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Chugging along into work... wondering if Hurricane Earl is going to moisten us for Labor Day weekend. I never really worried too much about typhoons, even when I lived in South Florida. More concerned about the garden than any property damage, though I am wondering a bit about our big ol' tree over the east side of the house. A branch came off back in the ice storm a couple of years back, and that did a number on the love cube... wonder what might happen to the house if a couple hundred pounds of tree-limb if it tapped on the 2nd floor. I'm guessing the new england states have more to worry about than me.

I wonder why they didn't air sharktopus during shark week? Maybe next year. I just thought about a shocktopus... an electrically powered octopus, like an electric eel? sharktopi? shocktopi?

I'm getting used to waking up at 5ish every morning, to get to work by 8... nice that the netbook has a lot of battery power - lets me listen to podcasts / audio books on the road / rail, and type a bit if I'm not all sleepy-wonky. I'm still amazed by the way the city changes station by station... only the homeless population seems constant. People in suits, almost costumed... guys in cowboy hats (and business suits), women wearing African-style garments carrying briefcases... I wonder what Embassy Row is like during rush hour. Scary thought, give then whole discovery of diplomats in DC with slaves a few months back. (I don't have the exact document handy, but a search on Mzengi / Tanzania should bring something up. Hard to forget a name like Mzengi.)

[many hours pass]

Annnd, I'm back on the Metro, heading back home again. No unicorns. Phantom shadows of Michael Jackson, Giant green letters covered with pustules, and it smells more like goats again. I see emo haircuts, lots of earbuds, a pierced nose, bad dye jobs and some glittery pink shoes. Hipster kids abound. Not as many homeless today... possibly too hot to lurk in the direct sunlight during the rush.

Cousin David gave me a copy of Philip K Dick's VALIS trilogy - I'd only read the first book previously, and I'm looking forward to the rest. That sort of fiction was right down my alley, back when I was younger.. I'll be interested to see how much Robert Anton Wilson style philosophy sticks with me upon a reread. I miss some of that grateful dead / david bowie head space these days.

Additionally, Amy and BHK got me a sheep-shearing Lego game, and the guys at the lego store used the power of touch along with psychic ability to get me 3 minifigs - a mariachi guy, a mime with 3 heads, and an awesome green witch.

Another day down... long weekend looms ahead, though Saturday is possibly an indy consult day for the chinese food place. card readers and printer setups.

At Anacostia station now. 6:15pm traveling to the Suitland station - I am thankful for the cool climate inside the train. I was fit to melt at fort totten.

Arrival @ suitland - 6:25. ack hot.

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Lots going on this week. Lets see...

  • Amy Arrived during the weekend, and will be off on the coming Sunday - Allowed me to give BHK a birthday gift early - Lego Harry Potter for the Wii.
  • First Day of new gig on Monday. I worked pretty late, and it was a mixed bag. I am enjoying it quite a bit overall.
  • Funeral for Ch'Naca Chris on Tuesday. BHK attended, though I could not due to the gig. Chinese Food for dinner, consolation prize for not being able to go to Laughing Buddha for dinner on Birthday Wednesday.
  • Physically ill yesterday morning - Gut was very unhappy. Severe cramps, dry heaving. Pain has mostly abated, but still sore in the belly, arms and chest.
  • Call from my first paying client - needs me to set up her restaurant system - possibly for Saturday. I will try to aim for a week from then, just so I can spend some time with our guests. - timing seems off.
  • It was BHK's birthday last night. I made her a card and a heart out of craft-clay, and she got the earrings we got on our last road trip.
  • Cousin David arrived with his parents, to visit before he journeys off to Hungary on Saturday. His parents left last night, I think.

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    BHK and I went on a little walkabout to pick up the mail and stretch our legs - hit the boardwalk where someone put together a nifty, albeit a bootylicious snowman - snow was piled up from the plows in the back area parking lot to about 8-10 feet.<tr valign="top"><td> 

    0208001525.jpg  downsized_0208001529.jpg  0208001523.jpg

    Walkies were fun, though I was more than a little sore afterward. Some stretching and a heating pad is putting me right.

    Chris & Mandy came over for some supper - Taco salad (real meat for them, pseudo-meat for BHK and me) It was tasty, but poor Chris was knocked out from his weekend of meteorology - and he's likely going back to DC tomorrow for a few days at a hotel - expecting 10 to 25 inches feet more of snow tomorrow afternoon into the evening.

    BHK looks like she's going to hit the sack early, and I think I'll join her, once I'm sure the phones are charged and the doors are locked, although, it's very unlikely anyone's coming in through the back door - there's still a couple of feet of snow on the deck.

    Amy got a DS, though her sister is apparently fond of making off with it- I want to set her and BHK both up with Acekard2 and a good collection of homebrew software.

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    bhktoad  S6305654  S6305653  S6305652  S6305651  S6305650

    Dictionary Dabble, Carcassonne – New World, and Valley of the Mammoths played.

    BHK Did really well – Winning all (She and I tied in Dabble) I think it was the green knit cap I got her for Christmas – Mandy said she looked like toad (a mushroom person) from Super Mario… of course, BHK had to take that and run with it (see above)

    Amy is off to NY again – We’ll miss her! BHK and I are going to have lunch in Deale soon with the in-laws. tomorrow, Sean is coming over for some year-end games, too, maybe we can whomp on him and Andrew a bit then!

    Random thought in my head lately – I really like grappling hooks. One of my fave gadget / tools in video games, RPGs or even just in general. Swung by hand or fired from a gun, it doesn’t matter.

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    As a Side benefit of getting the DSi – I suppose I’ll try doing the occasional doodle-post  again!

    As mentioned above, Amy is here, and we’re getting lots of gaming in – Jungle Speed and Small world taking up the lion’s share of our time.. though Pop-up pursuit is a lot of mindless fun, too. I’m looking forward to playing a little cir-kis and buzz word before our time is up, as well.

    We also have been doinga little Super Mario World-Wii – which is fun, but hard with multi-player.

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    I’ve been cheating quite a bit – I prefer to post verbal over visual content. I’ll admit that I like to see pictures of Christmas, family and the kitties as much as the next guy, but to me, a photograph with just a small caption is strangely silent, especially coming from me.

    What have I been up to lately, dear journal? Let’s see.

    On Wednesday, I went to a job fair in Northern Virginia… I’m thankful that my background allows me to qualify for a good clearance ranking. DC area seems to prefer folks with an ability to do so.

    Yesterday, BHK, Chris and I went to the Mexico restaurant for supper – aside from that, I went to physical therapy and rested in bed with the boys. Tonight we’re scheduled to visit the Manspergers for some baked Ziti and good conversation – Sean has been very helpful, in helping me to seek out opportunities in this region.

    I’m looking forward to a snowy day tomorrow. Supposed to be 12-20 inches in my neck of the woods!

    Amy is coming to visit from the 26th to the 30th! Right on!

    I’m digging the new statistics page for livejournal. Makes it easier to track hits than by hiding little sensors in each post, certainly. The “my guests” feature is especially engrossing – I never know so many flyby’s happened to old entries!

    I’m glad the tv show lost is in it’s final season. I don’t hate the show… but I am tired of the hype. I watched the first season or so, and then stopped, when it occurred to me that they’d keep making shows as long as advertisers would pay to keep ‘em on the air, and not because there’s a solid plot going from beginning to end. I feel the same about Heroes, sadly.  If there had been something more engaging than “what is the answer” and one I’d never get, I’d probably dig both of those shows.

    Also, I think Blade should’ve been in Twilight, not Buffy.

    New Years, I’m planning on doing the Polar bear plunge, unless my health isn’t into it. Current holiday loot breakdown – all of it wonderful!
    • Mom and Wilton – Oranges, Honey and assorted grove goodness from Florida.
    • Ish & company –  a tin of yummy cookies, a picture of Newt drawn by Li’l bit, two wonderful tree ornaments – one says “we <3 u infinity”, and a pair of sea stars in beach gear and a great hand-done card, complete with glitter!
    • Karen (Kev’s sis)– super friends Cartoon DVD (via Amazon… BHK and I didn’t recognize her married name, so it took me a sec to figure out who it was!)
    • Cathy and Dave – Cookies! and three wrapped gifts to put under the tree!
    Just a reminder to folks on Steam or Windows live gaming – I’m user Scottobear there (and just about everywhere else, too) – If you want to friend me there, please do! I’d love to do a little left 4 dead or borderlands with a pal. My official new year’s resolution for 2010 – do the yearly countdown daily again, if possible.
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    1123091530.jpg, originally uploaded by scottobear.

    pyewacket and his portrait (given to us by amy as a wedding prezzie)

    Physical Therapy today, and the rest spent absorbing the drizzle, and doing job search. BHK has had Holly on the XM radio going since midday. I have seen hints of coming meals after her trip to the grocer, and my tummy is happy.

    Adam and Anna are coming over tomorrow night - more bbq chips and good eats all the way through TG!

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    Yesterday - Larry's Birthday
    Hot Dogs, corn, Banana Pudding, Chris, Larry, Amy, BHK, Nailles

    Today -
    annapolis, more lego, rain, au pair, red robin, dokapon

    9651 - mon

    Mar. 16th, 2009 10:21 pm
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    Amy's mom passed away today after battling with lung cancer for quite some time.  I didn't know her, but my heart goes out to Amy and her family. I need to call her tomorrow and express my condolences. We knew it was coming, but it's still a shock.

    Found Object - Newton and I surfing the web about 6 years ago. I think it was the African Peanut Soup recipe.

    BHK and I had a lovely taco salad for supper... huge enough for tomorrow's leftovers, methinks.

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    Only 360ish days until 2010. I wonder what people will do for crazy new years glasses for 2011? no more double zero years for eye holes until 2020!

    Danny's Birthday Today... and one month until I turn 40. Kat's Birthday is speeding up in about a week or so, too, and Duncan-Dad Shaun's B'day is the end of this month.

    Lets see - today - Early Morning - Amy heads home - the dog bite on her arm is too infected, and she's worried about properly treating it. I think it'll be ok, but I can understand having concerns.

    I get an emergency visit to the dentist - turns out my earache was the result of my crown - too high, and my jaw was adjusting to make it fit properly while I slept. TMJ turned into an ear infection. warm compresses and antibiotics should fix it soon. (I hope!)

    After the dentist, I hit the doc's - got some ear drops to relieve the head pain, and looked into some treatment for some of the other issues I've been having. Got some new meds for that, and a consult to see some specialists in the area. We'll see how it goes, I'm hopeful. I should've just done my allergy shots today... but I guess that doesn't matter, since I'm to every other week now.

    Jaw is painful, but not terrible. I guess that's one way to prevent overindulgence during the holidays!

    Unique hits to my journal, by country - 30,998 total in the last 6 months - slightly down.

    Running total of visits to since 12 Jun 2006: 460,758

    Current Country Totals
    From 15 Jun 2008 to 1 Jan 2009

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    Hap-Pye New(t) Year!

    Something I post at the top of every new year, and I appreciate the words more with every additional trip around the sun.

    Love is
    is not rude,
    it is not self seeking,
    it is not easily angered,
    it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil
    but rejoices in truth.
    It always protects,
    always trusts,
    always hopes,
    always perseveres.

    -1 Corinthians 13:5&6

    453 entries in 2008. (417 in '07,618 in '06, 975 in '05, 716 in '04)

    At this rate, I'll break 10,000 entries by this time next year... of course, some entries are beefier than others.. I've been cheating a bit with the picture posts - still haven't done a breakdown of my holiday loot yet!

    But for now, a recap of recent history -

    BHK took Amy to Urgent care last night, as her dog bite was getting more infected - worried about swelling and red marks. While they were at the doc's, Shaun and I played Easter Island (I won!), and watched Bones on TV with my in-laws. The girls got back about 45 minutes later, and Amy's wound was freshly cleaned and re-wrapped with gauze.

    After the ball dropped, the in-laws headed off, and the rest of us played witch trial into the wee hours. (BHK took that one, but Amy wasn't far behind. I really thought I would win! d'oh!)

    Amy, Shaun W, BHK, the in-laws and I rose at about 10am, (after staying up until 3ish) and headed off to Gina's Cantina for a nibble on some tasty brunch. No sign of Tyson or Gina, but the food was tasty and abundant, as usual.

    BHK napped a bit and then did some work while Amy & I play Lego star wars / Mario Land 8 on the wii for about 4 hours. I feel pretty guilty about that - I wish we had another controller, or could have played something amongst the three of us.

    Amy grew concerned about her issue - BHK went out to get some fresh bandages for her, and if she doesn't feel significantly better by tomorrow morning, she'll probably head home.

    My earache also started kicking up - could not eat dinner tonight as it hurt to chew. Going to the doc tomorrow, so my appointment timing is good.

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    Got my serum at last/ at last, and EKG was done. I'll know more after my doc reviews it.

    Yellow Trike at Starbucks, man with bumblebee helmet - Man not shown. Nice Guy - goofy fan of his new ride... made a comment about lack of cup holders.

    We went to Starbucks - BHK found a $15 gift card, so we figured we'd go - BHK's pumpkin spice coffee was pretty nasty - I remember why we don't go to that starbucks (or really any these days.) My lemonade/ passion fruit tea was jim-dandy.


    Went to the BIG book sale, but I didn't get anything, and BHK only got maybe 5 rather than our usual take of a big ikea bag's worth. I think it got fairly picked over before we got there... earlier next time, perhaps.

    Selby Sub Shop with in-laws, I had egg salad which was yummy. prior to that, I played spore for a bit while BHK dug on her new books, and Larry cut down the dead bits of our garden with the edge trimmer.

    Amy's taking a pass on vacationing here this week - sick mom at home and she want's to stick by her there. Hopefully her mom feels better soon. We'll likely see her in October-December sometime.

    Best part of the night was coming home and having a "no power night" - lights low, relaxing to 40s music on the couch, reading a book while curled up with BHK.

    Google Maps map annotated with all the places Marco Polo visited during his travels to China and back. Larger map here. (via short schrift)

    Saturday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 79.

    Saturday Night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly cloudy, with a low around 68. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

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    Minor walkies in the heavy rain - got too wet and my back wasn't into the march, so we headed home a bit early. Found a nice grove to walk down. - Stayed in due to rain most of the day.

    Larry and Chris came over - they had cabin fever - brought pizza  - I was pretty kaput, but doing ok.

    Got a few phone calls -  my mom worried about Ike / spoke with Amy about coming down next weekend.

    Still no Serum ready from allergist - that's twice now. too much of this, and my dosage is going to get all out of whack.

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    9039 - Sun

    Oct. 28th, 2007 10:16 pm
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    Let's see... to recap the weekend -

    Friday - Gem show was fairly nifty... I got to fool with a $109,000 aquamarine stone, and ate some tasty dessert with the in-laws and BHK.

    Positives : Played with Rocks, Tasty food, Obtained a little knowledge on Lapidary, Got some ideas about what to get BHK as presents, Rock Cutter reminded me of Todd, discovered "sno cone" cut

    Negatives: 4-5 hours is too long in a folding chair, Mouthy lady across from me, Had to wear nice clothes, heavy rain, we were tardy, I notice occlusions and stone flaws too easily, BHK low blood sugar, Newt accidentally in the walk-in closet the whole time we were gone.

    Final Score: More win than fail. If I had to do it again I wouldn't complain, but would plan for uncomfy chairs a bit.

    Saturday - We were going to spend a little time doing chores and then go to the flyball tourney with Amy and her sisters, but got sidetracked after we were invited to breakfast with Larry and Chris. Post Bob Evans, we got the tickle to pick up our copy of Zombie Fluxx at Aardvark in Solomon's.... That sort of turned in to a family trip to BJ's Wholesale with the in-laws, once they heard we were heading south for a moment. Larry And Chris suffered a little bit from sensory overload at Aardvark's, but we were in and out quickly. Just fast enough to grab our ZF and go. I found out that they don't carry warhammer minis, but instead do war machine. I wonder if Eryx and his crew mix and match figures, or if they're purely WH? Once we got to BJ's, a quick trip for some tires for Larry's car turned into Shop-o-rama 2007. BHK and I picked up a few things that we needed, Halloween candy for the kiddies, and two wonderfully discounted wii games ($20 each) - Rampage and Ninjabread Man. Chris decided to play Santa, and bought our cart of goodies as well as their own!

    While grocery Shopping, we found some Theme Chocolate -


    Sexual Chocolate I've heard of... Forgiveness? interesting. Tranquil and Renew... what happens if you eat all of these at once?

    On our way south, there was a trailer on the side of the road hawking flowers, apples and baked goods. By the style of dress, I thought at first that one of the vendors was Amish, but on evaluation of the trailer, she must've been Mennonite - Horses would've had a tough time pulling the thing, but a truck hitch would be fine. Also went to the post office, and got Danny's Anniversary Present, and a Fluxx card "Zombies Eat Brains" promo... you use it in the standard deck, but has a Zombie theme, to be sure (The player who has Death on the table wins if the Brain is on the table.) The Boxed version of HEY! That's My Fish! I was a cruel and heartless player, and beat BHK 3 out of 3 games. I fear my victories will grow fewer in number as we get more players - I'm much better with 4 penguins than with 2.

    We also stopped off at Maerten's to get our wedding rings engraved - inside of mine will be "Wing To Wing" and BHK's will be "Oar To Oar", referencing Robert Frost's The Master Speed - last lines of which are:
    Two such as you with such a master speed
    Cannot be parted nor be swept away
    From one another once you are agreed
    That life is only life forevermore
    Together wing to wing and oar to oar.

    The full poem is on my bio page here.

    Positives: Zombie Fluxx obtained (Aardvark sold out and was on it's second order!), Hey! That's My Fish!, Free Candy, Free Wii Games, Free Houshold supplies, Social time with the in-laws, ginger snaps and apples, offer to teach me old school biscuit baking techniques.

    Negatives: Delayed visit to Amy for a day, no chores done - will probably have to buckle down next weekend, a little skittish about not having my wedding ring

    Final Score: BIG WIN! I really can't find much to complain about getting games, chocolate and a lot of good conversation and giggles out of a Saturday. Tried Ninjabread Man, and the controls are tricky, but not bad once you're used to 'em. I bet Bugah will be quite good at it.

    Sunday (Today) - I slept in until 10:30! I never sleep that late, but it must've been quite needed.

    BHK and I hustled out the door to visit with Amy before she headed back for New York - got to give a friendly wave and offer support. We didn't ge tto eat together, but BHK and I took in some gorgeous weather, and went for pizza at 3 brothers - Sicilian with ricotta and garlic, BHK got meatballs on the side. Really, really good. Enough left over for dinner and for me to take to work tomorrow for lunch... and for BHK to have a nibble for lunch, too.

    Stopped in Annapolis to look at couches at Jennifer's to replace the pink Torquemada-inspired beasties on the living room wall. Some solid, affordable options there... most light at the end of that tunnel yet. Nothing totally sings, but we have a few ideas about what to do now.

    ATW man changed to Spidey for Halloween!

    1028071753.jpg. 1028071755.jpg

    I dig his boots.

    We got home and flopped in front of the TV in the treehouse, caught up with The Office, Earl, and Midnight.... and just enjoyed snuggles with Newt in bed. Chris called to invite us over for Veggie soup, but I was too pooped out to get dressed and head over there. They understood, and BHK worked our way downstairs to catch up with some of the Ugly betty and cake making challenge video we had saved there - got sleepy, and we hit the sack shortly thereafter.

    Positives: walkabout, moon pies on the road with diet cranberry splash, super good pizza, maybe a new couch soon, offered Amy a chance to come visit, ATW man, Further along on couch search, lots of nice time with BHK.

    Negatives: The day was too short!

    Final Score: Solid win. Comfy, Autumnal, lovey day.

    1 year ago - on honeymoon in SC, ripley's, voice posts
    many pages of pictures taken that day! 1 2 3 4 5 Hooray for Honeymoon!

    2 years ago - wilma update, peanuts meets lovecraft
    more hurricane fallout pictures taken that day

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    scottobear: (in the belly of the whale)
    A few bumps and potential knee-scrapes with the new MAS90 software, but nothing that a little tender care and cautious observation didn't fix.

    The word "chalupa" and "chupacabra" are inexorably and inexplicably linked in my brain. Chalupacabra? Apparently I'm not the only one.

    Kev and I are probably not the only two nerds to want this Ultimate Blade Runner set. It comes with a toy spinner and an origami unicorn, for pity's sake. I have the director's cut already, but would much prefer the theatrical release, not to mention all of the other goodies.

    Amy headed back to New York this morning, and she seems to have enjoyed her time with us. I think that she's my favorite house guest, possibly short of Bugah. Very friendly, low maintenance, and likes to do "whatever". I'm going to miss having someone to play all of our "3-or-more" games with!

    quick night tonight... BHK went to the library, picked me up the hardbound All Star Superman to read and enjoy. GP and Kat got me hooked on the first issue or two when they visited a while back, and it's nice to have more Morroson-y Superman, served up with just the right mix of super-science, villany and golden/silver age weirdness thrown into a Frank Quietly artwork. She also nabbed the new Harry Potter (how, I don't know), and The Tale of One Bad Rat.
    via Lore -

    Wikipedia article on Metatron, the voice of God. It mentions in passing that according to the Talmud, in Heaven only God is allowed to sit down. The hey? I hate to be making the cheap and obvious joke here, but paradise is a place you have to stand for all eternity? I associate that more with BART trips and poorly-planned cocktail parties than the rewards of the afterlife.
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    8931 - sun

    Jul. 29th, 2007 11:04 pm
    scottobear: (pancakes ad w scotto)
    Blueberry pancake breakfast! Yum. What more can be said? The in-laws came over and we devoured the pancakes, after a visit to the garden. Too hot to do much outside.

    Well, today I slept midday, just to regain some lost time during the past week - I intended to do a 30 minute quickie, but ended up grabbing quite the 2-hour snooze. I spooked BHK and Amy a smidgen when I awoke, as I ascended the creaky stairs to the loft while they were watching Kolchak (both the old and the new series) - I creeped them out during the "cult leader" episode of the 2005 series.

    We got a lot of parlor games in over the afternoon and evening, paused in the middle with a fantastic dinner at Mama Lucias with the in-laws. They were really on top of their business tonight - all of the food was delicious, arrived quickly, was presented well, and service was right on the money. BHK and I did halfsies on Tortellini and peas with sun-dried tomatoes in Alfredo sauce supplemented by eggplant parm and spaghetti. It was all done just the way I like, and I was in gustatory heaven.

    Games played were:

    Lunch Money - didn't go over so well... maybe with a different crowd it'd do better. I liked it, but the gals weren't into the combat.

    Chez Goth - not popular with Amy, but BHK liked it.  i think I liked the color more than the actual rule set. 2 games of that, I won one, and BHK got one. I'd try it again, but I think Looney Labs has spoiled us a bit.

    Chrononauts - I think that was the clear winner of the week, actually. We played two games, and I *really* want to do a few alternate nexus points in history versions.

    Aquarius - always a fun, quickie game. I think we got 3 games or so in before we had to head out to supper.

    Pirates - 2 games, 40 points each. BHK played the 2nd game with a pair of Crabs that ended up at the bottom of Davy Jones' Locker. We didn't get to fight Amy's giant shark, but she did quite well with human-crewed vessels, winning the last game by whittling one of my 6-masted junks down to kindling. Playing over appletinis didn't slow her down a bit. My maggie moo's cake-batter w/brownie-fueled aggression didn't help me in the end. (I blame the scoop of chocolate banana for throwing off my internal clock... or maybe not.)

    Next thought - Car wars... card game, and if it sticks, evolution to the wargame.

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    8930 - Sat

    Jul. 28th, 2007 05:18 pm
    scottobear: (Default)
    An abandoned village in Italy. The Village redux? (Found when looking for an abandoned radio facility near where I live)

    I'm really happy that the coloringbook community is getting some action. Thanks peradouro !

    Fantasy Island - minisode... what a great idea. trim all the fat out of classic tv shows, and distill 'em into 5 minute chunks. the one I linked to is a "Most Dangerous game" type plot - Chuck Connors guest stars as a big game hunter who wants to hunt Mr. Roarke like an animal.

    quiz )

    Girls (TM, Amy, and BHK) are off to watch tennis and do some shopping - I'm taking a little breather and slept in, and got a chance to catch up with some work that needed to be done at headquarters here. After Tennis - they stopped off at the Macaroni Grill.

    BHK doodled me with my pyramid
    nose on the provided paper.
    <FW> from bhk's phone - me and my pyramid nose

    Pye and Newt are getting along and chillaxing
    with me on "Bachelor day" today.
    8930 - 0728071543.jpg

    When they get back, I figure we'll put in a few more hours of gaming, movie watching or what have you. I'll update on that tomorrow.

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    scottobear: (Play monkey! Play!)
    Dreams of being in Colonial Williamsburg with BHK - pursued by the police in minuteman garb... muskets with bayonets, breeches, the full uniform of Paul Revere-type garb. Most disturbing were the tri-cornered hats and braided ponytail, tied with blue bows.

    When we were spotted, they blew into a silver whistle - standard pipe style, and the tri-corner hats unfurled into flying stingrays, the ponytails becoming some sort of antenna or navigational aid - remaining attached to the hat rather than the colonial-style policeman. A high-pitched wailing rose up from them, not too unlike a police siren - fortunately they were easily dispatched by running indoors.

    I have no idea what were were supposed to have done to warrant a chase. Maybe because we weren't dressed in period clothing?

    Yeah, that's it... because colonist law enforcement used flying, screaming stingrays to fight crimes against continuity.

    After work, BHK, Amy and I came back to the house and noshed on queso and pizza with the in-laws and TM - TM headed home before the pizza arrived, poor gal's beat after putting in a double time week. We watched Bridget Jone's Diary (the first time I'd seen it in one piece) and then after the in-laws left, the remainders put in a couple of rousing games of Chronoauts. It was better than I thought it'd be, and I had some fairly high hopes. I wouldn't mind getting Early American Chrononauts so we can play UberChronauts, now.

    We still haven't done Chez Goth or Lunch Money yet, but perhaps tomorrow after the girls comeback from the tennis / shopping spree they have planned. I've started an account at board game geek just to keep track, at this point.

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    scottobear: (streaky - supernewt)
    Fresh Peppers from the Garden!

    Last night's tasty dinner of baked pasta in tomato sauce with cheese and last of our zucchini, baked and parmed just the way I like it. Absolutely delicious. Farewell, dear zucchini... I have new appreciation for you that I didn't before they were grown at home. I look forward to the autumn crop, now.

    After I went to bed last night, Amy and BHK played more than a few games of Aquarius and Carcassone - Hunters & Gatherers. From my understanding, Amy won the bulk of them, but BHK wasn't totally skunked. Nifty - There's an online play version of C:H&G at Yucata and a solo self-play of Aquarius on the Aquarius link prior. If anyone wants in on a turn-based game or two, look for me there, or at superdupergames for icehouse -type stuff. I'm username scottobear in both, and try to log in once a night for a move or three. BHK and AMy also turned me on to Tribal Wars , which also looks pretty cool. I'd like to start a community or something to track all the different stuff!

    Tonight - Witch Trial was a good time and we played more Aquarius, but we did'nt get a chance to play Chrononauts (All I wanted was a souvenir T-rex named Emily - or a Stegosaurus of any name.)

    Ape Lad posted a picture in response to the death kitty: His lolcats cartoons are pretty dang cute variations on an otherwise dead meme.

    Oscar the cat seems to have an uncanny knack for predicting when nursing home patients are going to die, by curling up next to them during their final hours. His accuracy, observed in 25 cases, has led the staff to call family members once he has chosen someone. It usually means they have less than four hours to live.

    1 year ago
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    scottobear: (alphabet of sound)
    Gummi Chicken feet. They're tasty and disturbing.

    I neglected to mention the taste sensation that BHK and I enjoyed throughout last night's movie. (Amy chose to stick with M&Ms.)

    Gummi Chicken feet.

    Pretty dang good, actually. right thickness and texture for a good gummy candy - fruit flavored. Grotesque to look at, but still nifty. (ours weren't in this cool packaging, but rather just a big plastic bag, which is all the more cool, as far as I'm concerned.

    Who thought that it was a good idea?

    Who hired a sculptor to carve chicken foot molds for candy?

    I wish that I'd counted them before eating - I wonder now if there were an even number to account for 2-per chicken, or if one of the Gummi-creatures was a pegleg.

    via evandorkin -
    A plan to sell classic novellas in retro cigarette packs via cigarette vending machines after a U.K smoking ban in enclosed public places goes into effect. At least I think they're going to (try to?) sell these in actual vending machines. Whatever the case, they're called Tankbooks, and are being produced by Tank, a think tank, creative agency and publishing outfit. Dunno if this is a P.R. stunt, an art project, an honest effort to sell books in an interesting manner, or all of the above. Nifty-looking packages, whatever the case.
    I think that decks of cards would be cool, too. Standard Decks of 52, or even some Fluxx flavors, maybe? Possibly a Barfly version of Munchkin ? Speaking of which, BHK won at Munchkin Bites tonight.

    For future reference, as I think it's pretty generally known right now:

    LiveJournal was unavailable between approximately 2pm and 9:30pm PDT on Tuesday, July 24, 2007. Apparently, they weren't the only ones with a power outage issue. Sites that are affected include CNET, Craigstlist, Technorati, Yelp and all Six Apart properties, TypePad, LiveJournal and Vox. I didn't even notice, as I was at work and at the movies - I wonder how many people too the opportunity to breathe a little fresh air and feel sunlight on their skin?

    See what happens when you don't have geographically split clusters? I wonder how hard it would be to back up all of those guys... there's got to be a monster amount of data there.

    I find myself looking forward to being snowed in at home, with BHK, the kitties and me all playing card or board games in the living room. I think that maybe we can call a "virtual snow day" at the house sometime where we can just do that very thing, without waiting for a total power outage.

    Netflix must think we're insane. "We've received Apocalypto - and have sent out your copy of My Super Sweet 16: The Movie"

    Adam's off to his missionary work in Guatamala -A quick summary of his itinerary:

    6:30 PM tonight - he arrives at the Hope of Life Mission Center.
    - Sr. Center, plant flowers and trees, painting
    - mostly off-site construction
    - visit orphans
    - Boat Trip
    - More construction, painting, etc.
    Tuesday- Food Distribution/Evangelism
    Wednesday- more painting, hand out meals
    arrive home

    For work, I'm doing a distillation of a few hundred pages of documentation into bite size bullet-point chunks for next week... Tricky, but not impossible.

    Farewell, Weekly World News. I'm glad you lasted for as long as you could. I hope that the website will at least continue for a bit.

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