

Day ended with us lounging at the in-laws living room - Hallmark channel vs the Rock.

Over at Gamasutra, Steve Fulton has published a massive 23,000-word history of Atari from 1978 to 1981, encompassing '... some of the most exciting developments the company ever saw in its history: the rise of the 2600, the development of some of the company's most enduringly popular games (Centipede, Asteroids) and the development and release of its first home computing platforms.' Best quote in there for Slashdot readers, perhaps: 'Atari had contracted with a young programmer named Bill Gates to modify a BASIC compiler that he had for another system to be used on the 800. After that project stalled for over a year Al was called upon to replace him with another developer. So ... Al is the only person I know ever to have fired Bill Gates.

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Not much to say... just that there was a lot of scrambling be everyone at work today, and now that I'm home, there's dinner from Selby's waiting for me with the in-laws. Have some linkies, dear journal, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Here's the latest reason I'm glad to be in Southern Maryland, rather than South Florida.

Every now and then, you may find yourself wondering: how many atoms of Jesus do you eat everyday?

In the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation, the eucharist actually becomes the blood and body of Jesus Christ. [...] Transubstantiation means that eventually the earth's entire biomass will be made out of Jesus.

Eventually = 4.91 billion years.

Note to self - Ghostbusters. see also

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Yesterday's Anniversary supper went well - Today after my shots, BHK and I pretty much hung out around the house and chilled out. I installed the new ram into my system, and it chugs nicely thus far.

Once it got cool enough outside, we went for a long walk - from out house down to the bay, along the boardwalk... and then we stumbled over the in-law's BMG... so we gave 'em a ring to ask where they were. There was a classic car show at the "Worstlawn" Inn. Thankfully, the in-laws have the same opinion of the place as BHK and I do... so we went to Thursday's for dinner up the road. We parted company - BHK and I walked back to our place and the in-laws tooled off home.

A few pictures from the day - They can't capture how stunning a pink moon over the blue bay can be.

[I'll insert flickr pics here- after they're uploaded, and link back from a future entry.]

Some very interesting research out of the University of Washington that employs a method of using high quality photographs to enhance a video taken of the same subject. The project page gives a good overview of what they are doing and the video on the page gives some really nice examples of how their technology works. Hopefully someone can take the technology and run with it, but one thing's for sure: this could make amateur video-making look even better than it does now." And if adding mustaches would improve your opinion of the people in videos, check out the unwrap-mosaics technique from Microsoft Research.

via spence -

A great warrior wanted to test his manhood. Every opponent he faced fell before him. He heard of a fighting monk, an enlightened warrior who lived alone at the top of a mountain in a secret temple. He resigned himself to practice, perfect his skills, then find and face this monk in battle. It would be the ultimate validation of his mastery and abilities.

When it was time, he climbed the mountain and searched for the secret temple for seven days. All the while, he thought of the boldest, most offensive challenges that he would use to inspire the fiercest battle from the monk. On the last day, he came to a clearing and there he saw the steps of a small temple. On the steps sat a formidable man with the clothes of a holy man and a serene smile on his lips.

The warrior puffed up his chest and, with no introduction, began hurling insults upon the monk. The monk only smiled at him. The warrior redoubled his efforts, berating the monk for everything from his appearance to his mute stupidity. He questioned the virtue of his mother and heaped insults upon the sacred temple. All the while the monk sat smiling. After a time, the warrior became hoarse and enraged.

"Why do you just sit there like an idiot? Why do you smile when I insult you? If you were a real man and a worthy warrior, you would stand up to me!", cried the warrior.

"May I ask you some questions?", inquired the monk.

"Ask what you will.", said the exasperated warrior, hoping that the monk's sudden breaking of his silence was a route to engaging him and moving him to anger.

"If I give you a gift, and you refuse to take it, to whom does it belong?"

"It still belongs to you.", replied the warrior.

The monk smiled, "To whom do the insults belong?"

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I officially know more about Rsync than I ever thought I would. It's a mighty handy tool.

Long story short -
rsync is written as a replacement for rcp and scp. One of the earliest applications of rsync was to implement mirroring or backup for multiple Unix clients onto a central Unix server using rsync/ssh and standard Unix accounts. With a scheduling utility such as cron, one can even schedule automated encrypted rsync-based mirroring between multiple host computers and a central server.

Currently doing a master <-> master -> offisite slave config.

Also set up a sql-based login system for both the primary and backup servers for ftp - annoying, as the backup's mysql config is just different enough to give a man fits. in the data directory rather than usr.

Beefy mac & cheese (made with veggie-meat, of course) with the remains of the rattatouile and green beans made for good eats while BHK and I watched the Kevin Sorbo episode of Middleman. The show keeps getting better and more entertianing... I wonder how long it'll last? I hope it'll keep steam going for another season.

I want to start watching Dexter - BHK is about a season ahead of me. Time to put episodes on the PSP for the commute to work.

via BHK -

COOL! Reverse graffiti - where the graffiti is created by placing a stencil over a dirty patch and cleaning it to create a pattern! I like it!!!!
tons of it on FLICKR too!

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Happy 08/08/08 at 08:08:08!

That is all for now.. have a great day, dear journal! :D
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Let's reuse a graphic I've already posted this week!


Taking my pumpkin to a 3-d movie. (BHK's nickname is pumpkin, amongst others. Sorry, GP.)

Journey to the Center of the Earth We're hustling to see it... we're fearful it's going to leave the theater before we can catch it...We loves us some 3-d movies. Review later.. we won't be disappointed.. it can be Dr. Tongue's 3-d house of pancakes... if it's in 3-d, we're all for it.

Speaking of which - The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the folks behind such innovations as the color bar test pattern, want to codify a standard for watching 3-D content in home theaters. They're casting the net wide to include all possible sources and displays, from over-the-air broadcast to DVDs and Blu-ray. Ars points out that Hollywood is both excited to sell you their movies again, this time in glorious 3-D, and worried about potential lost revenues at 3-D theater screenings of, say, George Lucas's 3-D Star Wars remake. via Ars Technica

[edit] Back from the movie, and we had a lovely time. The kids in the audience enjoyed it, the giggles and screams and the "pop-up" parts added to the overall appeal. It was a lot of fun, and I wouldn't call it a stinker at all, contrary to popular opinion. BHK feels that it's her fave movie of the year, thus far. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I liked it, too. Fave bits fpr me included pseudo-snakehead fish and aquatic dinosaurs, and lots of gratuitious "look! 3-d, in your face" bits.

Now, it's off to Red Robin for supper, and then toddle on home!

A factoid I just came across: If not for the Beatles, we wouldn’t have CT scans, aka CAT scans, the advanced medical scanning technology.

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It's been a long time since I've been to Joss - maybe I can take BHK on a little date there to celebrate the felling of the trees this weekend. Barring that, maybe the trolley will happen. I'm not sure why I'm so gung-ho about riding it.

BHK made fajitas tonight - tasty and super healthy!

via tiffany bridge -

The Smithsonian has joined The Commons on Flickr, which started as a pilot between the Library of Congress and Flickr to increase access to publicly-held photo collections and allow the public to contribute knowledge and information (such as tags) to those collections.

The Smithsonian’s photostream contains some fantastic gems, including portraits of scientists, cyanotypes cataloging the Smithsonian’s other collections, and cool photos from past Folklife festivals.

the ethics of stealing Wi-Fi. Many of us been guilty of the same crime at one point or another — according to the article, 53% of us at least. But how guilty do we really feel? As it is officially a crime to steal wi-fi (Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47 of the United States Code, which covers anybody who 'intentionally accesses a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access').

When two plastics (polymers TTF and TCNQ) are placed atop one another, a thin strip forms that conducts electricity "as well as a metal".

The TTF-TCNQ interface conducts electricity much better than standard semiconductors. "The electron concentration there is an order of magnitude higher," Mannhart says. "That has the power to create new effects, from magnetism to superconductivity."

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Watched the quiz boy episode of Venture brothers last night... mostly character filler and "spot the reference". This season hasn't been as good as last, so far - I hope it catches speed soon. Speaking of TV - I haven't viewed middleman yet, but I keep hearing good things. It should be on our tivo - need to check and see if it was snagged.

I've been at my gig for a year today - hard to believe. In some ways it seems like I've been there a lot longer... in others, only a few months.

Looks like DV has moved on from my old gig as head of MIS at ACIM ... and Tiff is gone, too. They just can't hang on to folks there. I noticed that Obama earmarked $300k from his state to support the ACIM service - I wonder how much of that actually went to help Illinois?

Nice light dinner of sammiches over some silly reality TV. BHK was disappointed when the guy on Farmer takes a wife snuffed out the one she (and I) thought would take it. I still think the whole thing is more scripted than ugly betty, but I'm a reality show cynic.

Why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police - per a law professor and a policeman. (5th amendment - youtube)

newton and pye sleepin!

a year ago, they'd never have slept this close together.

Being woken in the dead of night by noisy neighbors blasting out music could soon be a thing of the past. Scientists have shown off the blueprint for an “acoustic cloak”, which could make objects impervious to sound waves.

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Todays entry, via wordle -

Getting quite a bit better - still have a rattle in my chest and more coughing but the muscle aches and weakness is mostly gone. I'd say I'm currently firing on five out of eight cylinders.

A/c is now fully charged again - the repairman said that we'd be really baking without any refrigerant by Friday night. I'm glad BHK was there to explain what had been going on to him.

Tried calling my brother today - his voicemail is full. I haven't heard from him since he was last bailed out. His hearing for the latest is in a week - I see in the public records that something was dismissed based on "Lack of Prosecution". Not sure if it's the same item, though. I need to research Thomas A Reynolds, it seems. Looks like his thing is real estate - probably an eviction notice long since passed.

BHK made ratatouille for dinner tonight, and the stars aligned for the movie to be playing on TV while we ate. Larry stuck with some pasta and sauce... BHK gave him some bake and eat tempura shrimp, too... He doesn't know what he missed... zucchini, eggplant, tomato sauce, some olive oil in there... it was really good stuff.

Horror vacui:

Horror vacui is the filling of the entire surface of an artwork with ornamental details, figures, shapes, lines and anything else the artist might envision. It may be considered the opposite of minimalism.

I love that I can still learn new words and phrases every day.

via dnw - Scientists discover how optical illusions work. All of them.

The short version: It takes a tenth of a second for images to get from your retina to the processing centres of your brain. People have known this for decades, but we still see things in real time.

The new theory says that what we're seeing isn't what's there, it's what our brain projects will be there in a tenth of a second - our brain is processing predicatively, showing us it's best guess for the future. And that's why optical illusions can fool it, by confusing it into predicting a future that then doesn't happen.

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