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Gentle evening last night - watched 27 dresses with BHK and Chris over supper - gigantic bean salad, with left over zucchini and Thai curry soup. Delicious.

The movie wasn't bad as far as chick flicks go... The most curious thing to me was that there were no minorities, elderly or babies in the film of note. With the exception of the Girl's dad, everyone was a white 20-something...and I think of New York being pretty diverse.

I'm going to go from full beard back down to goatee... it's getting warmer now. Monday will be a fresh week!

Not sure if I like the new icon... I may look a bit too serious here. I wonder how much the tone of my journal has changed?

Has technology made us ruder? Put your stupid phone down for one second and read this to see.

I likely have at *least* twice the mass of most other bodies.

The formula for force: force = mass x acceleration
The formula for momentum: momentum = mass x velocity
The formula for impulse: average force x time

I suspect that I have only about 1/2 the acceleration though, so it likely balances out, force-wise.

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